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  1. Watching from across the pond about American politics & your Constitution while observing 'stuff'. Minding P's n Q's are tough but will try. Some people repeat what they see on yesterday's news while few people have time to do research. Information Warfare in the new (novel) social media & Section 230 is an ongoing battle. Concerns like 0bamacare, Democrat vs. Republican, $$$ of gas/energy, recession/depression, world conflicts, mail-in voting, voter I.D., taxes/gov't spending, censorship, ballot harvesting, bail & crime problems, AG's, abortion laws returned to individual States, 1st & 2nd amendment rights, Electoral College, lawfare in the Judicial system all need to be discussed and/or fixed...'of the people, by the people, for the people'. There's a problem when a politician does not do what the people want or need while also following the Constitution. T'would be a major concern if control of information & speech becomes corrupted.
  2. This summer, I was asked at the boat launch ramp what I thought was the reason the water in Lake Ontario was held back by the dams in Quebec and the water levels increased. I said I thought it was because of hydro, low water levels at marina's and shipping. I was then told to think about a master plan put in place to legalize the diversion of fresh water from the Great Lakes to flush out the Mississippi river basin. I was then told to sit back and watch if future proves past.
  3. I launch before Bronte at Fisherman's Pier. It's right under the Burlington Skyway. Lot's of parking and cost is $15 CAD. I take the Eastport exit off the Queen Elizabeth Way. It's just before the Burlington Skyway. Have not tried the new ramp at Bronte and don't know the cost.
  4. You can buy a BayRat lure called the HighSchool to use until you locate the exact replacement.
  5. Our biggest salmon was caught shortly after "1" in the afternoon while catching a lot of Lake Trout. There seems to always be one hiding in with them.
  6. I have Tekota's. They are like the old 283 motors. They can take beating even without oil. The service on these reels is top of the line. You can mail your reel in for repairs and they return it in new condition. They are pros in bringing the reel back to specs and the cost is affordable. The only drawback I have on Tekota's is when using long lines like a 250' + dispy or long copper/leadcore. It just takes way too long to retrieve. We even take turns on the 400' copper to retrieve when we don't have a new excited person onboard. They are perfect for use on downriggers and boards. If they ever come out with a Great Lakes high speed Tekota reel, I would be all over this. Would be nice if you could just change a gear in it for an upgrade.
  7. We used that model in the fall because we wanted to load an extra reel with braid on a dipsy. It boated a 32lb 10oz salmon. I found the 15lb drag maximum on them is not enough for a salmon. It was a new reel but after a few salmon boated, you had to tighten the drag way too much for it to work comfortably. The drag was still smooth after all them fish but it felt like it was past its limits. I really liked how it felt, the smoothness of the reel and how it handled itself in battle. The gear ratio was great for this reel. I would recommend this reel for walleye, browns, bass or bows.....just not salmon. I have found a reel with a higher gear ratio and a drag around 20 lbs to be the best for salmon. Convectors hold up good, you only have to replace the drags each time they weaken. I find the Tekota 600 is weak on the drags even when you replace them. If you do go with Tekota's for salmon, try a Tekota 700. I tried last year at the marina a few reels from friends. The best reel was the Daiwa Saltist 50. It is smooth with a 6:1 - 1 gear ratio and a drag around 20lbs. As long as you have the one without the line counter that is. Their line counter reel is just in an awkward place. I am about to try a Daiwa Seagate 60 this year for copper and also would like any input on these as the drag is around 20 lbs and it has a higher gear ratio for resetting lines.
  8. X4 !!! - fast delivery and sometimes a surprise free sample
  9. You could catch double digit wild salmon on the tail out of the deep hole on the Canadian side until they allowed jet boats to base their operations there and disturb the best spawning beds at the mouth of the Niagara River. Even the town doesn't want you to fish there. They passed a by-law that to fish there for free, you have to be a resident of Niagara-On-The-Lake. Funny how money and politics and maybe a lack of knowledge or common sense can change the natural beauty of things.
  10. The food chain has changed. Global warming can even be affecting this. As far as the emerald shiners go, the Fisheries should do a strict management of the harvest and selling of this bait species. Even a moratorium should be considered on this species. Each level of the food chain needs to be addressed. I have seen emerald shiners harvested without concern for their habitat, before, during and after their spawning cycle. Reminds me of the east coast fishery, just a different species in this instance. Would really be nice to hear about what is being done to stop any further evasive species from the Lake Boats entering the Great Lakes. I sure do hope that any future invading species are being stopped and all freighters are inspected and fined for not cleaning their bilges and systems. Hmmm........it is hard to look ahead and make changes before they happen and almost anyone can look in the past and make judgements. Most of these individuals may be called lawyers and politicians.....
  11. Fishing on the west end is tough. It has been tough from spring through to the end of summer. I even know a Charter Captain that packed it in this year. Still fishing here and looking for the fall run in numbers. We will know soon enough.
  12. White sailboat did the 100' trick today after the morn bite was done.....went down 75' with lure and boated a nice mature. What a beautiful site to see, a sailboat with riggers.
  13. Would be nice if they stopped stocking fish directly into Lake Ontario @ 1:00 in the afternoon from the fish tanker truck. What a waste of fish. On the positive side, the seagulls really enjoyed the feast this spring until 4:00 p.m. Just as a few salmon start to make it to the west end, at least the GOSD is over and there is less boat traffic. Next year, I think I will fish the east end earlier when possible.
  14. This year was not good for matures. There was a small bite off Olcott in the spring and that disappeared fast. We had to fish long and hard to catch a 20 lb salmon in the spring near the Bar. There were no salmon caught to speak of from May to early August. The regulars had to switch to trout tactics in order to catch fish. Even charters stuggled on the west end. This change could be noticed in 2013. We were catching a lot of matures or 1st year salmon during the 2013 year and we were talking about less and less teenagers being caught. The teenagers were not there in the amounts that we were use to catching in 2013. What ever change happened, it was not caused from the hard winter in our minds but from something before the hard winter we had. Lots of small salmon caught this year with 1 year olds beating out the 2 year olds by a 2 -1 ratio. It is going to be interesting to see what the spring holds for 2015.
  15. Salmon have not returned in any numbers. Lake Trout in 100' of water, straight out from Port Dalhousie. No numbers but people are catching them right now. Peanuts with cowbells, gold colored flies, red/orange/gold lures trolled slowly. Scratch the bottom every now and again. Bottom is flat, once you find the lakers, some people shut down the fishfinder and fish with jigs and bait...can catch Lake Trout even near Port Weller.
  16. Few bows straight out front. Fishing is tough. Try starting @ shell pier outside the bait and go west would be my recommendation. Lakers on bottom when all else fails. Good luck!
  17. The local bait n' fishing stores are always in the know. Ask for some info and buy the hot lure or fly that they suggest. It is amazing how good they are pointing you in the right direction for all species of fish. The next tip is spending some time down at the launch ramps. Get to know the attendants. An extra coffee or tea is always welcomed. They have first hand knowledge of what is going on each day of the week. Oh, and south west corner is a nice play to fish in the spring.
  18. 43 yrs fishing rainbow here......never one that big....that is a mount of a lifetime....congrats!
  19. I have an enhanced drivers license. It has a chip in it with info. The patrol boat will boogy very fast towards me and then make a turn to stop a ways from me. If I was to guess, the boat reads my chip then decides what to do. I was told long time ago about the listening. Always careful on what we talk about going across the border. Still have not seen the "boat" but will keep an eye out for it.
  20. PM sent. Going is good! 49-51 degrees top/45-46 degrees down. 2.5 avg downspeed.
  21. http://cleveland.craigslist.org/boa/4377419532.html Seen it advertised today here . . .
  22. Penn Yan tournament series 21ft - $4500 Found this at the following webpage: http://rochester.craigslist.org/boa/4334542713.html Good luck with your fishin' for a larger boat...
  23. P.M. sent. Ask again a week before your trip.
  24. Rainbow setting up west of Credit in 150' of water, 35' down. Few Salmon are around pods of alewife. Just have to wait for some northerly winds.
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