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  1. I have a broken bunk board. Does anyone know where I can get a 11 or 12 foot carpeted bunk board?
  2. My plates were Barbershop, green dots on both sides-white plate not chrome and green dots with stripe on back. Flies were Atomic green glow hammer,Atomic sheaded glow hammer and horse fly sea weed I trolled northeast to with down-speed of 1.8 to 2. Most of my strikes were going toward sw Many boats went west, including 2 of my friend who did not a good day. Plates were pro-troll e-chip I have not had much luck on spin doctors(spinnies) Had good temp at 115, but had many marks in the 90-100 range, plus kept seeing bait from 80-110 Fish came in the 90-105 range except the first 2 which came at 115-120 Hope this helps
  3. We also fished out of Oswego today with different results, 9 for 11. Started at 150 out to 350 and back, all in same area. Fish came in bunches. Used plates (no spinnies) and flies
  4. Was on Ontario yesterday in the Oswego area. Quite a few times times heard boats on the radio asking other boats to move away due to fish on or the other boat was about to run over lines(copper). Seemed to me more crazies were on the water than normal
  5. My Panther Model 35 electric trim and tilt is not working. The unit will not move up or down. I use it to run my 9.9 kicker Does anyone have any suggestions and where could I take it in the Syracuse NY area? Thanks for your help
  6. fished out of fairhaven today. Got 8 salmon. Most came in depths of 150-201, down 91-110. All on flies Got soaked by the rain
  7. Saw a power boat trolling in the river on Good Friday in addition to the drift boats. Not sure where they launched or if Wrights Landing is ice free.
  8. Much better in the spring. today we got 4 in very windy conditions using lead core and riggers. We launched at Marion Manor routes 31 and 13 on east end of lake. We were in channel 34-37 feet from bouy 111-113. Most fish seemed near bottom and hit 2 inch silver and black. Others have had success with perch color Dipies should work Troll at 1.8 mph
  9. what size boat and do you have trolling equipment. South shore state boat launch off rout 31 just east of bridgeport if you have a 19 foot boat. or less Go out to channel troll east
  10. this is Harborfest Weekend. You won't be launching in Osewgo.
  11. Marion Manor is $8 bucks and only 15-20 minutes east. I have a 22 foot sea hunt and can't launch at the south shore state ramp
  12. it is starting to get tough when jigging Will be going out again this week-end a right now, sky does not look good. What part of the lake are your fishing?
  13. All three in the boat limited. Caught over 15 in 3 hours, nothing smaller than 20. One of the best openers. D Did not go today due to wind
  14. I will also be on Oneida-east end. Good luck all
  15. I just switched from the Depth Raider to the X4 . There is no comparison X4 is the bet
  16. SALE PENDING Package includes everything except the coated cable-monitor, probe and antenna instructions and original box. $175.
  17. Marion Maor, routes 13 and 31 has a rental cabin. Can launch your boat there. This is the area where most of the fishing action is.
  18. Could you tell me where the trench is? I am not familiar with the area. Was there today fishing on a charter for bass and then a shore lunch. When returned to dock, two charters were there-k one with 7 salom and the other with 12. Have no idea where they caught them.
  19. I believe the Assembly adjourned and went home on July 2 with no definitive date to return. If they don't come back, this bill is dead for this year. Write/call your assemblman and demand they return and finish their work.
  20. Where on the lake? How deep and what was the lure? I launch from Marion Manor most of the time. have doing good at the east end, but fishing is getting tougher
  21. Go from the East end. I launch from Marion Manor, intersection routes 13 and 31, very early before sun rises. Try fish creek reef, messengers reef North Shore, etc in 24-32 feet Jigs tipped with nightcrawlers. If you have a radio, keep it on as there is alot of chatter. My group have been limiting each time out.
  22. Ask them how much ethanol is in the gas. I used to fuel my old boat, 1987 merc alpha 1 130hp at the Sav-on near Marion Manor with no problems. With my new boat, 150hp evinrude, dealer told me to stay away from Fastrac due to ethanol, which is 10%. I have fueled my new boat at the San-on with no issues. Gas stations are suppose to indicate on the pump how much ethanol is in the gas, but can't tell you if the Oneida Indians stations show this information.
  23. The new antenna is working with both new cable and the existing cable. Will not prtmamently mount the antenna and the cable yet though. Have found there is some type of electrical charge on the boat. The dealer thinks it is static electric, but it cause quite a shock, especially when I am puting on the cover on and off. The cover could be enhancing the charge and making it more apparent.The dealer could actually feel this charge on the gunwale today, and is trying to figure out the source. You could see the hair on the dealers arm moving when he held it near the gunril. And one of the mechanics said he could feel the charge by holding his hand near the side of the boat. At this point, they are thinking about installation an addiional ground, especially for the hard top and plan on calling Lowrance. This electrical charge may be the reason why 2 antennas stopped working. It will be interesting to find out what has happened, especially since the boat is less than 1 year old.
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