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  1. Two Penn 620 Fathom-Master Down riggers with 4' booms and swivel bases . Cable is one season old . These are in Excellent condition . New they are $395.00 each . $300 for the pair cash/paypal/firm. I live in North Greece and am going to the LOTSA Seminar and Expo Feb 23-24 if interested . Please PM for more info . Thanks !! Jack
  2. Make sure the holes are clean and dry . Then fill them with http://www.marinetex.com/
  3. CONGRATS !!! Your about to have your Best summer ever. Great job on the site !!
  4. You can try roll and tip method .
  5. Oh Boy !! http://news.yahoo.com/2-great-lakes-hit-lowest-water-level-record-233716573.html
  6. I would think if you set the motor on a block thick enough to get the maximum bit with the clamps and then use the holes on the engine bracket to bolt the motor to the transom you would be fine . Most kickers have holes on the brackets so you can drill into the transom and bolt them too. Also makes it harder for someone to steal your motor . or ...... http://www.marinetechproducts.com/pages ... orMount450 Good Luck !
  7. Hi ! I always pull my batteries charge them and store them in the basement for the winter. I have 4 seasons on them now . Was wondering if they would go for a 5 th summer ? How long should they last ? ( dual starting batt ) Thanks JT
  8. Hi ! I was wondering if anybody used a snubber on their downrigger weight . Scotty sells them for their riggers and seem popular out west. I use 12# balls and was curious how well they would hold up . http://www.westmarine.com/webapp/wcs/st ... P7g_B3C3Sk JT
  9. I'm not a big fan of brackets with moving parts especially if you trailer your boat . I have the Panther , works great . https://www.adventuremarine.net/product ... &do=detail http://www.marinetechproducts.com/pages ... boardMotor Good Luck !
  10. Did you see this site ? http://www.marinemanifold.com/partspage ... s/acc8.htm
  11. check this post out it may help ! http://seastriper.com/forums/showthread ... tch+repair Good Luck ! JT
  12. Hi ! I installed 2 of these Attwoods . Water proof , plenty of light and easy to install . I'm sure there is a similar light in led if you really want leds . http://www.westmarine.com/webapp/wcs/st ... J-uQeTWLm4 Good Luck ! JT
  13. I just started using a Okuma Convector 55 for 400'copper with a 6:1 retrieve and love it . I would highly recommend a reel with a high speed retrieve.Makes a big difference when you have to get all that line in. Good Luck JT
  14. When trolling Lake O for Kings ,was wondering what your favorite speed on your Depth Raider is . Thanks JT
  15. When you install the calipers be sure the bleeder is on top so you can get all the air out. Also these bleeder tools can help . http://www.harborfreight.com/brake-blee ... 92474.html good luck!
  16. Tim, So how did you like the new riggers ? You going to knock me off the fence and make me buy the HP over the 1100's . JT
  17. Jack


    Drill the 1/2" hole, after you run the cable fill the hole with life calk and cover it with a small SS clamshell vent and fill the vent with calk as well. Ditto what lakebound88 said. Half the fun of owning a boat is drilling holes in it for your fishing stuff . lol Good Luck! JT
  18. Tim, How do you like the new Scotty HP and what size weight do you use ? There has been some talk that you need at least a 15#er for them to work well and was wondering if that is true . On the fence about getting a pair . Thanks JT
  19. I have been using my Okuma 55 high speed for copper and love the 6.2 :1 retrieve . After a few times out the clicker spring broke . Call Tunas Reel Trouble where I bought and he mailed out the new spring with extras one hour after he got my email . Had them 2 days later . AMAZING SERVICE
  20. Hi ! Getting ready to switch to electric riggers . Was wondering if the Scotty's 2106's are worth the extra money over the 1106's ? Was hoping someone has used both and might have some info. Thanks JT
  21. Check out the traxstech web site. They make a Great product and have pictures of a bunch of different layouts on their site. Hope it helps . Good Luck ! JT
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    I'll give it a try . Thanks
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