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  1. I told Tom, Steph, Eric and Holly the story of my first time observing and how you spent about 1,300.00 bucks not including food and lodging. When I told them about the look on your face and how your jaw dropped when I pulled out that big banana at the end of the day, they just about pissed their pants laughing. All in all, we had a lot of fun. I think we all gained a few pounds those two days. They were a great crew.
  2. I was an observer on A-TOM-MIK's boat. What a great crew. We had a lot of laughs on the boat and at the weigh in's and I learned a lot from Tom and the crew. It was two days of fun, learning, excitement and anticipation. Next time I'll bring more raspberry doughnuts and the pizzelle's. When I observe, we eat good.
  3. I 'll see you in the morning. I talked to Michelle at Captains Cove and she is going to be open tomorrow. I have an order there and I can take care of that too while I'm out there.
  4. iiI think I cost him about 1500.00 bucks that day. It's funny how word spreads across the entire lake. Even the boys in Canada were laughing about it. Sorry Paul. If I had been observing for you last year, things may have been different. I was observing on Pacific Time for WHI and my wife and kids had been praying hard that day that the boat I was on would win. They came in first place.
  5. I hope it's a little warmer when we put the pens together. Did you set a date yet? Jim
  6. Anyone from Brockport going, let me know and we can car pool. I'll drive.
  7. Rod, It's an omen. He mentioned your boat name. You have to enter. Jim
  8. Thanks Rod. It was great hanging out with you guys. I learned a lot that weekend.
  9. Tim, I had all intentions of going to the Christmas party last night but it was snowing like crazy in Brockport. Sorry I missed it. I'll see you guys at the seminar. Jim
  10. I have been observing for four years now. The observers meet the captains the night before at the captains meeting and we always exchange phone numbers in case there is an emergency or a problem. Why not have the captain provide the observers phone number to the guys on the boat and the guys can provide it to the folks at home in case they have an emergency. During the tournament there will only be one phone turned on and that will be the observers. All other phones on board will be turned off and in the custody of the observer. A family member could call the observer directly instead having to go through Tournament Control and have the message relayed. God forbid if one of my family members had an accident or went to the hospital, I would want to be notified ASAP. If I was observing on a boat and one of the participants family members called my phone with an emergency I would just hand the phone over to the participant. I have been on boats before when some of the guys were really reluctant and worried about having to turn off their phone because of a situation that was going on at home. This would give them and their families peace of mind knowing they could have direct contact in case something happens.
  11. Michele and Claude, This is great news. IT'S ABOUT TIME. It will be nice to be able to drive right to you now through the river. Jimmy
  12. Jimmyi

    Seneca perch

    Thanks for your help guys.
  13. Jimmyi

    Seneca perch

    That's a good idea. My wife has been wanting to check out the fall leaves and I might take a ride down there this Saturday. I should try to get a topo map of the lake. Where is the state boat launch located?
  14. Jimmyi

    Seneca perch

    Sk8man, Thanks for all of your help. I didn't realize all the different species in there. I haven't been down there yet but my mom said the place is gorgeous. It's a good sized cottage right on the water. I don't think they are going to be using it for the winter time cause she said they will be closing it up. It's a drive for me coming from Brockport but after reading everything you said, I can't wait to get down there. Now I'm wondering when I do go there, do I try for perch, go deep for lake trout, cast for bass or troll for trout with lead core, dipsies and riggers. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
  15. Jimmyi

    Seneca perch

    My sister and her husband bought a cottage on Keuka Lake this past August. They are on the West side down from the college. Does this lake freeze solid or is there open water in the winter? I have an older 14 foot aluminum Mirror Craft that I would like to use this winter if the lake doesn't freeze. I heard that this lake has a good population of lake trout. I fished there once about fifteen years ago and that was in the summer.
  16. Hey Rick, I might just give it a try. I've been observing five years now on some of the top boats for all the Proams and WHI and I have learned quite a few things. Some of the guys taught me a lot and I appreciate their help and some were very secretive. I was on the winning boat (Pacific Time) last year. Like they say, "Hey you never know". All I have to do is find a crew. Jim
  17. I have a 10 foot Alumicraft johnboat for sale. It's deep for a little boat. The boat is in very good condition with no leaks. I am asking 350.00 or best offer. It would be great for duck hunters or the ponds. I am located in Brockport.
  18. The heck with the fish pictures. I'm looking at the size of the tomatoe plants in the background. How did you get them so big for only being the middle of June?
  19. ReelPower, Yesterday was the past, tomorow is the future. Every day is a gift from the Lord, that is why they call it the present. God bless you on a speedy recovery. Jimmy
  20. Hey Dave, I was going to call you guys to see if you were coming to this. It's a great time. Tell big Gene I know of a good Chinese buffet in the area. He will like that. I'll be staying at the Holiday Inn Friday and Saturday nights. Take care, Jim
  21. Hi Paul, Beautiful fish. Find out who the guy is with the attitude. I'll observe for him and make sure I bring a banana in my lunch that day. Jim
  22. All I know is I watched Casey catching pan fish off the back of Cold Steel at the dock at Sodus Friday afternoon before the Proam. The guy was picking out the fish he was going to catch and he did it with a bare hook. I couldn't believe it and I've seen the fish that she catches. Can you imagine what their kids are going to be like. They'll probably fishing the Pro circuit at ten years old.
  23. Someone left a cooler at one of the finger lakes over the weekend. Send me a PM with the details and I will make sure it is returned to you. Jim
  24. Tim, It was great talking to you, Jeff and your dad Friday at the weigh in. You guys are not afraid to share your knowledge or help out guys trying top learn the ropes by answering questions. I wish other folks were like you instead of being so secretive. Jim
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