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  1. That's a nice bear, Matt. Let us know the weight.
  2. Thanks for posting this DH! I see you're from Lake Luzerne. I'm originally from Lake George area. Do you troll LG?
  3. Loved catching brookies as a child and young adult who grew up in the Adirondacks. Remember to handle these fish gently with wet hands so as not to remove any protective slime.
  4. I find that the lakers taken from Lake Ontario are usually much gamier tasting than those from the finger lakes. I'm from Lake George and these trout taste great and for some reason when caught in deep water, their bladders don't blow up; so they fight better.
  5. I'm real happy with my 7mm08 Weatherby with a 3-9 Nikon scope.
  6. If you still haven't bought a shotgun, I have an Ithaca Featherlite Mag 87 12 gauge with a rifled barrel chambered for 2 3/4" - 3" shells. It has a checkered walnut stock and an Aimpoint 2 power red dot scope.
  7. I went out with Candy earlier this spring and we boated 27 salmon. It was awesome! I have also been out several times with Jammer Charters 585-705-3556 and have had similar results. Jeff always gets on a good bite! Andy Chernoble of Chinook Charters 585-820-8600 is another great captain and a real gentleman. Sam Zucco of Dream Catcher Charters is another successful captain - 585-314-2407. Confused yet?
  8. Great job Ric, Craig and team! You're definitely a force to be wreckonned with!
  9. I just saw this post, while searching online for Diawa SK - 786 rods. I have a set of 6 that I haven't touched in 25 yrs. I don't want to break them up. If you're interested give me a buzz at 585-755-5018
  10. This fish looks very similar to the browns I caught in the Adirondacks in my younger days. The biggest tip-off for me is the square tail. The post by Stinger shows the difference in the tails. The coloration and the shape of the adipose fin say brown trout as well.
  11. If you hold a fish like this for the camera, there's a good chance it won't survive very long after being released.
  12. Home Depot has a waterproofing product in with tile supplies called Red Guard. You can roll it on or brush it - I use a whizzie roller. The stuff is awesome and goes on fast and smooth. Costs about $50 for a gallon.
  13. This constant south wind is killing the inshore fishing that we've come to depend on. I was all over on Wednesday with the same result. I'm heading north tomorrow!
  14. I have 2 older mag 10 electric riggers with swivel bases and an extra boom for sale. $300 takes all. Call Steve at 585-755-5018
  15. Glad you had a great day on Saturday. Congrats on the 2nd place. C u in Wilson next weekend.
  16. I would like to buy a pair of Cannon riggers that are faster than my old Mag10s.
  17. I am somewhat interested, but was looking for a pair
  18. Call for Project Proposals - Great Lakes Basin Fish Habitat Partnership - December 21, 2009 http://greatlakesrestoration.us/?p=230 The Great Lakes Basin Fish Habitat Partnership (Partnership) received funding from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to complete on-the-ground fish habitat projects. The Partnership recognizes that most work to protect, restore and enhance fish habitat will be done at the local level by local watershed associations, municipalities, tribes, states and nongovernmental organizations. The Partnership will work with organizations to encourage local conservation actions that fit within the Partnership’s Strategic Plan priorities. Up to $1 million will be available for habitat projects. A “project†is defined as an action that will protect, restore or enhance Great Lakes fish habitat. Project proposals will be compiled, ranked by a subcommittee of the Partnership and submitted to the Partnership’s Steering Committee for review. These funds are available through a portion of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative allocation, so the Service will be responsible for making final funding decisions. Expect final decisions in late spring/early summer 2010. For questions, please call Pam Dryer, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, at 715-682-6185, ext. 17 or [email protected] The announcement can also be found on grants.gov: http://www.grants.gov/ Jeffrey Sheridan |Community Liaison |Office of Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter 465 Main Street, Suite 105, Buffalo, NY 14203 | Tel: 716.853.5813 | Fax: 716.853.6347 Sign up for the Louise Line to get periodic E-Updates from Congresswoman Slaughter
  19. Chuck O'Neil from NYS SeaGrant is giving a lecture and discussion on aquatic invasive species in Lake Ontario Wednesday tomorrow nite 1 /06/ 10 at 7pm at the Irondequoit Town Hall. It is sponsored by the Irondequoit Conservation Board of which I am a member. I know you're all concerned about the changes the lake has undergone. This guy is the expert! So if you want to show support, learn something or have questions or comments please come. Thanks, Stephen Greive - Skamaniac
  20. Hey guys, I visited your dad the other day. It took him a minute to recognize me, but he had never seen me with a beard. He couldn't remember the name of my boat, but he knew that we fished for trout and salmon. He incorrectly imagined himself a better fisherman than me - brandishing that classic smirk on his face. That's when I knew that it was just a matter of time before I have to listen to his BS on the marine radio. In talking to your mom and her friend Helene, I was impressed with the progress Rich has made. I asked him if he remembered what Mike Spinelli was famous for - his reply - Fartman! Some things you unfortunately can't forget. They don't call his boat Windbreaker for nothing. Hope this New Year brings the Yankees continuing good news and muchos pescos. Call me if you want to ice fish. The clubs hardwater fishing derby is coming up in about a month. Later, Steve Greive - Skamaniac
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