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  1. I have recently acquired another boat to use in the winter for perch fishing. The floor is going to need to be replaced (not soft but starting) this summer & I have been leaning towards the vinyl flooring over carpet & my question is how will it be in the winter snow/ice. Will the floor still be anti skid or will it be slick. There has been a few times the carpet get a little froze at times. Anybody have any experience with the vinyl & winter fishing. Thanks & tight lines
  2. Been a few times....Nothing worth bragging about. Fish are hard to find & if you find them hard to figure out. I have tried more rubber than most bait stores stock with little luck....Even seen bait guys struggle
  3. It has been one of those years so far....hopefully it changes. We have been to watkins a few times with low low numbers....4 fish between 2 guys all day. Even tho we seen a wad of them on the camera so we weren't fishing dead water.
  4. Is boat still for sale & where is it located to take a look?
  5. Is boat still for sale? What is the beam width?
  6. Seneca Lake Duck Hunters spring classic is 04/11 & 04/12 Forms online or at club house $ due by 8pm friday 04/10. Each angler must register 1 fish for weight can weight as may as you want either day or both days but only your largest fish counts. Open to any public NYS waters. senecalakeduckhunters.com Keuka Lake Jumbos tourney put on by Avon Anglers is 04/18 can preregister or register 4am to 6:30 am day of tourney @ state launch in Branchport. 5 fish combined weight per boat, up to 3 anglers per boat. All fish must be caught on Keuka lake. Avonanglers.com
  7. The Avon Anglers Jumbo Derby on Keuka is still on for the 19th
  8. Well to make a long story short my buddy has been begging me to bring my boat to his campsite and take him and his kids fishing. Closest launch is long point state park. So I agreed wife is going out of town for work this weekend so why not. Never fished Chautauqua before so I need some help please i wanna attack the panfish. Anything would be extremely helpful thanks.
  9. I have acquired another boat its a 1977 Glastron ssv 189 with a inline 6 merc. The kicker is there is no spark so I replaced the coil still no spark.....Asked the guy at the parts store and he sold me another coil but made sure this time it was one that didn't need a external resister hooked that up and still no spark. ran a new wire from the key directly to the coil and still no spark. Now what should I do sell the boat before my head explodes????? Any one with some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Nice rig....I really like the poles in the holders.
  11. Looking for any info on the bite for perch or eyes heading up for a week tour. Thanks in advance.
  12. I have done this in the past on Keuka lake. Have caught some nice lakers either or method worked. We made light to attach to our rod holders and shine over the sides and speed net sawbellies when we could and rig them up. Jigging with spoons also work but not as good. Been chasing eyes lately but now you got me thinking might switch it up every now and then. Hope this helps and good luck.
  13. Very nice pics thanks for sharing
  14. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT bring bananas. I was an observer for the first time several weeks ago during a Top Gun tournament out of Olcott on a very experienced and well known captain's boat. I made the mistake of pulling out a banana at the end of the day. I never heard of the banana curse until then. All I am going to say is, Don't bring a banana on someone elses boat. That is a classic I have heard that one a ton of times.....I would never think of bringing them.
  15. Agreed....Free advertising at its finest
  16. Wow. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I think that would be something I could handle and really enjoy. I am going to give it a try this summer, so if anybody needs an observer drop me a PM. I have always liked trolling on Lake Ontario with charter service so if I can make some coin to just be there and watch that would be awesome.
  17. What it takes to be an Observer? I have seen a few post of observer needed. That sounds like a cool gig and seems like it would be fun, but I don't know anything about it could someone shed some light on the subject? Thanks in advance.
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