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  1. if you get on a boat and don't know how to swim you're a moron. I still say it should be our choise. We are rewriting the defenition of freedom!!!
  2. when the fish come up the river, and when they die.
  3. anyone know if the $10 trout and salmon stamp passed or is going to pass?
  4. thanks everyone. These are all good sites. Now I've just got to get back to the salt and put them to good use. Just what I need, another addiction.
  5. went out yesterday on a bluefish partyboat that will remain unamed. It was the worst fishing experience of my life. Over crowded, rude deckhands, overpriced, huge tangles that ended in the mates cutting lines then charging you for your own hooks!! Afterwards me and a friend (with no clue) fished a bridge and caught 20 fluke, 2 sea robins, and 2 crabs. Nice save !! I'de love to get into ocean fishing, but I don't think I will ever get on a party boat again. And I can't afford private charters, so I want to find another website like this for ocean fishing. Any help would be apreciated. thanks Sean
  6. patience, when you're sick of salmon, and your arms are soo tired you can't draw your bow it will be time!!
  7. followed 2 doe across cayuga. When they got to shore they colapsed with there tounges hanging out. they didn't move for 20 mins
  8. great days !! With fishing like that it shouldn't have trouble finding a 3rd, but if you do I'de like to offer my services
  9. A long report is usually a good one, but always an informative one.
  10. Of corse it's a good idea but it should be our choise. Whats next a seperate liscence for winter fishing?
  11. we were using perch minows. Part of what took me so long was no help, and 10 beers, but I'de love to learn a new technique. That's why I joined this forum, to learn what I could, and share what I know. Now I spend more time on the computer than my girlfriend!!
  12. went out sat afternoon from 3-8 with a buddy on my canoe and we both limited out on big perch in about 30' of water. His bigest was 14" and mine was 13". Lost one about 16" broke 6#. Up till 3am fileting
  13. Nice livestock. How much farther till they can't hold there heads up? At least it will be easier for those city boys to shoot them in the fence.
  14. Bass are illegal to use as far as I know. Also I've found perch, sunnys, and crappie in pickeral and pike stomachs, so why not muskies.
  15. Certified bait is good for 7 days. If there are suckers in the lake you can catch and use them there. But why not use perch or sunnys. Just don't use bass. Good luck.
  16. puts my oscars and dempsy to shame. Was that a peacock I saw?
  17. try using pure anise extract on your hands, lure, and line. Oh yeah, don't smoke or eat without washing your hands. You can use anise scented cleansers.
  18. troutman, ever try that with 3/8-1/4 in the winter. Smokes the landlocks. I'll try to post some pics soon . 8.5# LL
  19. 2 or 3 oz pyramid weight, 3ft leader, bait rig, sawbelly. Drift with or without sock (depending on wind speed). Mark fish, drop bait on fish, reel fish in.Oh yeah, good luck
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