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  1. its a good scope, check to make sure the mounting rings or screws are fully tightened down. has happened to me before. i very much doubt its the scope.
  2. its way bigger than my first with a bow- 14 years old when i took a button buck. it was the first shot that i had and i took it. last button i have taken also. congrats on recovering the deer. if you shoot enough of them sometimes the outcome isn't as good as yours. great job. DEER ON THE GROUND!!!!!!! yeah boy!!
  3. the rut is on boys! call in sick. yesterday i had a 6 point running around the back field behind my house @ 12:30. my backyard is west henrietta road. i consider suburban bucks to be the most noctural of all deer and if they are running around @ noon, the rut has begun!
  4. it sounds like it didn't work out as planned- alittle more survival than fishing it seems. this weekend ended up being good for me as i took a great deer that is in the hunting section on this website under i got lucky. its unfournate about the weather for you- but you made it home and ther is always next time. hopefully i will see you before the end of the season!
  5. was supposed to go musky fishing but with certain problems that came up i ended up going out hunting instead. best deer that i have seen so far this year and ended up shooting him at 3:45 pm after getting in the stand @ 3pm. seemed early to me but they have started to move lately. got in the stand, got settled, rattled & grunted- a minute later this one came in with a six- pointer in the lead and i shot him @ just over 20 yards. second best NY deer for me with the bow. its funny how sometimes it all comes together and other times it seems like it all falls apart. for me it mostly falls apart. i have seen alot of rut activity in the last week in the # of rubs and scrape activity. i was pretty happy with him and am happy to add him to my collection on the wall! best blood trail i have ever seen, could see it 20 feet ahead of me- the kind that you can walk fast and follow! most of all i am happy with the deer and that i called him right in and made a good shot. so far this year 34 hours on stand! i shot this deer from good friend of mines stand who passed in late april of this year to make it even more memorable. i am 100% sure that if he was still with us it would be him in the pic and not me. i bet he is proud of me looking down. thanks for reading and good luck to everyone that will go out. Henrietta has been good to me again. 9 pointer on the ground!
  6. soon we will see pics of a mountain lion with a pig in its mouth on a trailcam camera huh? shoot them all for bacon!
  7. nitro- won't that pfd make you too bouyant in case you have to dive in and have to swim down that monster and wrestle it back to your boat? i mean- how hard-core are we?
  8. thanks chad. looks like i will be there on friday since the harbor water is still warm. you got me excited!
  9. i hunt hickory hill north of bath, own 17 acres - are we on the same hill? have seen 3 bear down there on the top of the ridges. what did you miss a shot @? i have heard tons of rumors about the big cats running around down there. have you seen any or have any stories to tell? i heard a few years back that one was hit on rt. 17 and it had a radio collar on it. maybe just stories but what have u heard? i know a neighbor of my grandfathers in southern illinois shot one 2 years back deer hunting.
  10. yeah boy. did way better than me. 19 hours in stand- no shots, a couple seen.
  11. old man- are you happy with that pfd you were wearing in the pic? i am looking for some sort of floation and i think i am leaning towards something similar.
  12. i have done the musky/deer thing before but it has been years. a good friend of mine and i were talking last year about what we were gonna have for diner and he said surf and turf. i say wow- your living it up steak and lobster huh. he responds, no deer steak and fried perch, the poor mans surf and turf. P.S. i am worse at musky fishing than the buffalo bills are at winning- not good.
  13. should have left the boat at home but i took it out and have nothing to show for it. hunting in blizzard conditions saturday- back home now.
  14. looking forward to a great weekend! leaving work early friday to go fish waneta and then off to camp 15 miles away in bath to sleep and wake up to go hunting to start off archery season. hopefully i will get a musky and a deer this weekend. I'll call it the sportsmans double if i can pull it off. have a good weekend boys! looking for snow down there this weekend. burrrrrrrr! byw i will troll only, last time burning those big blades for hours got me sore, what a baby i am.
  15. he is dead- he does have some sons that people have high hopes for. we will have to wait and see.
  16. wishing i was out. getting ready for bowhunting as well. you'll get your fatty sooner or later.
  17. good for you, i hope to get my little guy on some jumbos in a few years also. good father!
  18. i have heard that its been great fishing for perch anywhere on the lake for the last 2 seasons and alot came out of the lake last winter also. nice job. tasty little boogers aren't they?
  19. nitro- those are the lures i used for blue fish in N.C. it was the only lure that the faster you worked it the better it worked. i never even thought of fishing waldos w/ them but i can see the idea. heavy little things they are. i have like 10 left over and they just hang on a wall now.
  20. doesn't look like i missed too much. seems that it has been slow lately there. i have been looking at the waneta lake web cam lately and it seems that i don't see many people fishing lately. hopefully it will turn around once the lake settles and gets colder. good luck boys!
  21. i believe that the perchbaits are at least 5/0 and i believe mustads. plows- now thats a good size hook- must be like 6/0 or 7/0 long shanks. don't forget to t-them also.
  22. good luck brad. want to get out but you know.......
  23. youtube has a cool video of a 6pack of skies from the niagra.
  24. don't really limit myself to musky its just what i prefer. i ice fish for lakers ( love them ), the wary walleye and the goofy crappie. muskies are just the king for me. i'm still looking for my personal best. my guess is that my search for the personal best may never end.
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