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  1. I know what you are saying about oversaturation. That was an issue with Gander Mountain, but that Cabelas store is not much larger than the Field and Stream store in Rochester. The Bass Pro store was suppose to be huge.
  2. Would the tax benefits on the interest of a traditional fixed rate mortgage offset the advantages of a home equity loan?
  3. Best way to finance a cottage? I'm looking to purchase a cottage on one of the bays. What is the best way to finance it? I was thinking a 30 year fixed mortgage. I know someone who said to take out a home equity loan. I'd hate to put my house up as collateral when the mortgage for the house will be paid off in a few years. Any ideas or suggestions?
  4. I have had good luck drop shotting out of Sodus for the smallies.
  5. Booyah Pikee are half ounce spinnerbaits which you can connect with a snap swival so you do not have to tie on to your line directly. I suggest ordering straight from Booyah because Cabelas and BassPro do not offer the full line of colors.
  6. The drag was easy. Most of the slush was gone. Just an inch of powder on top of the ice so you did not slip. Every now and then my foot might go down a few inches but most of the slush was gone. 7 inches of good ice. I went right to the west side of the lake from the launch at the south end. The bite was really slow and the wind was beyond brutal. A lot of people were out and a lot of people packed it in when I left.
  7. Ice is 5 to 7 inches all the way across the South end. Maybe 5 inches of snow with 4-5 inches of slush between the snow and the ice. Drag while not perfect could have been a lot worse. Parking lot was plowed. Perch were hitting with an occasional bluegill for me. WAX WORMS and perch minnows were working well. About 15 shanties were on the South end with maybe 20-30 more guys on buckets. The cold temps tonite and Thursday will hopefully freeze up the slush. Plan on going back Friday. The weekend I bet will be a zoo.
  8. Going to Honeoye later today. Time so see how the Smitty works in the snow.
  9. If that is the aluminum version, at least it won't rust.
  10. I've been killing them down at Oak Orchard. I've also caught a lot of gars recently.
  11. Funny it is 21 feet. Nitro Z-21 bassboats are 21 feet 2 inches.
  12. I'm planning on taking a boat out after x-mas if the weather is decent. I remember doing this maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I also remember was I was not the only one on the water that day. This season might really be a washout. We can't get below freezing. It may be trolling for browns in early March this year. The funny thing was I was really going to buy a flasher this year, but I might wait now for the clearance sales.
  13. Do you need to wear life jackets if you are in a rowboat that is not motorized this time of year? I know these boats are not motor vechicles when their only means of propulsion on board is a paddle. Just for the record I always wear a life jacket. I am just curious about the law.
  14. With all this warm weather, how soon till the stores start putting their ice fishing stuff on clearance? We may be lucky to get out by the end of January. I'm already planning on taking a row boat out on the day after x-mas. I'm not saying it isn't going to snow, but it will be a while before we get 4 to 5 inches of safe ice.
  15. It's funny NY State does not make people wear life jackets while ice fishing, but if you're in a boat at that time it's the law. I am also surprised the government does not make everyone wear bubble wrap for our own safety. Maybe my sarcastic views of being over regulated is getting to me.
  16. If I am out on the water and find my cranking battery does not start, is it better to use jumper cables to connect my deep cycle trolling motor battery to my cranking battery or to just switch batteries to get back home.
  17. I would wait until closer to Xmas or better yet February. Hummingbird has just announced new Helix models. Garmin is bringing Chirp to all there units and their website now has a very affordable Striker unit with a 7 inch screen. Lowrance is suppose to announce something titled Hook on December 15th. Maybe Hook will replace the Elite units?
  18. When is the Bass Pro in Victor suppose to open and have they broken ground yet? I just remember the fiasco in Buffalo.
  19. You should also consider fishing right after ice out for Brown's. The season usually lasts until May and they are also shallow in 15 feet or less water.
  20. I used some automotive gasket sealer for low pressure leaks. It worked but I do not know for the long term.
  21. I got a wet foot today retrieving my boat when I found that some of the rubber on my rubber hip boats had cracked in one spot. What is the best way to fix? Should I just cover with duck tape?
  22. Actually Crestliner and Lund come out of the same plant. Brunswick owns like 50% or more of the new boats on the market. They also own Mercury Marine.
  23. Was it Lowrance that came out with a unit a few years back that a lot of bass anglers used for the bassmaster classic on the Mississippi River. Apparently they were jerry-rigging them to their bassboats because they were expecting heavy morning fog. Apparently Lowrance had a new radar system that you could be in front of without microwaving yourself.
  24. How is the screen for night fishing? I know Lowrance has a night mode and Garmin's 73SV I believes adjusts automatically. I believe the unit has a lot of bang for the buck especially the new 7 inch model. I have heard of a design flaw where the mico SD card door can get lost easily because it can inadvently get popped off.
  25. Are there any current lake advisories for Silver Lake or Honeoye Lake?
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