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  1. ill take your second lot of flashers! let me know ur paypal.
  2. checked out this buck while it was getting mounted! deffinitely a beauty!
  3. i need a parts reel or just a line couter from an okuma ( i think they are all the same if not someone let me know) anyone have one?
  4. I have 15 tip-ups a few wood a few platic one still in the bag. As well as a set of cleats. I have too many tip-ups so need to get rid of a few. and 2 older jigging poles. 45.00
  5. ill take your lot of the bombers and i can meet you at the lotsa show sunday. Joe Pastore
  6. A neighbor here in Macedon just shot a 150" 8 point chasing a doe today! amazing deer 22" spread 13"g2's 10" g3's.
  7. nice job on the buck and doe! and sorry to hear about the loss.
  8. update to this. a couple days after they stole my bow. some kid came to my house and said he bought the bow from a friend and then the friend told him it was stolen. And he couldnt stand having a stolen bow. and must of got in a fight with the kid who stole it (his friend) and somehow the kid must of said about where he took it from. and the kid went to a bunch of houses trying to find me. and eventually someone who was talked to by the cops told him which house was myn. and so the kid came and told me he had my bow in truck and how be bought it.. and wanted to give it back. Yet he didnt want to give his name or the person who stole it's name. So i didnt ask tooo many questions about everything. and after he left we couldnt get a license plate from how he parked. But the cops were notified of its return and everything i noticed about the kid who returned it and what he drove. and they are going to see if they can find anything out. would like to get the person who stole in the trouble they deserve. so this does not happen to someone else. I just hope it is not the kid who returned it since he said he was bowhunter too and he auctually returned it. so as of now i have the bow they did take a bunch of my arrows all my tools broadheads, and everything i had in my case except the 5 arrows on the bow. so we will take things from here if the cops can find anything else out. But i am glad to have my baby back! now time to kill a nice buck with it and be a bittersweet bow season!
  9. I had my bow stolen out of my truck tonight! i like in macedon ny. Bow is a bowtech airraid. two piece octane quiver and octane rest. harvest time arrows with hunting girl wraps. If everyone could keep an eye open for me places you shoot and online for sale somewhere. it would be greatly appreciated if we can find these scums.
  10. ill go with costanzas! slim sticks are amazing and the gf loves the hot dogs too!
  11. we fished there 2 weeks ago out of the bass boat and landed 3 lost one. and saw fish jumping and others cathching a few as well!
  12. i fished last sunday and went 10 for 11 ( a lot of lakers around and got one coho that was 13lbs) and fished yesterday and went 2 for 5! much slower definitely didnt mark the fish that i was and didn't feel like going past 150 foot. fishin out of p-ville. But there was not another boat out!
  13. i was looking at the weights on the leader board. and i thought you were only allowed one fish to be weighed in with your name. and if you had a bigger one it would bump out the smaller one. on the lt's there is one guy who has two fish on there with the same name?
  14. i dunno i gave him a call and didnt get a call back so i was assuming he sold them. but maybe not.
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