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  1. Well i have had the engine running and its runs mint i even took it out on the water with fresh oil to see if it would act different and fished for 6 hours with doing one oil change and it changed colors the same as when we were running it in the driveway. an hour an a half total from putting on new heads and all oil changes. ( ive changed oil 5 times hoping it was flushing out old crap) and we checked the new heads for flatness using a bar i had ground down to within 5 microns run out over 20 inches. and the heads were nice and flat. but with it still changing color in the driveway would that rule out water coming back in from the exhaust? but it would b a lot easier to only replace the manifolds! but gotta pull them before the motor so what method do you guys suggest to pressure test them off the motor?
  2. if the exhaust manifolds were cracked how would water get into the oil? I do know when we had them off they were not cracked around the flanges where they enter the heads at all. msnifolds look like these.
  3. inside the motor, and it is an early model 350.
  4. i have read quit a few threads on this already. But i am pretty sure i have a cracked block. I have replaced the heads and put all new gaskets in the upper end of the motor. and while we had it apart we inspected for any cracks and turned the motor over and could not see any cracks in cylinder walls, valley, or cylinder heads. where else would the block crack from that would be causing this? would it be a crack in the cylinder wall below the lowest point of the piston? or i have heard of freeze plugs breaking, if one of those broke would it be leaking outside the motor? or are there freeze plugs in the motor that you cannot see without for say taking the oil pan off? going to be pulling the motor unless for some reason we find something really obviouslly that we dont but its not looking good. so any help would be appreciated!
  5. nice! did you fish past p-ville yesterday?? i saw a boat that looked like yours out there!
  6. nice! i was fishing Saturday and saw you drive by us out of p ville! boat looked nice goin by!
  7. U said it was too much money to ship.. and i said i was not going to be in oswego, i played fair and always try to. i am not out to make problems. Just sell a planer board mast. so again I am sorry for how this all went down!!
  8. nate, fsh sent a pm first but if he doesnt want to pay shipping and i am waiting to hear back from reel laxin, but if those fall through ill give you a call.
  9. i have 140lbs of wheel weight lead and was wondering if anyone close to ontario ny could make me 12 lb fish weight i only want 4. and you could have the rest of the lead and work out a price for making them?
  10. i have about 140 lbs of tire weights. and was looking to get like 4 12lb weights made and whoever is making can keep the rest of the lead and work some prices out? let me know if anyone would be willing! capt joe
  11. ill take your second lot of flashers! let me know ur paypal.
  12. checked out this buck while it was getting mounted! deffinitely a beauty!
  13. i need a parts reel or just a line couter from an okuma ( i think they are all the same if not someone let me know) anyone have one?
  14. I have 15 tip-ups a few wood a few platic one still in the bag. As well as a set of cleats. I have too many tip-ups so need to get rid of a few. and 2 older jigging poles. 45.00
  15. ill take your lot of the bombers and i can meet you at the lotsa show sunday. Joe Pastore
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