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  1. that would deffinitely be interesting! I will write him an email tonight and hopefully hell get back to me pretty quick!
  2. I love they are opening a special youth hunt and see how the timing may be benefical in a kids eyes. deer havent been pressured yet so kids are most likely to see more deer to get excited about and their possibily of being successful is very good, as well as having such a small attention span. But on the flip side. that is the FIRST time a lot guys are going to be able to go out and having to watch over their back not and being in orange for gun hunters deffinitely is going to put a damper on things, if it was like the 2nd or 3rd weekend and a 2 day hunt i think it would be more generally accepted than the 1st weekend.
  3. "So what happens if the father and/or mother were crossbred? Some 2nd or 3rd generation crossbred Kings clipped by the mass marking trailer? " Tom B. (LongLine) basically along those lines a hybrid mother or father could of possibly made it to the hatchery, i doubt they check every fish 100% to be sure a king or hybrid ( dont know their auctualy checking procedures or anything) and they used the eggs/sperm and mated it with a pure king, and then the offspring got clipped, in turn could end up with a clipped hybrid?
  4. and i am agreeing with you on this statement. That is what prompted more than a physical determination. AS well as the the wildlife bioligist also stating " The external characteristics are too variable to make a certain identification" another interesting fish is this one, anal fin looks to be coho, white mouth as per coho, but yet spots on the tail per king, and caudal fin as a king would have This fish was determined by dec to be a hybrid. yes we are fortunate for sure! and Thanks lol
  5. Im not trying to argue with people just get remarks on what people think, and what i have found. I have caught alot of immature kings and this is just looked a bit odd. and the scales shedding was just something i noticed about the fish. If it is OBVIOUSLY a king, are you saying that the pyloric caeca count that the dec does to recognize which species it is doesn't work?
  6. I also have to thank everyone involved with the tournaments. Why are the east end tournaments being questioned about continuing? And i believe that the win big is definitely a good idea to have again. my thoughts were to keep the large and small box's but make it only an overall payout, and pay top 8 for a 2 day total. with a 30k purse and having a $600 entry with 40 boats would be 24,000 and the rest sponsor money as available a prize structure as such wouldnt be bad. 2 day totals for each long box short box 20,000 10,000 paid out paid out 1- 10,000 1 -5,000 2- 3,000 2 -1,500 3 -1,700 3 -1,000 4 -1,400 4 -700 5 -1,200 5 -550 6 -1,000 6 -500 7 -900 7 -450 8 -800 8 -300 showing the prize money at the tournament or before hand i think would definitely be nice to know. - No Communication the open division should remain pretty similar to how it is because i don't know how many people fish both days compared to just one and having a total 2 day payout would turn off possible entrants.
  7. that is only the start for a collection! having in the thousands is not uncommon by any means! You just never know what color/size/shape/weight is going to work. so having a good variety is not a bad thing at all!
  8. ok i have been emailing another guy from the dec and he said the only way to telll for almost be 100% sure what it is is to count the pyloric caeca, which are part of the digestive tract. If you open the right side of the fish down towards the belly right behind the pectoral fin it will be right there. It is a large organ with what looks like spaghetti (or worms) coming off it.. and A coho will have in the range of 50-86, Chinooks 129-175 and hybrids 103-108. So i went ahead with this and i counted 98 with maybe missing a few. the fun mess in the end. So i sent him this pic, and he said the fish is definitely has too many to be a pure coho and i didnt't miss enough to make it a pure king so it is a hybrid king/coho! and said "The hybrids are either getting more common or more people are looking for them now because we are seeing or hearing of quite a few every year." So lol i think that is will finnaly settle this! lol
  9. ok i just talked to my buddy who works with the dec and does their fish studies. and he said he thinks it is a king for its anal fin and the clipping. he is not sure why it wouldn't have spots or why the scales come off soo easily! So You all have been RIGHT! Thanks for helping me figure this one out!
  10. long line- i did notice that it has its adipose fin clipped and i see what you guys are saying about the spots on the tail which is why i have been questioning it from the begining and posted it on here to ask about it lol but do you think there is any reasoning for lack of spots on the rest of body? and any possibility it may be a possible coho/king cross?
  11. ok here is another picture of it. the scales come off SUPER easy like a coho which you can see in the picture how many have come off and the lack of spots.
  12. troy like on that site too it is the lower jaw or upper jaw that is mainly used? and its hard to see in the pics but the fish does not have any spots along the back and upper sides, it looks like it does in the pic but it is just the crappy camera quality. which is confusing me unlike all the other amateur kings i have caught.
  13. so in comparison this is deffinitely a coho the anal fin on the coho should have what i read it should be sharper to the touch but what else.
  14. it is bugging me and i should know this! lol but here are better jaw pics. after even looking up more i am still not sure all the cohos i get ik for sure usssualy from complete lack of spots and their weird looking heads! the pics gambler the pic does make it look really like a juve king but in person it just doesnt look right.. think its possibly a mix?
  15. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: SET-N-READY ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Time on Water: Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 8 Total Boated:5 Species Breakdown:kings, steel Hot Lure: white green dot spinnys carbon 14 moonshine Trolling Speed: 2.0 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 40-150ft Lure Depth: 100-120ft (depths we actually hooked up on) ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== not many reports from sodus area so figured i would put up one. went out nice and early didnt see any fish porposing or jumping (around pultneyville) went out and set up in 40 foot and trolled it out to 140 and didn't mark much at all!! went a good couple hours without much action had a few trips on the riggers with no one home. around noon fish turned on divers out 325 one setting white green dot hammer fly. 500 copper same set up and rigger with carbon 14, and nk mokey puke all took hits didnt mark many fish but later in the day a few fish started to show up and rods started to go off. got this one fish that i am confused on and i am ussualy pretty good with my fish but this one is confusing me. I think it is a coho but it looks a lot like a king, maybe a mix fish? had a white mouth and not many spots but the spots on the bottom of the taill are making me wonder! and fish weighed 17lbs fish is gorgeous with tons of purples and teals and we kept it because if i can confirm it is a coho i think it will be a really nice mount! the only female king of the day! ( yes he is holding it out a little lol was about 24lbs )
  16. is the top on the regular or the thin cut? either way ill take 6 of each. just send me a pm n ill send you paypal. Capt Joe
  17. hey i sent you a text too, but today all the salmon we got were males! but will be back out saturday as well and will let you know if we get some females.
  18. i live in ontario. But i should be back around 3 or so on thursday. i will text you but i am keeping the boat in pultneyville so its pretty close joe
  19. hung, i will be out thursday, and saturday if you want me to save you some let me know. joe
  20. pretty much ready but not ready for fishing to be over.. and been seeing a bunch of fawns with spots on them still should be interesting hunting when mamma doe comes along and your ready to take her and some tiny fawns come out after her. but hopefully a big buck will make a mistake early so i can do more fishing!
  21. lake timber tackle in fairport sells them http://www.laketimbertackle.com/ dont know if your looking for new or used ones.
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