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  1. I got it back from Mike!! Thanks!!!
  2. just saw your posting in the for sale section and shows you sold it i hope not . but i will call anyway.
  3. strippin line i will give you a call later today ( had a bunch going on yesterday and wasnt able to check on here) it would be awesome if you do have it!!
  4. I lost a board this weekend ( between bear creek and pultneyville) if anyone finds iT ill pay you for it has double keels lol but i am looking to see if anyone has an extra around rochester i could get. i know a couple stores that have them so if i need to ill go buy a new one. But figured id see if anyone had one first!
  5. nice! figured you must of went with him today since i didn't hear from you! sounds like a nice evening, our day was very similar!
  6. was running some meat today took a couple fish on it! anytime from now on it can be good!
  7. hey ill take it. i can send paypal. and if you want to give it to matt and i can get it from him!
  8. i cannot find one specific part i need for one of my reels. and tuna toms doesn't show it on their site. so i was wondering if anyone had a parts reel i could get!
  9. Nice!! Putting some silvers in the boat! Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. lee no problem! sucks to have stuff stolen so it was the least i could do! how u making out with that? thanks joe!
  11. went out friday to scout around and see what the waters were looking like. set up first looking for browns in about 10-20 fow pulling B fullers off the riggers and boards and a couple sticks. We got into a couple but the water the still a bit muddy and filled with debris but the b fuller goby was still poping a few as it has been one of my best producers this year in the fingerling size and the smaller lighter razer ones! after the debris kept getting caught up on lures decided it should be set up good for saturday and pulled out, we then went deeper looking for kings and lakers. we found some nice marks and bait in the 90-130 range and had a mix of spinnys with ito flys and protroll running ito flys and 3 mag b fullers 2 of divers and one a rigger. we didn't have long so i made it out to 200 and it has been the barren land it has been. made it back into 130 or so and the rigger fired with the evil twin b fuller and it was on screamin for about 2 min and off! then a diver fired with a white pro troll and ito mirage fly and again screaming and gone! and we saw a descent bottom picture from 120 - 140 so I knew we could try for some lakers saturday too. So Saturday we went out set up in brown water 10-20fow and it looked perfect good color good temp no debris so i had a feeling it was going to be good. set the same spread out with a couple bright orange sticks and b fullers in goby and yellow nbk. i had one rigger out and putting the next one down and asked didn't u set that rigger and look and had first brown in 5 min! hit the goby b fuller! and finally we got everything out we ended up hitting the browns pretty good, biggest landed being 12-05 and 2 of the ones we lost were biggg!! they hit off the spoons on the riggers put the boat in neutral a couple times and they were feisty kept jumping and we lost two that were at least as big as the 12 if not bigger! but we only fished them for 3 hrs and one girl was getting sea sick and wanted to go in ; (. i knew we could pull a money fish out there but she wanted to go in. so we went in and dropped her off and the guys went back out they wanted to try for lakers tried to get them to fish browns more but they wanted to go out depper. so we did i had 4 flasher flys 2 spoons on on a diver one on rigger with evil twin b fullers and ssw. got one ho on the ssw and ended up with 10ish lakers in 3 more hrs biggest we got were on the 600 copper with the white pro troll and mirage fly biggest was 16-05. the guys wanted to see their names on the board so they weighed in their laker and brown! They were happy fun days to be on the water!
  12. brown bite this morning had a few go 20 fow, was definitely expecting better, there was a lot of floating debris in the water that kept getting stuck on the lures so we moved out deeper marked fish from 80-130, got some lakers to go from the bottom did catch one laker while brown fishing, the others were on the bottom. 2 kings one on a spoon bloody nose. one on a white e chip and ito mirage fly. deep! 100 rigger and 250 diver! good luck tomorrow we will back at em!
  13. Set n ready will be out tomorrow and sat maybe sunday too will let you know how we do. And ya channel 9 or 8 is going to have more traffic to talk to. Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. We had a boat broke into at p ville this weekend too! they only took rigger rods and spoons left all electronics alone! Wonder if they are related Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. nice! I saw you heading out was down at the boat pullin a rigger that quit on me! glad to see you got a nice king!
  16. I have been out of i bay for the last few trips but finnaly was able to get out in p-ville. reports haven't been showing much for bait and marks. but we had a 6 hour afternoon trip. Left port and set up in 80fow getting things ready and working a north troll to see what we had out there. marked a few fish 80-100 down and a few lakers around between 100-140. So decided to see if any kings wanted to bite for the first couple hrs had spinnys out with ito flies and some b-fuller spoons kos and kos with orange dot and a ssw out between riggers and copper. and had a few surface lines out for steelies. well screen wasn't showing much promising out to 180 and some storms were rolling in over deeper water. So i decided to pull back to the fish i was seeing and sent divers out 300 and riggers down deep with a large paddle and ito mirage fly and one green hammerhead bell. kos took a shot got of pretty quick. bells took a couple lakers. paddle with fly took a few more lakers and hit again and had a screamer! finally! got him in 20lber. and kos took another shot shaker king. surface lures lit up for about an hr or so between fish with 4 steelies . after 6 hrs we pulled lines and came in. definitely not a ton of kings around yet but there are a few fish around going to have to work for them though! marked a lot of bait balls so they should be coming our way soon enough! capt Joe
  17. congrats on a good day on the water! with some nice fish too!
  18. since i couldnt figure out if it had surface speed that is what i was doing was just running the proble down 2 feet but it is nice to have the option of not having to put the probe down. But other than that it has been a pretty nice unit. the depth it definitely interesting to see at times.
  19. i read all the directions and read about the x4-d on the fish hawk site and others. And it says it will show surface speed. But i can not get myn to change over from reading depth to showing speed so does it and i am just not getting it or what? If anyone knows how to get it to show let me know!! thanks
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