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  1. heck ya! awesome to see u got him out there! good job on the doe! Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. ive been out everyday. in 8f. seen. bucks scrapping rubbing trees. a few just tapping antlers, and a buddy had a buck running a doe all over last night! Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. nice! did u happen to score him? Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. she said thanks everyone! lol. and I have a few good ones I've been watching but really wanted to have her get 1 so ive been trying to sit in some spots that are easier to walk to and have a nice close shot lol but im hoping to get one of them! now I get to relax a little and focus on putting one of then down! had one at 18 yds the other night just got too late and had to let him walk lol but the one buck she saw I may have to try and get a better look at him! lol Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. well this is her 2nd year hunting and 4th year hunting overall. last year she shot at a couple deer all clean misses and had a few opportunities of close deer that she didn't know when to move or draw. ended up getting a nice 100 inch 8 point with the muzzleloader! this year the 2nd day she had another clean miss and she was getting pretty discouraged but I kept telling her to just focus on your sight and pretend it is just a target and know the yardage. so last night she had a 120 class 8 go by to her right make a scrape and walk in front of her but she wasn't comfortable shooting that way. about 15 min later here comes 3 bucks in a line on her left 23 yds. and she waited for a good opportunity to draw and and waits for the next buck to come into a good opening. about a min later she stopped it and let er rip and she heard the loved sound of the thud!! she was super excited saw the deer take off down the hill. about a half he later I have her get down and go look for her arrow. she does and finds it right past where the deer was standing covered in blood. but a little stomach matter on it. so again she was discouraged. but we looked for blood for about 30 yds it was spotty so we backed out wanted 6 hrs and it started pouring at the house so we went looking around midnight and luckily it wasn't raining at the hunting spot!! and we looked for blood after about 150 yds we find her deer piled up! not the biggest buck but it was a short track to a dead deer with the bow! its ended up only having 4 points one side is all spike n one side is 3. happy to have her finally kill one with her bow. ( which I had hydro-dipped for her pink real tree and had pink and white strings made up for it as well as her pink wrist strap and her pink arrows lol. Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. awesome to hear the success! good job! Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. nice! Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. I'd also like more pics as well. how many hours on motors? Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. put meat in crock pot with an onion and make pulled goose with baby rays!! haven't had one person. not like thenm cooked up like that!! Sent from my C811 4G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Trout-N-About 4 95.52 135.52 Get The Net 4 94.13 134.13 The Maryland Boat 4 90.26 130.26 Rigged 4 88.29 128.29 Whaler One 4 87.97 127.97 Legacy 4 87.85 127.85 Jakey Baby 4 87.01 127.01 Dragon Fly 4 84.69 124.69 A-Lure-A 4 83.22 123.22 Escape 4 82.35 122.35 Salmonboy 4 80.74 120.74 Runnin Rebel/Lake Runner 4 79.74 119.74 Scamaniac 4 73.99 113.99 Nothing But Net 4 73.37 113.37 Hideout 4 72.92 112.92 Pleasure Unit 4 71.91 111.91 Mr. Breeze 4 70.24 110.24 FLX Troller 4 68.96 108.96 Fishlander 4 68.33 108.33 Missdemeanor 4 65.97 105.97 Yankee Troller 4 64.76 104.76 Make The Turn 4 60.3 100.3 Tomahawk 4 58.95 98.95 Screamin Reel 4 57.42 97.42 Game On/Rod Hog 4 56.57 96.57 Manatee 4 56.06 96.06 Live Action 3 63.01 93.01 Top Angler 4 51.04 91.04 Triple SSS 3 58.95 88.95 The Silver Reflection 4 47.75 87.75 Jolly II 4 46.69 86.69 Fin-N-Tonic 4 39.7 79.7 Jagermeister 3 47.71 77.71 Hallet Bait & Tackle 3 46.5 76.5 Reel Peace II 3 45.96 75.96 Stand & Deliver 3 39.66 69.66 Papa Joe/Snafu 2 39.74 59.74 Shadow 2 35.27 55.27 Rabid Weasel 1 6.4 16.4 Reel Drag 0 0 0 Kitchen Sink 0 0 0 John Muehl 0 0 0 Locked Up 0 0 0 Swervon 0 0 0 a little easier to read! Awesome time today!
  11. My team and I definitely had a good time! Didn't get to fish sunday due to motor problems forcing us in pretty quick but still had a good time and appreciate all the work everyone put in especially after fridays storm!!
  12. I fished the north end yesterday. Rigged up dads gfs pontoon with. 2 riggers. Dipsy holders and a holder for leadcore/copper! So fished first time. And. We worked 80-100 fow ended up 3-4 diver out 180. Riggers down 60 and 85. All lakers had rainbow spoons on leadcore and copper without a touch but. Diver with white spinny and ito mirage fly. Took one, rigger with same took the rest. Biggest was only 22 inches but still had fun for first time on ca! Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. I got it back from Mike!! Thanks!!!
  14. just saw your posting in the for sale section and shows you sold it i hope not . but i will call anyway.
  15. strippin line i will give you a call later today ( had a bunch going on yesterday and wasnt able to check on here) it would be awesome if you do have it!!
  16. I lost a board this weekend ( between bear creek and pultneyville) if anyone finds iT ill pay you for it has double keels lol but i am looking to see if anyone has an extra around rochester i could get. i know a couple stores that have them so if i need to ill go buy a new one. But figured id see if anyone had one first!
  17. nice! figured you must of went with him today since i didn't hear from you! sounds like a nice evening, our day was very similar!
  18. was running some meat today took a couple fish on it! anytime from now on it can be good!
  19. hey ill take it. i can send paypal. and if you want to give it to matt and i can get it from him!
  20. i cannot find one specific part i need for one of my reels. and tuna toms doesn't show it on their site. so i was wondering if anyone had a parts reel i could get!
  21. Nice!! Putting some silvers in the boat! Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. lee no problem! sucks to have stuff stolen so it was the least i could do! how u making out with that? thanks joe!
  23. went out friday to scout around and see what the waters were looking like. set up first looking for browns in about 10-20 fow pulling B fullers off the riggers and boards and a couple sticks. We got into a couple but the water the still a bit muddy and filled with debris but the b fuller goby was still poping a few as it has been one of my best producers this year in the fingerling size and the smaller lighter razer ones! after the debris kept getting caught up on lures decided it should be set up good for saturday and pulled out, we then went deeper looking for kings and lakers. we found some nice marks and bait in the 90-130 range and had a mix of spinnys with ito flys and protroll running ito flys and 3 mag b fullers 2 of divers and one a rigger. we didn't have long so i made it out to 200 and it has been the barren land it has been. made it back into 130 or so and the rigger fired with the evil twin b fuller and it was on screamin for about 2 min and off! then a diver fired with a white pro troll and ito mirage fly and again screaming and gone! and we saw a descent bottom picture from 120 - 140 so I knew we could try for some lakers saturday too. So Saturday we went out set up in brown water 10-20fow and it looked perfect good color good temp no debris so i had a feeling it was going to be good. set the same spread out with a couple bright orange sticks and b fullers in goby and yellow nbk. i had one rigger out and putting the next one down and asked didn't u set that rigger and look and had first brown in 5 min! hit the goby b fuller! and finally we got everything out we ended up hitting the browns pretty good, biggest landed being 12-05 and 2 of the ones we lost were biggg!! they hit off the spoons on the riggers put the boat in neutral a couple times and they were feisty kept jumping and we lost two that were at least as big as the 12 if not bigger! but we only fished them for 3 hrs and one girl was getting sea sick and wanted to go in ; (. i knew we could pull a money fish out there but she wanted to go in. so we went in and dropped her off and the guys went back out they wanted to try for lakers tried to get them to fish browns more but they wanted to go out depper. so we did i had 4 flasher flys 2 spoons on on a diver one on rigger with evil twin b fullers and ssw. got one ho on the ssw and ended up with 10ish lakers in 3 more hrs biggest we got were on the 600 copper with the white pro troll and mirage fly biggest was 16-05. the guys wanted to see their names on the board so they weighed in their laker and brown! They were happy fun days to be on the water!
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