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  1. alright i have got my camera mounted and started to get some good video as well! your spinnys look to be spinning wayyy faster than myn. and i am ussualy running a down speed of about 2.4 on my fish hawk. what are you guys running for a down speed?
  2. let me know if you want more info i can talk to him and ask.
  3. i know someone running them and have used them a little bit on his boat. They dont seem bad the jigging function worked pretty nice. he has had one control unit go down but was quickly fixed. and where the cable runs along the arm it gets pretty close near the spool and is wearing marks in the aluminum housing piece in front of the spool so i think something should be done about that, cant be good for the cable. And i know its like the big john which have the little arms but seeing the arms bounce when the ball comes up scares me ( i use scottys) but it may work just looks funny to me. But other than that he is likeing them so far. he is waiting for one of his too ( only running 2 and one scotty now) and he is sponsered by traxstech so i dont think its an ordering issue just maybe him trying to work out more bugs before sending more units out? not quite sure.
  4. nice job! Set-N-Ready teamed up with jakey baby to fish the shootout and we did good out there despite the waves as well. And you guys beat us by .99lbs! we had one 15lb kicker that really hurt us! But nice job on the placing! and do you know if anyone got pictures of the water spout i took a couple but only as it was just forming and was fighting a fish when it touched down!
  5. We are looking for an oobserver for this weekends wayne county pro am. Our observer had something just come up here at the last minute! If there is anyone that is able/wanting to send me a pm or give me a call 585 217 6788. thanks Capt Joe
  6. out today from p ville and we landed 13 kings one steelie one laker. and the sea flees are getting to be a pia!! so hoping the rest of the weekend is as good!
  7. alright i bought a 209 of ebay will give it a try! thanks
  8. nice! im ussualy back in the hole! lol set-n-ready if u see me around!
  9. nice! I am moored there as well ( fixing the boat at the moment) but that is where i am too. what your boat name?
  10. how much have you fished with it? the drag and everything seem to hold up?
  11. cast numbers for heads are 46262. and im pretty open to any offers for the pistons and everything else if someone can use them.
  12. has a cracked block. but everything else looks to be in good condition, crank, cam, pistons, lifters (if wanted) all have been cleaned and oiled. was a jasper motor with 2 bolt main asking 150 obo the heads have maybe 3 hours on them. were brand new when i put them on thinking i blew a head gasket, but it wasnt so they are all cleaned and oiled as well, i paid 250 for them if i could get 200 back outa them to minimize my losses! they are the big valve heads with 4 outside bolts for valve covers dont know cast numbers off hand can get if wanted. but have pretty much everything from the motor except intake, carb, fuel pump, water pump, distributor and cap and wires and hoses that i still need.
  13. yea i saw those, will keep them in mind. thanks for looking! but was lookin to see if anyone else had anything
  14. looking for a reel for a 10 color. maybe a daiwa 57. or let me know what you have. thanks!
  15. well an update. X-jet boat bill came over we tore the engine down to a bare block.. and it definitely was a cracked block, a crack about 2 inches long on the bottom cylinder wall of cylinder 7! So i get to join the bad winterization club... deffinitely will take more time this year winterizing it! thanks for the help bill!
  16. that looks soo much like the same fish!! possible?
  17. alright, that sounds like it would be a good method! I will give that a try this wekeend and see what i come up with!
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