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  1. i used myn quite a bit last year and it reels nice! only thing i think is weird is how close the crank handle comes to the drag knob. myn auctually was rubbing on it every crank had to slightly bend handle but looked at others and they are all super close. but as far as performance it did good drag is a little touchy easy to tighten it a lil too much. and the weight of it broke my handle on my ugly stik!! but other than those i dont have any real complaints it caught us a lot of fish and was nicer to reel in than the 345's having the big crank handle! i got myn set up as 600' from a-tom-mik and the copper and everything worked good!
  2. troy i have tried to access on a couple computers now and i think something is wrong with the shuttefly page!!
  3. quite a few graphic shops around ol make up a sticker throw it on and give it a try! lol
  4. matt they are rated a lot on size of boat and how much they are going to be used. Like my unit has held up good for me i dont remember what model it is now and you know the issues we have had with it in the high wind lol I know my uncle has gone through a lot of different ones and has spent a TON of money with the computers crapping out on him ( granted he uses his over a 100 days a year on the trojan) but the point is is that the computers are designed for certain usage. but ur boat and how much you guys are going out u should be able to get away with a rather descent priced unit and have it work good on your boat. and spending a little more for a quality one with make fishing much nicer when it works and is not breaking on you during the summer, just to save a few bucks now!
  5. i have the same gun you just sold lol and i love it!! been super reliable and if i do my job it will kill what i am aiming at. I have taken deer a few deer over 200 yds and still had tons of damage done! i dont mind cleaning the gun which i only do only a couple times during the season and have yet to have any corrosion in my stainless barrel, some of the steel parts are a different story they need constant upkeep! But i have read quite a bit about your new gun. and it definitely has its benefits over blackpowder. The thing i would like the most is not having the smoke cloud after i shoot. The velocities and the downrange energy isnt much higher which i was suprised at! But the first paragraph in the link i listed pretty much sums up the benefits of smokeless " it offers dramatically lower cost per shot than Pyrodex, no corrosive residue, no heavy fouling, and less recoil for a similar velocity load. Smokeless powder is the most successful black powder substitute ever devised, the safest, and the most efficient. The only "con" is that no other production muzzleloader is designed to use it: ONLY the Savage 10ML-II. Game recovery is easier, as your vision is not obscured after the shot." heres the site with quite a few interesting questions and answers about the ml2. http://www.chuckhawks.com/savage_ML_FAQ.htm
  6. nice! the farthest south east i hunted was Colorado springs. a lot of elk and muleys there for sure. did see a few whitetails nothing big where we were though! Like most people we focused on the elk and antelope hunting! but wouldn't mind going back and trying to find some beauty's like yours in the creek bottoms!
  7. nice buck! i lived and hunted colorado for 12 years! awesome place where abouts were you hunting?
  8. well i am in palmyra. so depends on where about on the lake you are. we are about 35 miles from the top of cayuga lake.
  9. has anyone else heard of this deer being shot around? i was told it was from ontario, but its easy how quick words spread.
  10. I have not heard anything about the gun that you have. but i have been only using my muzzy now for 5 or 6 years exclusively. I love it im shooting a thompson center omega, with laminate thumhole stock and a nikon omega scope, was shooting the t/c shockwave bullets until this year and have had AWESOME luck, almost every deer i shoot at is a dead deer. I use loose powder 777 @150 grains zero'ed at 100yds. And at 50 i may aim a little low, but i am confident at hitting deer anywhere from 20 to 250 yds. Ive taken 3 deer at 200 farthest has been 230yds yds ( havent missed one yet at a long range shot) and it still just blows right through them. i have done a lot of long range practice with the gun to find my drop amounts at different distances and where they line up on my bdc redicle. but average is around 9 or 10 inches at 200yds But i will shoot 3-4 shots before cleaning. I have tried cleaning after every shot and every 3-4 shots at the range and it still shoots around 1" groups at 100yds either way and bullet loading isnt affected too much, although i know a few others who can only shoot one maybe 2 times before reloading is waaayyy to hard. My dad is ussing the black horn powder and found that you deffinitely can shoot more shoots through his gun and reloading doesnt get too hard as fast as using 777. but hunting i will shoot 3 shots or so before i clean it. ( depending on how long and weather outside lots of rain/snow i will clean more often) This year i switched to the same bullets as miss-em the 250 grain sst's and soo far they have killed the deer we have shot with them but not sure if i like them as much as the t/c's yet going to shoot a few more into deer before i make my decision. have had awesome luck with the t/c shockwaves just dropping the deer right there, but that depends on where you hit them.. or it is shocking them more, thats is what i want to figure out. but anyway to your question if you are afraid to shoot a gun dont do it. But i just did a quick read about the gun, and some people say they shoot well for them. and some people talk about the barrel issue. but bad news about one gun spreads fast compared to all the good ones out there. So hopefully someone else can chime in on this specific gun and give you more insight.
  11. ray, yea we definitely have a few big boys around! I have been after an 8 that should go in the 140's he has long beams and 10-11" g'2s and 11-12 inch g'3s awesome looking 8, had him within bow range 3 times but couldn't get a good shot! and seen another 8 that would go in the high 120-s to 130s that is really wide! and a couple nice 2.5 year old 10's that should be dandys next year! and tons of small bucks around! i have been trying to get one at least p and y, but this last 9 point just looked like a nice buck and after not getting the job done with the bow i got a little trigger happy! and my cousins buck got hit by a car and had a broken back leg and was missing a lot of hair, so he put that one down! im hoping to stay out of my good spots till muzzle loader season. and hope the big 8 im after shows up and survives till then, unless my dad gets a shot at him that would be even better to see him harvest him! Last year the buck i was after was a double drop tine buck main frame 10 with a couple stickers but was never able to harvest him 3 other guys saw him, one guy a few times but he was ooollllddd and smart and he knew when something wasn't right, but they all think he would go in the 180-190s he was a pig! but no one got him that we know, and he hasn't show himself this year which sucks thinking someone got him and we didn't hear about it. would of loved to see him dead and score him at least! we looked super hard this past spring to try and find his sheds but to no luck found some other nice sheds but not his and the land covers over 600 acres so he has a LOT of room to go hide especially close to a non hunting area past one side of the property which we believe once he smells people on the land he stays in his little safe house lol
  12. Yes it is deffinitely a family thing and helps bring us all together between the fishing and hunting seasons! Jerry, yepp him and my uncle (rodmaster) have been out there a-long time! they have definitely help teach me how to fish the lake! Still take my uncle up on any chance i can to get out with him! thanks vinny!
  13. my dad got a really nice 8 point with an inside spread of 18 inches! best bow buck he has actually killed! and my gf got her best buck yet saturday after a few close calls with the bow she wasnt able to seal the deal. but got it done with a nice 8 on opening day with the muzzleloader at 200yds. and my cousin got a nice 8 opening morning as well with his muzzleloader 75yd shot. and monday night i shot a nice 9 pointer with the end of his main beam broken off a brow broken off and part of his g2 broken off! now waiting till muzzleloader when i get to use my next tag.. so maybe get some fishing in till then!
  14. damn man that sucks! joe called me and told me about this! sucks to hear. he didn't mention u were looking for a dog i know someone who lives by me that does it. could of gave you his number! where do think you hit him? what is the buck?
  15. if you have permission to go on the property go shed hunting in the spring and mount his sheds with the pic! U shot it just not with a weapon!
  16. those bucks deffinitely look ALOT alike lol
  17. Matt, o i will lol and yea it was a rage 2 blade, decided to give them a try. I have done some trapping in the past may have pull them back out!
  18. bought an older hds 10 unit of him before nice guy and willing to help you out with learning it, and Myn has been working awesome!
  19. got set up in a spot ive been seeing a few does every morning and figured i would get a doe out of the way finnaly, so i made my ground blind. and about 7:25 a doe comes out. so game on. ranged her at 37yds put my 40yd pin on her and let it fly. shot looked like it hit her maybe a touch forward and a little high but still right about where it should be but didnt get a pass through so i figured i hit the off shoulder. well i gave her an hour, and waited incase any other does wanted to come by! started tracking her and tons of blood everywhere a blind man could follow the blood trail, bubbles everything you could want. found arrow about 50yds into track broken off with about 8 inches missing. Well after another 3-400 yds she went into a thicket in a bottom and i jumped her she could barely get up but i couldnt get another arrow nocked before i lost her in the thick. this was at 1130 so called a buddy and waited for him about a half hour, figured one lung since she went this far. so decided to keep pushing her and make her bleed out. we tracked her for another good 800+ yds she was just walking away, and we lost blood going up a hill and were about to give up and my buddy was like lets follow the side of hill just incase. and we walked about 50 yds and found blood! so we trackked another 75yds to another thicket and i started to go in where a trail was looking for her and he worked the outside of it. well he calls me and was like i found her, Nice!! finnally after that far and it was now 1:30. so i go up to the deer and the F()*)(* yotes ate half the deer already!! the whole back legs mutilated stomach contents everywhere..... flip deer over and found where my arrow went in and it was a good hit but was a touch high but arrow must of deflected up and only caught one lung like i thought and had a hole above her side abover her should whether she did that running im not sure. so after all that the deer was eaten but it was nice to auctually find her and know she died when going that far and just walking you would think it would of lived if you never tracked her that far. So goes to show track track track some more if you think if was a descent shot might go 10yds without blood but follow the deer trails and keep going back and circling. and if i see a yote im going to shoot him with whatever i have!! already shot 2 of them. but here is the pictures of her it is hard to see in the pic but they ate almost all of BOTH the back legs and she was only dead dead for at most 2 hrs.
  20. just read up more and the hunt is for 14 and 15 year olds only
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