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  1. Yes I currently use the Airmar P79 with my HDS8 and it shows bottom, baitfish, downrigger weights, lures, debris, etc.. It is just a standard 50kHz/200kHz transducer with a unique mounting method. Refer to the following links: http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/49859-in-hull-airmar-p79-question/ http://www.airmartechnology.com/2009/products/marine-product.asp?prodid=52&manf=All http://www.airmartechnology.com/uploads/brochures/P79.pdf I believe they say depth only because it does not include temperature.
  2. I have had good success with the Airmar P79 inside the hull with my Lowrance (search for recent thread on this). However, it is a transducer suspended in an oil, or in my case antifreeze, the transducer is not adhered directly to the hull. I have and limited success epoxying hummingbird transducers inside the hull. (BTW do not use silicon, it will absorb the sonar signals). One worked marginally, the other is not satisfactory, loses bottom at about 500ft. The difference is probably location. The one that did not work well was mounted near the keel due to deadrise; the marginal performing one was mounted in a better location, but I was still not satisfied with its performance. All were in a fiberglass boat will no foam/wood core.
  3. I use an Airmar P79 with my HDS and have had good results. I originally got it to use until I decided if I wanted to go thru-hull or transom mount before drilling any holes. That was 3 years ago and I have no reason to go to anything different. I get good solid bottom readings out at 600+ft depth with plenty of gain/sensitivity range left over. I am sure there is some loss of power, but I have no issue seeing bait and fish at all depths. I easily mark downrigger weights at all depths (cone is pretty wide). Under the right conditions I can even see my cheaters. No problem with tracking bottom at cruising speeds. The P79 is adjustable to deadrise up to 22 degrees and you can dial it in to match your boat's deadrise exactly. Your hull must be solid fiberglass with no wood/foam core or voids.
  4. I experienced a similar issue with my Lowrance HDS on the 50kHz screen. No other boats around. I noticed it occurred in deeper water (>300ft) and was a wide band of clutter. The thickness of the band and depth would vary depending on the bottom depth. I was never able to pin down exactly what it was; it acted like a harmonic of the bottom echo rolling through the screen but it was spread pretty wide. It looked very similar the the blue vertical lines in Legacy's post. Adjusting gain would reduce it, but then weaken signals for fish and down-rigger. I was able to eliminate it by tweaking the sonar ping rate. (I could also make it worse by tweaking the ping rate) Your issue sounds a little different, but it might be worth trying to adjust the ping rate and see what happens.
  5. For those interested, I emailed Cannon and they confirmed the Digitroll's do have soft start and soft stop. Don
  6. I also cannot find any reference to soft start/stop on the Cannon web site or in the manual. The up/down speed is controllable via the cannonlink, so the engineering has been done, and the capability is there. When I made my decision to purchase them, I thought it was one of the differences between the Digitrolls and the Magnums. When I use auto up, I swear I can tell when the ball is almost at the surface by the slower speed, and it also seems to start slow on initial decent. I did find reference to soft start/stop in several retailer listings: excerpt from FishUSA and Cold Water Tackle listing: These downriggers also include Cannon's "Short Stop." With a quick touch on the Auto-Up pad, and the weight rockets toward the surface. As the weight nears the top of the water, Soft-Stop automatically slows the retrieve rate to prevent stress on the cable. Then just before the weight breaks surface, Short-Stop automatically stops the rigger, leaving the weight safely below the surface to prevent free swinging. excerpt from westerndrugstore.com (I don't know why a drugstore is selling downriggers, but this is what google found!): ……Adjustable Positive Ion Control. Short-Stop. Soft Start/Stop. Digital Line Counter. Compatible with CannonLink. 24" - 53" black telescopic boom. Dual Rear Rod Holder. 400' of Stainless steel cable. Universal line release (qty: 2). Plastic spool. Black swivel base. Mounting base. Mounting hardware. Single terminator. Ball storage hook. I agree, you would think they would highlight it on their website, but I cannot find it. You may have to call them to be certain. Whatever the answer, I do not experience sudden starts and stops or bouncing booms.
  7. Might be worse than that, check with Humminbird, but I don't think the HB999si is compatible with cannonlink.
  8. I have a pair of these and concur they are great riggers. They are fast retrieve, and appear to have a soft start/stop. I agree the autostop works flawlessly. I have run up to 16lb torpedoes and the DT5s handle them with no issues at all. I typically use 12.5lb torpedoes unless I am trolling deeper than 100 ft. My only complaints are the occasional cable jumping (hopefully fixed with the latest pulleys) and the composite swivel mounts. One mount cracked on me under normal use....immediately replaced by Cannon, but I upgraded to the stainless mount anyway.....keeping a close eye on the second one. I have mine networked to a HB 788C and occasionally use the bottom tracking feature and rarely the cycling feature. It does take some getting used to when the depth changes and your rigger just starts running! It is tough to find the cannonlink modules, but you may find them on ebay and even on this site occasionally. I believe both Cannon and Humminbird made a version so look for both. As far as I know, you cannot connect a transducer to the DT5, but I think you can buy a DT10 w/transducer and network it to DT5s. Check with Cannon support to double check. Their support has always been excellent both answering questions or resolving issues.
  9. I purchased my Cannon's in early 2012 and have had several cable jumping incidents since then. One cost me a 13lb torpedo, another about 50ft of coated cable. Once I did need to disassemble the pulley housing to repair. Based on this post I called Cannon to see if there were improved pulleys. The confirmed there was, and it was likely I did not have them. The sent me two. See attached photo of older (left) and hopefully improved (right). Thanks for posting this topic!
  10. This guy survived one of my worst fears, especially when fishing solo! http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/01/09/former-nfl-player-swims-nine-miles-to-shore-after-falling-out-boat/ That Autotether does not seem like such a frivolous purchase now!
  11. I recommend one of these: Blue Seas Add-A-Battery Kit - 120A PN 7650 or 765003 Mini Add-A-Battery Kit - 65A PN 7649 or 7649002 These kits allow you to: disconnect your batteries when not in use (except bilge pump of course) isolate batteries from each other but provide automatic charging of both batteries when running your motor combine batteries when in trouble. I have the 120A unit in my boat. I run all electronics and downriggers from one battery, the other battery is for starting. Pretty much idiot proof. I also use my main motor for trolling. Both batteries are marine starting batteries.
  12. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Fished solo east of the bay from 6:30-12:30 today. Went 2 for 2, both lakers but nice size. Temperature inside was pretty much 50 degrees down 50 ft from 70ft to 250ft of water. I marked very little bait, and only a few marks. Most of the big marks were on or near the bottom in the frigid water....was hoping they were some nice kings just chilling...but they were lakers. Could have caught more lakers, but I was in the mood for a King or two. I fished out as far as 400ft where the thermal break dropped to around 90ft down, but barren screen except for a few small/mid size marks. Fished spoons, FF, and meat. Caught the lakers on the meat. I am always amazed how dramatically the lake changes in just a few days!
  14. Another great day for you! I had the morning shift (6:30-12:30) solo out of Ibay. Could only get two lakers to hit...
  15. X3 on the Torpedo 19 strand!!! I have had it on one rod w/twilly for 3 years now, just cut a few feet and re-tie each year (not that it needed it). Rigged a 2nd one this year. Used both the bright and smoke color, do not notice any difference in catch rate.
  16. Well you stuck it out longer than I did. I started in about 75ft trolled out to 130ft....63.5 degrees clear to the bottom (thought the probe was broken for a while). It was clear I was going to have to go deep to find temperature. As the wind/waves were not going to get any better out deeper, and I was solo, I decided against going deeper and trolled back in...saw a couple decent size marks, but no takers. Second skunk of the year!
  17. No problem at all....yes, that is why I was there also. Thanks on the boat; funny you said something as I was admiring your boat also.....would love a hardtop! ....and maybe a few more feet! 8^) Don
  18. I tried the same thing yesterday, going further offshore with the same results. I think we were circling the same area later this morning (180ft-200ft).....you have the yellow trophy? Thanks for the report, always great to compare notes!
  19. Left the bay outlet about 6:00am fishing solo each day. Friday started in 100ft just east of the bay and worked out to over 400ft. Bait and marks were very good out to about 180ft, then tapered off quickly. Started seeing more bait and marks around 320ft but nothing like inside 180ft…..worked west to Russell’s to 180-210ft. Ended up 5 for 6 mostly skippys and small steelhead except for one 18.1lb king caught in from of Russell’s on wire mag dipsy at 190ft on white/green protroll and green/chartreuse fly. Saturday started in 120ft just east of bay. Read good bait and marks; caught a couple lakers right away so moved out deeper to 160-220ft. Ended up 5 for 7; two kings (21.4lbs and ~15lbs), two lakers, and a small atlantic. The kings came on 200ft wire mag dipsy (same as above) and meatrig on 300 copper (50ft down on rigger). I lost screamers on both these rigs also. Water fleas were tolerable both days, but floating clumps of weeds/algae now getting onto lines and rigger wire.
  20. Solo today, went 4 for 7. 15lb king, 5lb king, 4lb atlantic, and 19lb laker. All hits but two on dipsys out 280-320ft. All fish but one on flasher /fly. White/Green protroll w/ green fly did best. Atlantic hit NBK spoon 100ft on rigger. Lots of bait and a few hooks 150ft-250ft. Strong surface currents. Thermocline very tight about 100ft. 42 degrees to 50 degree in about 5 ft. Difficult to maintain speed with surface currents and stay in temp. Probe earned its keep today.
  21. Had another great weekend for quantity….fished 90-250+ FOW …12 for 20 on Saturday, two 8-10lb kings, and 2 decent lakers, mostly steelhead which accounts for losing so many; had several doubles which is fun fishing solo! …9 for 14 on Sunday, a couple 1-3 pound kings, one laker and a lot of small steelhead…got into a couple nicer (8-10lb) steelhead in 250+ ft water; again several doubles; had a double on a single rod with a skippy king and a small steelhead (using slider on downrigger); They hit almost every color I put out, but mixed veggie and flo red/silver was dominate. Leadcore was the key…over half the fish came on a single 7 color leadcore rod, another 3rd on my light line downrigger rod and the rest on the other downrigger rod. Tried copper for a while but no takers. Did not try Dipsys. Don’t know where the big kings went….I was marking some larger fish 90-110 FOW, but could not get them to hit. There are a few kings still there, but not like they were in May.
  22. I caught one with a tag yesterday also. I turned it in to the DEC survey guys at the Ibay inlet. Hopefully it will get to the right group. Don
  23. If the entire probe is shutting down (not just speed not working) check the small silver contact on the top for corrosion or contamination. If you touch the end of the "ground tail" to the contact, the probe should turn on even out of water....great for testing the probe (when it works!). If the probe turns on you can spin the wheel and see a speed reading. My probe went bad. Erratic temperature readings and speed would not work reliably. Cannon discontinued them, so I could not get it replaced or repaired. They did provide me an even exchange in other Cannon accessories for what I paid for it.....although I would have much preferred another probe. It was a really nice system when it worked!
  24. Please PM me if you have one for sale or trade. Thanks, Don
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