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  1. I will take them if shipping is included
  2. I will take these Jay
  3. That all sounds fine Happy New Year Jay
  4. please check your PM thank you, Jay
  5. I will take these if tech2526 does not Jay
  6. I have used Convectors/Clarions for years for everything (dipsys, lead copper, downriggers, etc) and never had a reel failure. Years ago Okuma had some less than best drags ( some people still like to bring that up) but that changed when they went to the Carbonite drag washers 5/6 years ago. I know off many ways to loose fish, but Convector/Clarion reel failures have not been one of them. One thing I have found over the years with any fishing gear; how it performs is directly related to how you maintain your equipment. good fishing, Jay
  7. As an additional check, did you replace all your fuel lines that the Ethanol has deteriorated? Barricade by Gates is a great fuel line that the Ethanol can't melt
  8. I bought some of these They are"very nice" for the money!!!!! Jay
  9. ORB fittings may not be "special", but they are not a common fitting used by the material handling (forklifts), construction, (skid steers, backhoes, etc.) or lift gate industries. When I did my AP, I contacted 6 (six) hydraulic/fittings shops in the Chicago area and none of them carried ORB fittings because they are not used in the previously mentioned industries. In an effort to control inventory costs, many shops no longer stock what does not sell. Jay
  10. The short answer is no I just went through installing a RM AP. Some of those fittings are what they call an ORB fitting which is a oddball size not to be found at any hydraulics shop. I spoke with Seastar and RM both before I just started searching the internet for answers What I ended up doing is buying a hose kit ( about $127.00) that had most of the hoses and fittings I needed. I actually used the old fittings I took out of the helm (when I installed the new hoses) to put in the hydraulic pump It was a real learning experience All of the Seastar hydraulic lines had those ORB fittings on them good luck Jay
  11. Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking
  12. Can I purchase just the triangle shaped flashers?
  13. Anything happening on this post?
  14. I would buy just the three triangle shaped flashers Jay
  15. Internal combustion engines by design are not meant to idle for long periods of time and are prone to loading up due to combustion inefficiency. It is difficult to design an engine to produce power and efficiency @ 35 MPH and still be able to idle all day. Altering ignition timing or spark plug heat range will only lead to other issues such as overheating. A couple things you might be able to try are: Make sure that your air cleaner is absolutely pristine. More air equals cleaner combustion. Make sure you run good clean, fresh gasoline. Cheap gas has more impurities. Run the engine hard at the end of the day to burn the soot off the spark plugs If you do not already have an electronic ignition, you may want to look into changing over along with a new ignition coil. This will probably provide a better low RPM spark to enhance combustion. I have read good things about E3 spark plugs if they make them to fit your engine hope some of this helps Happy boating Jay
  16. I think i want these. How long are they?
  17. still looking maybe for a pair if the price is right
  18. Looking for a single swivel base for track mounting. GOT ONE THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSES JAY
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