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  1. check your private message Jay
  2. I have two Big Jon swivel bases for sale (8 position) Condition is very good and they work fine. $100.00 includes shipping to the lower 48 states Yes I take Pay Pal Jay
  3. I obviously have no knowledge of what type of leak down tester you have used, but the one I use clearly indicates to me percentage of leakage. All I am saying is that a leak down tester is much more indicative of a cylinders current state of sealing compression; if you know how to use it an intrepet the information obtained by the test.
  4. A leak down test would actually be the most accurate. That test would not only identify leakage, but you could actually identify the location of the leakage. Examples being: 1) intake vales - hissing in the intake 2) exhaust valves - hissing in the exhaust 3) piston rings - hissing in the crankcase breather 4) head gaskets - hissing in a plug hole other than the one you are pressurizing good luck Jay
  5. sent you a text. i want to buy both boxes Jay
  6. I will take these Check your PM Jay
  7. I run meat behind flashers 8" and up
  8. what is wrong with the one you have listed for parts?
  9. Yes they are sold. The first responder took them
  10. 2 - Okuma Convector CN 30 reels in Excellent condition (no boat rash) Both reels have: 150 feet of Blood Run Copper 20# Berkley Big Game backing Seguar Fluorocarbon leader w/BB swivel Drag Master drag washers $120.00 for the pair shipping included in lower 48 "we sell no junk"
  11. One thing to remember for all engines in general is that they can not be designed to operate their best at all RPM ranges. So they are designed by the engineers to produce the best torque, HP and efficiency in a specific RPM range for the application (which is definitely not at low RPM for a large engine) That being said, even with a large 4 cycle engine, forcing it to troll all-day is not really what it was designed for. Granted that the 4 cycle engine is more tolerant to low speed operation than the 2 cycle engine, but it is till not designed to operate at low RPM's for an extended period of time. The kicker engines are designed with a much different power curve which allows them to produce torque, HP, and efficiency at a much lower RPM than a large engine. They do this in 4 cycle engines through camshaft timing design variations (and sometimes compression) and in 2 cycle engines the port design and exhaust system are designed optimize low RPM torque, HP, and efficiency. (no opinions here just information) I personally use a 4 cycle kicker for trolling
  12. Okuma reels for sale 3 - Magda Pro DX 20 Very nice condition smooth drags clickers work good line counters work good "no boat rash" $100.00 for all three, shipping included PayPal accepted "we sell no junk"
  13. Never mind. The kid said no sorry
  14. check your PM on cowbells
  15. WANTED Does anyone have any Church TX-6 boards (small ones) they would like to part with? thanks, Jay
  16. These look very cool. do they catch fish?
  17. I tried to buy them a couple of weeks back?
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