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  1. Yellow tail and yellow fins tell me thats a brown, your “brook” is a brown, a brook trout is a char, which means like a lake trout, light spots on a dark body, not the brown you caught, be happy tho. You got two rainbows and a bonus brown. Good for you.
  2. 2 rainbows, bottom pic is a stream brown
  3. Not looking good from what I checked today
  4. I tie in natural brown gray green hues and fish pink in stained or otherwise off conditions. Maybe a flyrod with a sink tip line and a string of scud flies is what the perch haven't seen yet. Best of luck and keep us posted.
  5. I tie flies that are scud imitations. Look them up. When u figure out how to fish them at 30 feet and detect bites, dynamite!
  6. I think majority of the fish are already gone. Lots of old beds and few fish I did see were paired up and spawning. April 1st will be a ****show, 5000 fisherman and 5 trout. Not every year is for the fisherman.
  7. Looks like another winning year for finger lakes rainbow trout. Took a look at a few finger lakes tribs. By what I saw, looks like the rainbow trout have the upper hand come April 1st. Two years in a row. Saw suckers in the creek as well. Sure can't wait for a solid winter and a trout run that's on time. Another victory for the trout.
  8. Any of you guys or ladies shoot bowtech bows? Thinking of buying one. What do you like or dislike about the model you have shot/own(ed)?
  9. Typical entitlement attitude. The woods are mine the deer are mine everyone owes me. Lol.
  10. My .02 is if it keeps people buying licenses and enjoying the outdoors I don't care if u want to hunt with a spear. If it gets the youth of today in the woods and off the electronics, bring it.
  11. From his perspective its eye opening at what we anglers take for granted. Only from the video did I see the true beauty. Usually my eyes are glued to the water and not the scenery. Great video for sure.
  12. I would just lay an upper decker on his stand seat
  13. Any bow harvest deer is a trophy. Congrats!
  14. If Milliken has upgraded scrubbers on their coal stacks which I'm sure they do that's how you would remove the soot from the firing process
  15. A lil info fat tony. I work at the diesel facility in Addison. We don't make products for coal firing facilities.
  16. What is disheartening is the lack of kids fishing this year on the tribs.
  17. 90% of the stream fisherman on Catherine creek don't get a bite. They just take up room. In the past few days, just like every other year, I have seen it all on that creek. Entertainment at its finest. But it does sell licenses. And bottom line without license sales we wouldn't have the fushing we have today.
  18. All of us trib guys should sell our gear. Let's all buy boats and we can all fish side by side on the lakes.
  19. Is the Rudd population doing well?
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