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  1. Drag a couple 5 gallon buckets off the side to slow ya down also adjust your trim up a little it'll help also. Ditto on J plugs bloody nose n fire Tiger my go to J's
  2. Look at the wonderbread bag and the spoon matches
  3. Capt jim aka fishkiller he slams the eyes and enjoyable to fish with 716-796-5372. Give him a call
  4. The O ring in quick connect at tank if it got messed up will allow air in system. Also primet ball is just that you pump it to get fuel into carb and as float rises closes needle valve and ball gets. Hard due to pressure from check valve in primer up. Also what is the alarm for if motor never acted up by running rough I wouldn't be looking at fuel but maybe temperature and impeller myself.
  5. Pm sent like lineman said walleye.com also great info
  6. Well it sounds like it will be another banner yr on Erie for 2014 walleye catches in New York. There are few yr classes where the hatch was great and another coming of size this season . As for yrs with best hatch rates it was said more ice and longer ice coverage improves hatch immensely. The key yrs mentioned had 96 days ice coverage and this yr we are at 102 and counting. In 1983 there was zero ice and next to no hatch seen. The spawn here on Erie is expected to be close to season opener it won't happen till ice is off the lake. We could see some of the best fishing in a long time over the next 4 yrs. Perch numbers are good and 2014 could be banner yr for them also again. So there is some good news for Erie eye chaser's.
  7. We can do hartlands for 40.00 each if you buy 4 or more or 45 a piece plus tax and shipping depending on where your at plus we have this, this month. The Ultimate Sale of the Month for April will be..... For this month's Ultimate Sale we will be featuring an Okuma Classic Pro 8'6" Medium Action Trolling Rod for $20.00 plus tax. We will also be offering a combo package with a the Okuma Classic Pro 8'6" Medium Action Trolling Rod with a Classic 300 Level Wind reel or a Magda Pro 30DX Line Counter reel for $65.00 plus tax. We just picked up a large quantity of these rods and reels today from one of our distributors. Get them while they last. These rod and reels will make a great economical setup for lead Core, Down Rigging or a Copper Setup. Contact us to order and "We'll Hook You Up". Call jim @ 716-796-5372 or message me.
  8. It all comes down to wind direction if its a southerly wind it'll be smooth, the more northerly the wind the rougher it will be with less wind. As far as east or west winds if at the oak you fish the better bay. Idk if docks are in yet to me with a larger boat the launch and retrieval are the main concern .
  9. Bad deal for sure sorry for your loss, may god watch over her abd your family.
  10. Ultimate outdoors give them a call 716-796-5372. They'll hook you up nice
  11. Champ it was a fun day thanks again for the trip out. Mike
  12. Shade that rig is good behind a dipsy but it can be a tangled mess at times . I run riggers with great success and dipsys out to sides also boards I stack my program for coverage and effectiveness . Each day a little different. Torpedo is a great way to go for a weight set up. Even better than a dipsy imo. Try to get over to Nick's on Kenmore. He is getting a good shipment of blades and harnesses in anyday always has great blades in stock usually also he is tournament fishermen not afraid to show you what's hot that he uses himself. I'll show ya my choices abd where i order from.
  13. Hey 2150sst season is coming fast it's gonna be a good yr.
  14. Pm sent to both of you, shade eastern thread when you look.
  15. Ultimate outdoors of wny, capt jim has all torpedo products in stock. He will ship and if close enough deliver / meet up with you. Great to deal with. 716-796-5372
  16. Replace with okuma rods, find Ultimate Outdoors of WNY on Facebook. Jim will give good pricing for buying multiple rods.
  17. And where else would you find whishey dipped hooks lol
  18. Don't know if they do spoons but dutch forks does walleye blades in plastic called ghost blades they look good.
  19. Nk and dream weaver probably 2 most common google it you'll see all variations of monkey puke.
  20. I don't believe its more than a rumor it would cost way more than that minimal cost to station inspectors. Plus at almost any launch that would mean 24 hr inspection. Also take a launch like SBH where it's insanely busy, it'll cause nothing but problems.
  21. Look and ask on iceshanty.com someone there will know all you need to know for sure. Great bunch on that site ice fishing only
  22. Not sure if they have auto pilot but check C-ME marine. Prices always good
  23. X2 on torpedo brand. PM fishkiller16 off this site he is a dealer in torpedo products great to deal with
  24. I'll see if i can get better updated contact info
  25. I'll do you one better google kaboom lures, you'll be a happy man.
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