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  1. Hit longpond, cranberry or irondiquoit. I'd pick the big bay myself
  2. Just let's you know you can't get any fresher fish, I've had perch lay on the ice all day. I get them home filet them in house and some always start flipping around. They are neat to see do that for sure. Glad you had a good day enjoy the meals nothin better.
  3. Iceshanty.com, make 3 posts opens reports and conditions boards plus ice fishing ny find oneida diehards thread
  4. Definitely i didn't mean to take this off topic either it's ADD lol. I would love to learn more about the genny myself being centrally located to many good fisheries. Flybuster glad to hear that it answered a question i was curious about. Actually we should all be glad that so many opportunities for great fishing are doable in a day trip. I am a troller and my shore eye fishing is limited to smaller streams for eyes but they are productive. I am sure as yrs go by lake o walleye fishing will only get better. I bet a good drop weight or deep diver program on inline boards could really work on the genny even from shore if deep enough and if flow is adequate to pull boards out. I think finding a conture map of river would greatly help in fishing the river eyes. If available
  5. Pap around the 4th in Dunkirk seems pick on eyes would be slow last couple yrs more eyes were east of sturgeon pt. Lots of peeps made run by water back east to catch high numbers. I am just curious as to how productive it is on that date that far west. I know my run from SBH was only 5 miles and i couldn't get all rods in without having a fish hooked. The genny holds eyes but a boat is almost a necessity plus its tight lipped fishing. Also one thing I've noticed is lake o is a tight lipped fisherie where Erie is more open on shared info among fishermen. Maybe it's just the network of friends i have gotten in with there.
  6. Lake o is tough for eyes those who catch them regularly are tight lipped. There are key place they haunt. I'll agree with bsmaster ERIE is it do a charter on her. You'll learn more in a few hrs than you will on your own. Shore fishing eyes is tough do to window of opportunity that good numbers are there. Best times are dawn and dusk thru may. As for charter find jim he goes by Fishkiller16 on here as a few other sites. He will give you a day to remember. Google how is fishing in buffalo, you'll find a good thread and people who will share info and help.
  7. Yup velvet break for sure, don't forget antler growth is all done in about 6 months or so.
  8. I believe i saw a post in hunting section on lou in big game. Take a look there
  9. I saw the high 5s and hooting and hollering i was inside of you headed west when you landed it great job nice fish
  10. If anyone has taken a young hunter afield or know of some who are hunting youth season. I think a slot here to post how hunts went is a good idea. So please post. Good luck and safety first. [ Post made via Android ]
  11. I live in alabama ny and i'll say rather quiet no gun shots that i heard . My brother hunted alexander ny no gun shots heard. I think not that many are taking advantage of this opportunity. [ Post made via Android ]
  12. I have likes and dislikes to to the youth season but i really don't foresee the woods looking like a pumpkin patch. Look on the bright side in some areas i am sure the extra deer movement will help quite a few bow hunters out. First and foremost everyone think safety we don't need accidents during this season. Good luck to all. [ Post made via Android ]
  13. I have never caught or targeted a musky due to it would be another fish to gear up for i hope to one day catch a true trophy in my eyes and it will be photographed and sent to fight another day. As for amish i wish NYSDEC would ticket and fine the heck out of them, example how much meat comes out of a 3 inch sunny. I fish for meat myself but am selective in harvest. The only way to help improve any fisheries is to open your mouth. Hats off hope many jump on your band wagon. [ Post made via Android ]
  14. Wouldn't do it myself deer bones tend to splinter and thats not good, if splinters get cauggt in dogs throat or digestive tract. But if ya want to about an hour or so if pretty meat stripped at around 350 degrees should be enough [ Post made via Android ]
  15. I know my johnso has 4 screws 2 hold pump together 2 on opposite corners attach it to motor not sure on yours just a thought to look for. [ Post made via Android ]
  16. 4 more yrs and by 2016 S.A may be the only place youll be hunting. [ Post made via Android ]
  17. Riggers no prob i run them 130 ft plus back never tangled. I even run lead core out the chute up to 10 colors over them only tangles happen if wind catches ya in a turn and lead core drops cause you turn to fast. I run dipsys way out also. Just do it youll get used to it fast. I do not stack though. [ Post made via Android ]
  18. Fished out sbh out at 7 in at noon all meat toaday picked 4 keepers lost some at net had 2 dinks black n purple, and confusion. Taken on dipsys and 30 jets off inlines 1.9 mph between seneca and meyers 32 to 38 fow [ Post made via Android ]
  19. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:bailey ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Time on Water:4 hrs Weather/Temp:60s cloud/sun Wind Speed/Direction:south southwest Waves: chop Surface Temp: 55+/- Location:out front LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 7 Total Boated:3 Species Breakdown:steelhead Hot Lure: habanaro/icefrog Trolling Speed: 2.4 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 80 and less Lure Depth: 35-45 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== set up in 70 fow headed north to 250 fow no takers so turned ba k in. Had good picture when setting up but followed crowd. Once back in close took all 3 in minutes then missed the others if it doesnt change much quite a bit of bait in there also. No monsters but caught fish. [ Post made via Android ]
  20. Last heard a friend is out today west of sturgeon he did 3 last i talked to him. All on harnesses [ Post made via Android ]
  21. If your lucky fishkiller16 will chime in. He is one of yhe best on erie. [ Post made via Android ]
  22. Usually dont but if its part of ehat you have cant hurt run ball high use weight to help get bait down. Its early yet but could be perfect weekend. When things take off youll find info on site i posted [ Post made via Android ]
  23. Go deeper worm harnesses 25 to 40+ fow. Channel 68 . Great info walleye.com eastern thread the day bite hasn't taken off yet but could be any day [ Post made via Android ]
  24. Yeah if you have little mechanical type skill it could be tricky, although not gard sure youtube has a video on how to do it.or get a wrench turning buddy a case of beer. To help you out it could've been a little full . Let us know how you make out. I fish out if the oak but good luck all to the west gonna be a beautiful day. [ Post made via Android ]
  25. Hey bobs boy get the wind at your back and see how rich yhe smell seems if overly gasy you could lean it out a bit easy if single carb not bad if duel just should do with vacuum gauges to be right about it. [ Post made via Android ]
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