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  1. I put the copper in the release and only had enough out to reach the release from the rod tip. I pull a little (at a time) off the reel till I get the release where I want it down the planer line. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  2. No...was running double keeled otters about 40-50 ft to the side. Ran perfect. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  3. I tell you those cheap yellow 10 ft eagle claws are a blast to fight a fish on. And they have enough give you really don't need a twilli and can keep your drags tight in the rod holder. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  4. Thanks for the response J! I was thinking along the same lines. Just wanted to get a second opinion. I was running a 300 as a 200 out on a board. But I probably only had 150. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  5. Great question! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  6. Does a line counter reel accurately count copper line? I recently bought a saltist LC reel spooled with a 300 copper. I reset the counter when I got to the copper. But my counter read a little over 400 after I got to the braid. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  7. You guys did well! It was blank screens and lots of boat traffic in o-town over the weekend. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  8. Nbk spoon Nbk flasher and fly [ Post made via iPhone ]
  9. Those are the days dreams are made of!! At least we know where all the kings disappeared to. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  10. I don't understand the point he is making about "owning the lake". Sounds like he is trying to own it. Oh well...sounds like a good time. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  11. We ran deep diving sticks, 200, 300 and 400 coppers off the otter boards.
  12. These are the SSW and some custom patterns he came up with:
  13. Funny you mentioned this...you can't. Unless you can find some in a store. I went down this road a couple of weeks ago. NK isn't producing the original pattern. They are having "paint problems". I ordered a bunch of spoons from them a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything from them. I called them 5 times before i finally got somebody on the horn. And that was the answer i got. Anyways, i have a buddy that is getting into lure making. He will gladly paint you some up. He uses an airbrush with powder paint then heat cures in the oven to a very durable finish. He said he's bounced them off his driveway and they don't chip. He can do any custom pattern you want and he has some he came up with on his own. He's super artistic and also ties amazing flies, steelhead jigs, bass jigs, swim jigs, spinners and some other stuff. You can reach Bobby at: [email protected]
  14. I use sealine 47's with 1000 ft of camo 30lbs 7-strand wire. I would go with 30 lbs mono to keep the fleas off your mono line...they love 20 lbs test. Put as much line on as will fit. Buy 2 13 lbs torpedo weights in the classified section for $25/each. Those combos at gander will work for dr rods. As far as tackle you can get by with about 20 spoons and 5 flasher fly combos to start out with. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  15. SLOW day for most. I did 1 laker and 2 steel before noon. First skunkage on salmon for me this year. We fished 100-300+. Riggers, wire, copper...spoons, sticks, echips, spin doctors. Threw the kitchen sink at them! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  16. you can run any line you want that JUST the rated capacity of the reel you've bought. As far as a hit on your Dipsey when the rod is BUCKLED OVER and the drag is SCREAMING you will know . This dipsey fish had so much torque on the holder my brother couldn't get it out of the holder WOW...what a fish!!! [ Post made via iPhone ]
  17. I was told by a reputable tackle shop that they paint and ship them so fast that sometimes they haven't completely cured. Idk...doesn't sound right to me. I've never had one wash off. They just chip really easily. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  18. My opinion...buy a bigger boat or stick to the smaller lakes. [ Post made via iPhone ]
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