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  1. 30 mono on riggers, 30 wire on dipseys , 50 braid backing on leadcore and copper. That probably makes me an idiot instead of a fisherman too though
  2. Saw a ton of geese move last week, wonder if they brought some ducks with them
  3. Wow nice pile , I have seen a lot of flight birds moving in and through the area this week, to bad I have to work so can't get out. Looking forward to the duck opener next weekend
  4. Nice congrats , can't wait until it gets a bit cooler here, they are all still hanging in the parks
  5. After reading my post, I am not trying to sound like there's fault. It happened so fast there was nothing that could have been done.
  6. Had my opener finally today and gotta say I have had much better days. Started off with getting to the field and unloading gear, took trucks back to the road and my friends dog jumped out of the truck and ran across the street in the path of a thankfully aware driver who was already well on the brakes but did still hit him. As of last check the dog is doing well and seems to be fine. Only saw 2. Geese and never even picked up a gun. I have my dog trained to not get out of the truck until I and only I issue a command for him to do so. Just something for everyone to think about. Be careful out there
  7. That's awesome, it's always rewarding to hear a kids point of view after reeling one of these fish in
  8. I don't believe there is anything right in oz, that would make gander Mtn in Cicero or all seasons and fat Nancy's in Pulaski or little jons at Mexico point. If your looking for worms though I am sure there's a gas station with em. I could be wrong but that's about all I know of
  9. Nice post up a close up after you tag one. Good luck!!!!
  10. Congrats guys on the win and surviving the weekend lol and I would also like to thank those that put this tourney on
  11. No we haven't tried them yet, but if you do please post up the results and I will do the same if we do get em
  12. We are all fishermen , except those lucky enough to get their wives involved the answer is blue lol My downrigger balls are black though
  13. Dixie spinners white with red dot on the blade and a black/silver jointed rapala catch most of my walleyes, both quantity and size
  14. Coming soon, looking forward to it again this year
  15. Sounds good to me, now if they would just open some of the parks the geese stay in life would be easy lol
  16. If you don't find a ride let me know, not fishing because I don't have a boat but would be glad to get you there and back
  17. Check the fuse holders on the dash, if so equipped. My buddy I fish with out of his 17 foot Lund rebel sometimes has the fishfinder go out and simply taking the fuse out and putting it back in has always cured the problem. There are days where it keeps shutting off but also days with no problem
  18. Congrats, don't blink either they grow up way too fast.
  19. I know this is a real long shot but we fished out of fairhaven this morning. In about 200 foot of water the line for our homemade planer board broke. With all the rods still in the water we were not able to get turned around fast enough and lost the board. So if anyone runs across a yellow home made planer board and would be nice enough to grab it we would greatly appreciate it. Oh yea, we had 4 knock offs but no hook ups today and were chased off about 10
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