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  1. I will try to make it, as long as work doesn't get in the way of fishing again lol
  2. turf

    oneida help

    You can troll stick baits early in the am shallow, after that I usually drift spinners while jigging sonars or buck tail jigs. Went out Saturday morning and trolled for about 2 hours and got nothing so went to drifting spinners and got 4 in 17 foot of water. They seem to be spread out right now with guys reporting limits both shallow and deep.
  3. turf


    Fished 6 to 2 landed 3 eyes on spinners after 11 am in 14 feet of water, other than that we got a couple sunnies and a perch. Trolled for a couple of hours early bit couldn't get anything to go and your right about the boats holy cow
  4. You will soon find that 1 tackle box isn't nearly enough.
  5. Good luck Nick looking forward to your reports while I chase walleye on Oneida lake
  6. Ok then I won't tell you that I have had the app for a few days and love it. It's so much easier to read the forum when trying to use a phone
  7. We drifted harnesses for a couple of hours till it layed down completel. We then trolled sticks and harnesses until about 1 and ended up with 2 small perch and 2 smallmouth that never made it to the boat. Have not heard of a lot of success out there today. I hate it when the wind comes out of the east at all, never had a good day with winds like today
  8. We are going on may 19, might be a spot for 1 more if anyone is interested. Last trip I brought home about 45 filets.
  9. Congrats, there's nothing like getting them their first bird
  10. Post a pic of your setup and there's a lot of guys on here that will spot what may be wrong real fast
  11. http://www.dec.ny.gov/press/89836.html If you have an opinion about when the season should be now is the time to voice it, I am not involved other than offering my opinion yearly
  12. You can't seriously be supporting the pa outdoor show still. I would have thought you to be a better 2 nd amendment supporter I just tweeted jpaul Jackson . The waddel crew has already said they would be no part of this show [ Post made via iPhone ]
  13. Congrats on the new arrival and happy to hear everyone is doing well [ Post made via iPhone ]
  14. I am sorry for your loss, but am glad for you to have met such a dog and spent the time with him you did
  15. You have a pm Richard, thanks for a fun tourny and looking forward to next year. Congrats to the winners
  16. Be Kind • Be Courteous • Be Respectful if everyone on the water adhered to these there wouldnt ever be a need to remind people how to act when driving a boat!
  17. Available now for the soon to be here seasons http://www.ny-hip.com/
  18. The fastak on route 31 and 57 in clay had 91 octane non ethanol fuel for 4.03 per gallon.
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