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  1. What I use is MaryKate gel.............But if the brown crud is real bad I will Steam Clean it. Most Marinas have steam cleaners and do not charge to much if you have them do it.
  2. Hey Rolmops, here is a photo of that boat. a bit small of a photo. All he had. Good Luck.
  3. You should go back to Gander and spend the 108.00 since your budget is limited.
  4. 2000/2014 9.9 HP with 20" or longer shaft, Also looking to have remote Throttle control. Let me know what you have. Thank You.
  5. Had to look at the Forums name to find out if it had been changed to Ebay..............Low and behold it still reads Lake Ontario United. Good Luck with your Sale.
  6. Bump for a Original KingPin. Good Luck with the Sale Salvas!
  7. Great price. Any nicks on the rim? Do you have the extra Thumb screw for it as well?
  8. Nice boat. What is the length? As to the Ca drive, to some it is just a short jaunt. Good luck with your Sale.
  9. I am not sure if it my computer or your link. But, it seems to not be working. x2 on Price.
  10. I forgot to add, I buy my wood at a Lumber yard not a big box store.
  11. Marine Plywood with Resin.................Been using that combo for quite some time now with great results! 50.00 for 4x8x3/4 per sheet.......Resin & Plywood total cost is dependent on how big your boat is.
  12. A Gold Color 1972 StarCraft StarChief ~~~~~~~~~~~OLD GOLD.
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