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  1. I looked at the Fury XL Sport last year when it first came out. At the time I had a 1600 Fury SS that was 2 years old but I wanted a full windshield. I was just about ready to pull the trigger on the 1625 and then the dealer got in a Rebel 1650 XL Sport. I really liked the extra room in the Rebel. So, I started pricing one out. In the end, with the same motor (60hp Merc 4-stroke) the cost was only about $2,000.00 more. I ordered one and couldn't be more happy. It's on the small side for Lake O. and I have to be selective when I go out there. However, it the largest I could fit in the garage and still have access all around it along with my wife's car. Being in my 70's it's still manageable both on and off the trailer for me. I have had much larger (up to 28') glass boats but for my current situation, this works great. Bottom line, if you can handle it and afford it, go bigger. If not, take a good hard look at the Rebel 1650 XL before jumping on the Fury 1625.
  2. I'd go with 7 and 3. You can always add a 10 later on.
  3. Here's mine a 2013 Lund Rebel 1650 XL Sport. She mabe a little small for Lake O but she gets the job done and she's easy to handle on and off the trailer after my 70+ years of living large.
  4. When is this event and where is it? Thanks!
  5. I tried the Traxstech brackets with Bert's track but didn't like the strength or the fact that they were scraping paint off of my gunnels. They had very sharp edges and some burrs and were real paint removers. I ended up using some Lund track type down rigger mounts that I modified to fit the Bert's tracks. These are rock solid, easy on the paint and super easy to remove and re-install. I use Bert's ratchet rod holders on LO and slide them out of the tracks and slide in Folbe's that I mounted to flat aluminum plates that fit into the tracks for Walleye, etc. Attached are a few pics with the ratchet holders installed.
  6. Mtn. Dew SD and matching fly took over 50% of my fish. The rest were taken with various SD combos, spoons and a few on sticks.
  7. My prayers go out to your wife and family. God Bless!
  8. I am wondering which settings (hole attachments) most of you use as starting point for your Spin Doctors. Which front hole position? Which rear hole position? Thanks and have a great off season, Trout Bum
  9. I say "It's about time". There are to may idiots on the water who have no idea of the proper handling of watercraft. I hope they have to learn proper launching, retrieving and trailer handling as well.
  10. I've cleaned 100's and 100's of fish with my GE electric knife, which I purchased somewhere around 1970. Replaced the blades a couple of times and that's it.
  11. I had similar results out of I-bay this AM. The action for me was in 70 to 80 feet deep over 110 to 140 feet. However, I cut out early do to the flies. They were the worst I've ever seen them. They were eating me through my clothing, not just my ankles as usual.
  12. I don't get even close to the above numbers. I have hit bottom with 19 strand wire on a 2 1/2 setting with 240' out at 2.1 - 2.3 GPS MPH in 75' depth of water.
  13. It was the white one. I didn't try the mtn dew one yesterday as the white keep producing.
  14. Fished alone Saturday morning from 7:00 until 11:30. Landed 3 Kings (1) teenager and 2 in upper 20's, lost 2 (I think were Kings from the action) and landed1 good size Laker. Fished 115 to 150 feet. All Kings were on wire at 240' with Mtn Dew SD & ATM matching fly. The 2 that were lost ripped the ATM flies apart and were gone, one other destroyed another ATM fly. It appeared they were winding themselves around the fly as the fly leaders were all coiled up and looked like a spring. Laker on same setup but at 200' Two releases on Rigger but nobody home. SOG 2.1 - 2.5, direction both N and S.
  15. Like LongLIne said, get out early, real early. This time of year, especially with the exceptionally warm water temps, for the good fishing for Salmon and Trout you'll need to get in some where from about 150 to 500 feet of water. That's in the neighborhood of 4 to 9 miles off shore depending on the direction you take out of I-bay.
  16. For s sliding cheater, I rig up a 5-6 foot leader with snap swivels on both ends. Put my lure on one end and snap the other end to line, not the rigger wire, between the rod and the rigger release. I usually let out the rigger to depth and then let the sliding cheater go. It will settle in some where around 1/2 the way to the release or maybe a little further down. It's a great way to run (2) different lures at different depths off of one rigger and rod.
  17. Although $$ are always a consideration, I think the performance is more important than the cost. Hopefully I will have the unit for years. I have heard that the X4 has a tendency to eat batteries. Have you heard anything concerning battery usage?
  18. I hear so much on the forum about temperatures at certain depths and speed at the lure. So, I looking to purchase my first speed/temperature probe system. I normally fish alone and only have one rigger on my boat. It's a Walker with auto stop. The auto stop feature has some small round magnets on the rigger cable. Whatever temp/speed system I purchase, I want to still utilize the auto stop. Could you guys please recommend some systems for me. Thanks
  19. For me it was hotter last year, at all depths and light levels, than it is this year. Although it is sill catching fish.
  20. That's one of the biggest challenges of fishing alone, especially in wind or choppy seas, and is why 3-4 fish alone is maybe equivalent to 6, 8 or more when fishing with a group.
  21. I would like to use PowerPro on my dipsy rigs. It's just easier to handle than the wire. I tried 30# PP but the fleas like it. Does anyone have experience with heavier PP, like 50# or heavier, during flea season. Thanks, Trout Bum
  22. Patrick, Thanks for the offer. Actually I do not mind fishing alone, as I can come and go as I please. I only mention that I am alone so others know that I only had 3 lines in action and therefore my reports will not sound as exciting as a someones who had 6, 9 or more lines in action
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