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  1. Are you using braid? Sometimes braid will slip around a spool if it's not loaded correctly. You spool up a reel in a warm room and then take that warm reel fishing early in the morning where the cold air contracts the spool and the line slips around it. As the day warms up, the spool expands and tightens the spooled line up again. If your rigger has braid, maybe it's slipping around the spool? Just a thought.
  2. A beautiful striper there! My son and a buddy caught and released their first stripers of the season yesterday too. They towed the boat to CT and fished the Quinnipiac River and caught a ton of small ones, the biggest being just legal. Way to go luke and chief! I'd rather have that one nice one than the 40 schoolies they caught anytime!
  3. I keep a ring with an aquamarine stone in it on board. http://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/aquamarine
  4. Back in the 70's I used to bounce cowbells off the bottom with monel wire, 2-3' leader and live suckers. With a very long baiting needle, I'd tie one end of the leader to the needle and a double hook on the other end. I'd insert the needle into the sucker's anal cavity up through the body and out of the mouth, then tuck the shaft of the double hook inside the suckers body so only the two hooks were exposed.
  5. For diver rods, I love Down-East Salty's. I like the way they release, just grab the rod and lift straight up...simple. They're not pretty like some are but they're solid and sturdy. And they can be tilted all the way down to put your rod tips in the water when trolling around those floating weed beds while Musky fishing. Best $40.00 I ever spent. http://down-east.com/website_007.htm
  6. Using the NDBC links posted above, I found one 20 NM NNE of Rochester. http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45012
  7. I bought the 30 first but plan on striper fishing this year so I just bought the 60 too. Now I wish I had bought the big one first!
  8. Boga Grips are expensive but worth every penny IMO. http://boga-grip.com/
  9. Sorry for the confusion RSF, it's that offensive lineman thing again! A circuit sends current from the positive terminal on your 12V battery to your 30A rigger via a red positive wire. The black negative wire on your rigger completes the circuit when connected to the negative terminal on your battery. So to determine what gauge wire to use, we have to measure the total length of wire run from the battery to the rigger and back to the battery. So if I need 7' of wire to get to my rigger (red wire), I need another 7' (black wire) to "get back" to the battery. The total length of run is 14' to complete the circuit and that's the number you would use to find the correct gauge to use. I hope that helps explain my thinking and please do feel free to correct my post if I've erred. I was just trying to make the point that determining the right gauge wire is important for safety reasons and trying to explain how to figure that out.
  10. Cannon's STX manual states 10 gauge wire is used if the run is 0-15'. But...when measuring that run we have to measure the run from the battery to the load and then back again. So for example, if you need 8' of wire to get from your battery to the rigger, you have to double that number for the return trip from the rigger to the battery. 16' would call for 8 gauge wire per Cannon's manual. http://www.cannondownriggers.com/uploadedFiles/Service/Product_Manuals/3397130rh_Magnum_Combined.pdf The manual also states to fuse the riggers at or near the battery so I went with Blue Seas ST Blade Battery Terminal Fuse Block Kit https://www.bluesea.com/products/5024/ST_Blade_Battery_Terminal_Mount_Fuse_Block_Kit I found this youtube from Jamestown Distributors helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd8af95HK68
  11. I find that if I use the same length of line and leader on each side of the boat, the angle of the towline puts the farthest line out further back than the line inside it and so on. Then after a hook-up there's no need to reset all the lines, simply slide the other lines down and set the line that hooked up closest to the boat.
  12. I use Salty's for dipsy rods and love them. Not sure about using them for riggers though.
  13. Wishing you great success with the upcoming 2016 season Devin.
  14. Wild turkey were abundant back in the day but when I grew up, they were extinct in my area. Thanks to the sportsmen, they're everywhere again. We're the reason these youngsters can enjoy the wildlife they encounter. http://www.fws.gov/news/ShowNews.cfm?ref=service-distributes-$1.1-billion-to-state-wildlife-agencies-to-support-&_ID=35495
  15. I find the most important thing to do when sharpening a knife is to maintain the correct angle on the stone or steel throughout the entire length of the blade as you swipe it across the steel. http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=knife+sharpening+a+curved+knife&view=detail&mid=B37214A0173C0F9D0772B37214A0173C0F9D0772&FORM=VIRE
  16. I ordered an arch from Tony at GLP and screwed up a base trying to drill holes in it. When I ordered another, he wouldn't take any money for it, even though I insisted. He's the best!
  17. Chas, I'm guessing your Dad's old Penn is a Senator? I love older American made Penn reels. Although I hear the newer Chinese made Penn's internal parts are all stainless and that's a plus. Unfortunately, I also read that those stainless parts aren't machined as precisely as the older brass ones made here. With that said, I think the reel companies don't want to make a product that will last anymore. They want us buying new ones every couple of years, IMO. I want some Daiwa's now. I think these reels are beautiful (albeit slow) http://alantani.com/index.php?topic=12529.0
  18. I don't know anything about their riggers, just noticed the link while searching for reel parts. But I don't see the 620 listed. http://store.scottsbt.com/PennParts/Downriggers.aspx
  19. Thun

    Ditch Bag

    jaybird, I bought an ACR bag but the USCGA instructor who taught a class I took, brought his in and it was similar to your idea. He bought a cheaper bag and added floatation as well. He also said he takes it with him whenever he's invited on another boat because he can't be sure that boat owner has the necessary tools to survive if need be. LakerTaker, thanks, great idea. rolmops, remember that t-shirt, "Instant ass****, just add booze" that's me, I'd probably start a fight with the rescue diver! A bottle of water might be a good idea though. ADK...you're welcome.
  20. Thun

    Ditch Bag

    Thanks rolmops, I'll add them to my list.
  21. Thun

    Ditch Bag

    I'm putting together a ditch bag, aka an abandon ship bag and wondering if anyone else carries one on board. The bag itself is waterproof and will float up to 15 lbs containing a PLB, waterproof handheld VHF, waterproof hand held flares, strobe light, waterproof flashlights, cyalume light sticks, signal mirror, waterproof whistles, nylon rope and spare batteries kept in a waterproof container. I just want to give my loved ones the best chance at surviving a mishap. http://www.boatingmag.com/gear/assembling-ditch-bag
  22. I may be wrong here but I don't think they're Coast Guard approved, at least the following article says they're not. http://redrockstore.com/tag/striker-climate-suit/
  23. These are pretty neat too. http://www.frisbuoy.com/Ice_Rescue_Article/ice_rescue_article.html
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