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  1. thanks bob boy,funny not to long after my post someone posted the same thing i was wondering.glad im not the only one.that video made things much more clear to me then reading the posts,thanks again.
  2. i am new to fishing lake o and everything i have learned on how to fish here was from this web site.thank you all!!! now that i am getting comfy with my spread, im thinking of trying cheaters or sliders? on my riggers,just have no idea how to do it,any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.thanx in advance.jason
  3. i will take them,heading to the pulaski area tom.call me 315-357-4337.jason
  4. im heading up tom.cant wait any longer.going out of mexico point.im a newb and have learned alot from this web site.want to shake the boat down before my stiper trip to the hudson.lakes up here in old forge still have 14 inches on them.snowing here now,hope i can get out in the morning!!!this site is the best!!!!
  5. if you are talking about sandy pond,i was there last saturday looking at marinas and the pond was frozen all the way out to lake o.the launch at port ontario was open and so was mexico point.
  6. thanks gambler.is it mono or braid?
  7. i have read a couple of posts recommending the use of 200# power pro.i cant find anyone who sells it.the heaviest i have found is 150#.also,what type of line to use.any help would be great.thanks in advance.
  8. looking for some advice on matching flashers and flys.do you want to have the same color fly to match the color of the flasher?or is there no rime nor reason?im new to this and have learned alot from this website.you guys are awesome!!thanks in advance
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