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  1. i had one of my side curtains replaced on mw 22 ft walkaround this summer at life time docks and canvas repairs in sandy pond.he told me there are 3 quality grades to choose from,the cheapest he dont even use cause its junk,the highest quality is very expensive,so i went with the mid-grade,cost me 180 bucks,which i thought was a good price,as this is a good size piece of plastic.thier number is 315-387-5481,also another quality guy is geordie magee in brewerton,little expensive,but quality work,315-676-7679.
  2. thanks guys,ill be shopping this winter for a pair of 10's.
  3. thanks yankee,funny you replied,i was on cannons web site and looked at there pro staff and saw your name,so i went to your web site and spent the next hour looking at your pics and reading your reports,you guys rock!!!i was looking at the 5's cause they are a little cheaper,but if you have to buy a humminbird finder and the cannon link,which i believe they dont make any more,im better off just buying the 10's.just a big chunk off change to lay out,but i like the features these riggers have.i assume if you are using them they are reliable,im not very confident with computerized stuff and hate to spend that kinda money and have problems,guess ill start looking for a few more snow plow accounts this winter!!!!thanks again
  4. i am thinking of getting a pair of digitroll 5's this winter and was wondering what you guys think of these.also,was wondering what else you need to buy to make the bottom track feature work.thanks in advance.
  5. i have a fish finder,gps,and vhf.call me for more info.315-357-4337.jason
  6. i have used the x-4 for 2 years now and no problems at all.put new batteries in the beginning of the season and i use it almost every weekend.as far as inboards,i would either talk to someone at fish hawk about it or hopefully someone on here can give you some advise.thinking about going to the x-4d next year.
  7. i will be up this coming friday through sunday,if anyone is interested in this boat,this will be the weekend to go for test ride.i dont have pics,so dont ask.
  8. i just bought a new (to me) rig for next year that needs to be completely rigged.electronics,auto pilot,down riggers,and kicker.i need to figure out how to pay for it all!!!!!
  9. i have a piece of property in boylston(about 10 miles north of pulaski) and have some room to store boats for the winter.i would be willing to pick your boat up if needed within the pulaski area.$10.00 per foot.if interested,please call 315-357-4337.jason.thanks.
  10. i dont have pics,if you are out of mexico,you are less than 10 miles from the boat sitting in the water.boat is in seber shores marina.i will be up this weekend if you want to see and go for a ride.any other questions call me 315-357-4337.jason
  11. we went 5 for 6 on friday,1 10 lb steely and 4 kings over 20lbs. south dune,sat. went 0 for 3 brother and father on the boat for thier first time,explained to them not to set the hook on the wire rods,but they were so amped up they couldnt help themseves,broke 2 off the dipseies and had one bite through the fly leader on a rigger.south dune.sunday went to same area and the screen was blank from 60 to 120,so ran down by the high rocks and never seen so many fish on the screen,but only managed 1.hey high hook,might just see a differnt boat behind you at the marina before the season is over!!!try to help me sell the one thats there,would like to get rid of her before winter
  12. my weekend wasnt as bad equipment wise,but fishing was tough.i dock in sandy pond also,when i get out of the marina and it drops off,i put the the boat in reverse to knock the weeds off then i go.as far as fishing goes,i went 5 for 6 on friday,1 10 lb steely and 4 kings all over 20 lbs.GREEN DOTS!!!!! saturday went 0 for 3,had new people on the boat and i am pretty sure i told them before we started DO NOT SET THE HOOK ON THE WIRE RODS!!!broke off first 2 fish on them and then had one bite the fly off on a rigger rod.also had the e-z steer bracket brake.sunday was very tough,went to south dune where we were seeing and catching the 2 days before and nothing.trolled from 60 to 120 and back.being my last day of king fishing till next year i decided to burn some gas and run down to to the salmon river area.lots of boats and even more fish,i have never seen so many fish on the screen!!!but only managed 1.didnt see many people moving rods,so i didnt feel so bad.it was abeautiful day to be on the water though.good luck to everyone for the rest of the year,i had a great time this summer on the lake and already looking foward to next year!!!
  13. 1988 glasstron walkaround.boat is in good shape.200 hp yamaha and 8 hp johnson kicker with ez steer and control box.fish finder,vhf,gps and stereo.2 older electric cannon down riggers.3 batteries.full encosure with stand up top.has l.e.d deck and cabin light deck wash down.trailer.have title for trailer and boat.boat is in the water in sandy pond ready to go or can deliver.if you are interested please call,i dont want to go back and forth on the computer.315-357-4337.jason.3000.00 firm.i am now willing to strip boat and sell if anyone is interested in it that way i will sell for 1,500.boat is on trailer and can be demo'd for serious buyer.
  14. fished saturday from 11 to 6 and went 4 for 6,biggest was 25 lbs.2 on 350 copper,2 on dipseys,2 on riggers.green dot bikinis have been working very well for me either spin doctors on dipseys or pro-trolls on riggers.140-145 fow screen looked the best.riggers 110 1nd 90.dipseys 325 to 350.stayed right in the area of the south dune.sunday fished from 5 pm to 7 30 pm went 2 for three.20 lbers.same set up as saturday,only difference fish were in shallower.126 fow screen was lit up with bait and hooks.lot of guys were in even shallower.i will be up friday through monday this week.
  15. this is how i look at it,you will have a 100% chance of catching nothing if you dont go!!!!
  16. hey home wrecker,just to let you know what you are in for,last year sitn around the camp fire a guy from town told me about fishing lake o,he does it two or three times a year,so i had the bug to try it.took me e few trys to land one,but when i did it was all over,so since then it has been,bigger boat,piece of property up there,camper trailer to stay in,thousands and thousands of dollars worth of tackle and electronics!!!!it never ends,but its worth every penny,i live on the fulton chain and never plan on fishing here again!!!p.s. you might not want your wife to see this post.haha!sounds like adk 1 is in the same thing
  17. when i saw how deep the temp. was i slid back in to try for some lakers,i had three newbies on the boat and wanted them to get something.when i couldnt get them to hit i slid back out to 150 and got that 27lber,wish i would have stayed out there and didnt waste two hours inside!!!oh well,still learning!!!
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