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  1. i bought a box full of spoons last year and was just going through it and have a bunch of these spoons,dont think they ever got wet,just wondering if anyone ever used these on lake o.thanks
  2. ive never used lead core and have some copper left over from last year,so i thought i would try it,but maybe i buy some lead core to try.i have some old penn level winds from my days of fishing for blues and bass in the salt.i think they would be fine for short copper or lead core.
  3. we fished about everyweekend from june through sept. in mexico bay.this was my first full season on the lake and i had never fished for salmon before 2012.didnt really keep score but i would have to say that we averaged 6 hours a day and probably averaged landing one a day,2 to 3 missed fish and lost 1 or 2.we were doing alot of experimenting and learning,so obviously people did better then us,i hope!!!!we pretty much targeted salmon.from what i heard this year was a year of quality,not quantity fish.we had 2 days where we landed 6 fish and id say we only caught a few fish under 20 lbs all season,with our best being 27.we went for lakers a few times when the salmon were deeper then my riggers would go and after reading a few posts here on where to go and what to use,i dont think we would go more than 15 minutes without a fish.cant wait for spring to try for browns,gona be another learing experience,as i have never fished for them,but im stocking up on gear and info from this website,thanks to all!!!!
  4. i have a 1992 wellcraft sportsman walkaround 24'.i bought the boat last year and just dont have the time to work on it.the boat is in great shape,just needs a good cleaning.nice big,stand up cabin with stove,sink,and stand up head.plenty of cockpit room for fishing.would make a great lake o boat.i just sold a 21 footer and the guy didnt want the motor,so i took it off.its a 200 yamaha which is what the wellcraft is set up for.i would sell with or without motor it also needs a steering system, i dont have a trailer,but could deliver it in the spring or if you have a trailer,i can load it with a back hoe.if this is something you might be interested in,let me know.i hate to see this boat sit,it would make someone a really nice fishing or cruising boat with a little work.i dont have pics,but if you are serious i could get some.make me an offer or i am looking for 2 newer digitroll 10 riggers.
  5. thanks guys,i have otter boats and would assume you cant put the lead core in the release clips,so i would need mono backer???
  6. thanks tim,again,if weather isnt to bad ill try to make it,almost a 2 hour ride for me,but it sounds interesting.
  7. looking foward to fishing browns this spring and have been doing alot of reading about fishing for them.in regaurds to spoons and stick baits,i have read that sometimes you have to ad weight to spoons and even flasher/flies for coho if they are out a little deeper.i know you can put them on short dipseys and shallow riggers,but what about short copper or wire off the boards or flat lined down the chute,instead of weights,seems to me it would be a little more "stealthy".would have to run maybe a 30 foot leader of say 10lb mono and some mono backing for the clips on the boards???havent read anyone doing this and was just wondering,thanks in advance.
  8. can you explain a little as to what is discussed and can anyone attend?
  9. im haeding to pulaski area tom.i can deliver with in reason.i will take fishing and or boating stuff you might have or make a reasonable cash offer.
  10. heading to pulaski area tom.can deliver with in reason.i will take fishing and or boating stuff you have or make a cash offer.
  11. thanks guys,it looks like they never saw water
  12. thanks guys,i have increased my spoon arsenal this winter,now im gona start stocking up on sticks,its nice to have an idea on where to start,thanks again
  13. thanks,anyone use these and for what
  14. just bought a bunch of spoons and in the mix of stingers and moonshines there were 10 spoons that have a skull over crossbone with the number 55 on the color side of the spoon where you would attatch your line and the backs are silver with the same scale pattern as dream weaver spoons.thanks in advance,id post pics.but i dont know how.
  15. just went to smithwicks website and the lure tim was talking about looks like a rattln rouge tiger minnow,ill be ordering some tom.!!!
  16. all it takes is one and you are hooked!!!adk1 if you are gona try again this year i would highly recommend a fish hawk down temp unit and a gps.i feel these two electronics are critical to finding and catching fish in mexico bay area.seeing is how there isnt much structure to fish,the temperature is your structure so to speak and if you dont have down temp to find temperature and a gps to mark where you mark bait and/or fish you are kinda fishing blind.in early summer until the kings move in,i target lakers and browns.once the lake sets up,for lakers you need to find cold water on the bottom and for the browns,where the thermocline intersects the bottom.dont need anything special as far as gps,i have an old lowrance black and white that works just fine for me.i bought my fishhawk from bass pro,once in a while they have a special six month pay plan,which lets you pay it off over six months,a little easier to swallow than paying for it all in one shot.also,if you ever want to go and dont feel like towing your boat,let me know,we can go out on my boat,maybe even car pool,you probably go right past my house on your way.let me know
  17. 21" wide by 47" tall,if you are interested i can give you the part numbers and you can go on home depots website and get the exact info on this stuff,let me know or you can call me 315-357-4337
  18. im not interested in donating money,but i might be interested in taking kids out on my boat fishing for the day.
  19. this was my second year fishing lake o,mexico bay area,so i dont have alot to compare,but from what i have heard from alot of guys is that 2013 was a tough year,and compared to 2012 it was bad.personally,i feel i did well considering the conditions this past year,i do have to say,that there were quality fish around.i didnt have big number days,but fish were big.i caught very few fish under 20 and had several pushing 30,but couldnt break it.bait seemed to be plentiful,i had days where the screen was just lit up and i even snagged 2 alwives with spoons trolling and they were almost six inches long!!!either way i learned alot from some great fisherman and i cant wait for this season
  20. i have brand new in the box,never used a 100 watt solar panel,3500 watt inverter,and a 30 amp digital controller.paid over $600 for this stuff,sell for $300 or trade for lake o fishing stuff or boat stuff.if you are interested.let me know what you have.315-357-4337.
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