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  1. I have a HDS5 at the back and a HDS8 at the wheel with the fish hawk at the wheel because the driver controls speed. Love the set up. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Spot has been filled. Thanks 716 see you Thursday
  3. We are coming from Canada to fish the WHI. We are looking for an observer to fish with us on Thursday and Friday and observe on a competitors boat on Saturday. If interested call or text Frank at 519. 465. 1925 or pm me for more details. Compensation for your time is also included. Thanks
  4. The satisfaction of building your own is priceless if you have a will there is a way Cost me about half as much as new
  5. Some good reading here. As I usually just read the post but thought this pic might help.
  6. 21 ft boat but will give you idea of setup
  7. Try a scotty snubber between the probe and ball. Works great and gives added shock absorber
  8. There are many great ports along the north shore. Where about are you in Toronto area?
  9. Airmar p66 paired with a hds8 and fishhawk x4d within inches of each other and no problems at all.
  10. Try a farm tractor dealer. They are used often off road.
  11. I use a scotty snubber in between the probe and ball. So far so good
  12. Lots of matures caught at the KOTL. Port Delhousie over the weekend
  13. Try launching at fishermans pier. Great launch and plenty of parking. $12 and a short run to Bronte waters.
  14. TDR can't go wrong for the price. They get put through hell and keep bringing fish to the surface.
  15. This happens regularly on 2 of my 10 dual axis. I check and knock the pins back to center but will be trying the expend the ends of the pins. I still would not trade them for any other.
  16. I can't speak for the 2106 but the 1116 pull heavy weights with ease (16lbs. Torpedo). I can only assume that the 2106 are even quicker. Never had any issues and never heard of any complaints.
  17. Been in tin boats that do the same, with kickers batteries and all the other good stuff on the rear end. Had to move passengers to the front of the boat to get in and out of port. Try adding weight to the bow.
  18. Forgot to mention Fishermans Pier would be the closest launch. $12 with lots of parking. Eastport Dr. off the QEW Niagara. Most anglers there don't hesitate to share information.
  19. OK Guys, I didn't expect you to drive over the Atlantic. Just wasn't sure if there was a London on the States side. West end has been slow lately, small salmon and plenty of rainbows. Bigger fish seem to be Toronto and east. Been hard to put a pattern together this year as far as depths and baits. Changes daily.
  20. I own a 21ft.Smokercraft with Honda outboard, Good solid boat and no complaints. It`s a 2004 and is dry inside like the day it was new. There are plenty of Smokercrafts on the lake, but I don`t remember seeing any with I/O motors. My boat just lacks some storage that you will see on other manufactures.
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