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  1. Total chaos is this pic from the pine bush area?? There are a lot of dogs around the dump/ landfill area!! I see them often when traveling the tway in daylight around there. There is a very large den behind the trailer park off Lincoln avenue by the tracks. The pine bush collars coyotes foxes and other critters in the area to do studies on. You can often see a pick up with crazy antennas on it pulled over tracking collared animals. I trap in that area so I was just curious.
  2. The one I use is 400 foot. 120 yds is where it's set up. I had the $100 chamberlain and it's junk compared to the $17 one from HF.
  3. Mach. I am using a wireless motion alarm $16.99 at harbor freight. Plus batteries. Works great for the money. I just need more predators to show up. Lol.
  4. Very cool. I never heard of it.
  5. Nice to see the fur goes to use. I am sure your buddy appreciates the added fur to his season!!! My alarm is on and I scented around the bait pile earlier so will see what happens tonight.
  6. Whaler that's a pretty ruff looking yote!! What do you do with all the fur you get??
  7. I think I am going to add a little coyote urine and fox urine to the bait area to help pull them in better!!!! I do better trapping them then baiting them. Lol.
  8. 2 am a couple coons. No shots fired.
  9. Whaler I see you guys stay busy with them predators. I am on a mountain and I have a motion sensor on bait myself!! But have had nothing but crows all day. And at night it is dead no motion. Lol.
  10. Whaler ?? You must have a lot of predators out back? Is there a swamp or large track of land or farm area? Just wondering more about your setup!! Great job kids!!!
  11. We fished mexico from 5 am until 7pm saturday with a 4 to 7 rod spread for kings!! We did not move a rod all day. Flasher flys, spoons I threw everything I had at them!! No luck. 5th full day trip of the year and only caught 4 juviniles out of 60 hrs of trolling time!!! Tuff bite!!
  12. I called my marina today cause I was a bit worried about my I/o! I just had him get ready last week for some stripers on the Hudson! He has been working on boats for 35 yrs!! He said it would take 24 hrs of teens to freeze the water enough to do damage in a v8!! Here in Albany the low tonight is in the mid twenties!! I like the light bulb in the bilge or a baby chicken heat lamp!! Lol
  13. I have a older fish hawk and probe I would sell? I have been keeping it for a back up!!
  14. Thanks rich! I know the walls are at the launches are usable but my fiberglass boat just does not play well with the walls/steel or concrete, bumpers or not!! Lol. Some how some way there ends up being a scratch,nik or chip!! Thanks tho I appreciate the info!! I need bigger bumpers for this time of year!!! Lol
  15. If any one knows when? or see the docks in at wrights landing please let us know we want to take the 3 hr trip up for Saturday!
  16. Are the docks in at the state launch in Mexico?? Or does anyone know if they put the docks in at wrights landing in Oswego?
  17. Yea not sure still!! Boats not ready yet!! I only really fish lake O not the finger lakes! what I got catches fish up there!! so unless there is some new killer green on green set up!! Lol I can't get from all seasons or fat Nancy's not sure if I will make the 5 or 6 hrs of riding in the truck!!
  18. I have not been to this show before how many tackle vendors? I am trying to see if it is worth riding down from Albany?? Any extra info is appreciated thank u!!
  19. There is a small set screw on the older captains packs if that is the type. you can back that off a half turn or more it sets the play from switch to The ball basically takes a little pressure off the motor.. Hope that helps!!
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