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  1. I had a boat fail on Tuesday evening and had to make a quick repair and confirm it was fixed so we went out this morning and setup in 100ft of water. picked up a King 85 feet down on a green flasher fly on the rigger in 100 feet the water temp was 63. we also picked up a steelhead on the boards on a torpedo 200 feet out. things were quiet for about an hour with a couple misses so we switched to Lakers and brought in 7 in about 2 hours. the water temp in-front of Webster park at 120 fow is 45 degrees at the bottom and cowbells with a gambler mag and one I made my self did all the damage. 1.5 mph was the speed and east was the direction. I hope this helps anyone have a happy 4th if they get out.
  2. I was consistently catching Lakers on the crystalina watermelon https://gamblerrigs.com/products/cowbells with a watermelon glow until the sun set and it was game on the other rigger green and chartreuse with a straight green glow slimer.
  3. Thanks for the tip! Looking forward to it..
  4. Great Question. These are 4/0 sized cowbells with a 24 inch leader to the spin n glo.
  5. If you going to use cowbells speed, depth and down temp will be your best friend. Color is important too but IMHO it’s secondary. If your Marking fish laying on the bottom in deep water usually 100 feet or more cowbells could be a good option. I like using mag spin n glos on the riggers 5 feet from the bottom. Target 45 degree water at about 1.5 mph. greens, yellows, and blues work for me on lake O. On the finger lakes watermelon always works. Full disclosure I just started catching Lakers on lake o this year after reading numerous threads and following gambler on this board. we had good luck at 130ft out in front of Braddocks on Father’s Day going 1.4 pulling cowbells landing a few Lakers in a short amount of time. also nothing is easy on Lake Ontario. The currents can be almost 1mph and can cause chaos with your setups.
  6. They exploded today in full force at taughannock falls and I didn’t bring my sea flea. It was terrible but we did land some fish high in the column.
  7. Oh hey Doug! I miss SentrySafe everyday.. thanks for the info
  8. Is it easy to get a pass for that launch?
  9. I have recently found myself with too much time on my hands and let my youngest edit the video my buddy took of us bringing in the bigger laker. This is the circus that goes down when your fishing with 2 guys who are new to fishing and driving a boats. I typically let guests bring in fish but we already brought it 3 and they insisted. I also didn’t come up with the name.. :/
  10. Found a good temp break at 120 caught a Steele in front of the genny
  11. I might launch out of iBay and head east out infront of of hedges
  12. Considering doing the same if I don’t have to go out past 200..
  13. It seems the fish in close up aren’t interested in much right now. By spinnys are you referring to spin fish? If so what are you loading them with?
  14. Decided to wake up late since I have 2 other trips planned this week and the wife also agreed to go if we left the house at 730am. started in 90fow and noticed that there was a pretty big current and the 50 degree break was down almost 90 feet. We stayed in 100 to 140 and marked bait and a bunch of fish at 90 and 60 but no takers. We decided to swap programs and dragged the bottom for about 45min with cowbells and landed 2 quick Lakers. We probably could of stayed there all day and picked them up. gamblers mag chartreuse up dot on cowbells took both.
  15. Nice Haul Dan! Was the bait still on the east side? I need to get me some of those suttons..
  16. Thanks Dan! I laughed as well after he showed it to me. We marked a pretty good bait pod in the cove after deep run park in 110fow. I wish we found it sooner because every time we went through it we got a hit.
  17. It would have been nice Les! This would of put me in first for the LT division.
  18. My buddies and I had plans to hit up lake O out of iBay to try some night bite action but again the forecast was wrong and the lake never died down. Instead we decided to try our luck on the north end of Canadaigua. I typically have no luck at night on the finger lakes so expectations were low but the beer was cold. Got lines in at 645pm right at the 100fow mark in the middle of the lake and followed that ridge all the way to the east side boating 2 lakers on watermelon spin n glos. Once the sun set behind the hills the green glo spin n glo got hot bringing in 3 more including this 12.56lb beauty that took almost 12min to get in the boat. (I will post the video on my YouTube at some point)
  19. This is a great thread with lots of insights and opinions. Like most complex problems the cause is a combination of things. All the finger lakes have zebra mussels but most of them still have baitfish. Cayuga, Seneca, Owasco, Canadaigua to name a few. Let’s not forget there was a major baitfish kill in the late 80s combined with the zebra muscles, chemical runoff and major development that most likely prevent the recovery of the lake. I chalk it up to the fragility of our ecosystem and any finger lake that has a bait kill due to a virus will most likely never recover
  20. Had some on owasco today. Nothing terrible like the damn weeds. Uhhg planers we’re useless..
  21. I had to get a pic myself. It was dwarfing the other browns on the board in the cooler. Amazing.. Fishstix I had the same thoughts as It would of snapped my line as I only run 12lb leaders on my spoons. I also don’t typically run mags on the finger lakes if that’s what he used? If my son was netting that fish he might of got pulled in. Lol..
  22. Durand beach is loaded with dead bait from end to end. I would imagine it’s the same to Webster and then Greece
  23. The tail is one clue but not the best indication if the LL is more matured the tail could square out. The best way is to look into their mouth at the teeth.
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