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  1. I'm posting this for a buddy of mine . This unit is still new and in the box . He went with a bigger unit . For more info call (585) 704 8765 thanks for looking
  2. Well said DB Im sure mike or I will be there to help with whatever needs to be done.
  3. There is nothing saying or a law saying that you cannot milk I fish but it puts a mass amount of stress on the fish resulting in most likely dying . Actually I think it's very unethical
  4. I did have the same problem how we resolve that was take ring of the back and use a snap swivel
  5. Fives are great for Deepwater I have threes and fours also I don't know if you saw it but he has the option of getting them in black also
  6. They are one of the best drivers out there I've been using them for four years now had the Proto types before they're on the market the dive great with little resistance what size did you get?
  7. Ya I here ya I'm trying to get Wilky out there but to long of a walk for him ha ha
  8. Niles is the best but call motion up ask him what he bought I beleve it was the knew ion cuts fast and super quite
  9. Modern sign company joe does great work 585-330-7446
  10. Look up Bobby Fuller and Fingerlake's tackle.com he repaints old spoons does a great job
  11. Not sure where you are are by bay bridge on sodus bay does them for $12 -$15 315-587-9508
  12. Check with Bay Bridge shop shop . South and sodus bay 315 587-9508
  13. Congrats there is a Future sportsman !
  14. Congrats kid ! And well said DB
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