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  1. #1 Decide how much "coin" ie.$s you want to invest ; salmon fishing is not cheap ! #2 IMO electronics do not catch fish ! #3 Read Dan Keating's books on salmon fishing . #4 The "bite" can change every day . #5 You can fast track by going on a charter.
  2. Read Dan Keating's books on salmon fishing.
  3. Read Dan Keating's books on salmon fishing.
  4. Ditto on spoons !either clean or as a stacker with a Spin Doctor and fly .
  5. Colour selection is job #1 ; as previously posted changes with time of day . " 1000 + lures " is not unusual so be prepared !
  6. Many answers to your question ; one theory is the wire sets up a harmonic [ noise ] which may attract fish ? [ Maybe guaranteed to catch fisherman ?] Wire is another depth device to be used at some distance from the boat .Again wire gives a different lure action which can make all the difference ! Wire is not easy to use and as you posted costs add up [ but who said salmon fishing was cheap ! ] . My best advice after 30 yrs. on Lake O. KIS [ keep it simple to start ] ie. downriggers , add a stacker spoon. Dipsys next , but now you need wire or braid line with no stretch [ mono does not work well because of stretch ]. IMO less can be more : More can = tangles which has ruin a good . Finally Dan Keating's books tell you all you need !
  7. IMO if you use a " lipgripper " as in your pictures lake trout will swim away after dragging them for a short period to provide a " piscatorial CPR ". I have not seen any floaters using this method .
  8. IMO the lake trout are decimating the bait fish population putting downward pressure on the KS's ability to survive : A Chinook salmon must eat ~ 4 days or starve LKs do not have this " handicap ". KS average lifespan is ~ 4 years ; yet to see a clear lifespan for lake trout , heard 20+ years . This is reflected " in spades " with the apparent inability to re-establish a viable Atlantic Salmon fishery . Dissenting opinions are welcome !
  9. May work for lake trout .
  10. Use quality tackle ; ie. SPRO or SAMPO terminal tackle : Welded rings are better than split rings !
  11. !5 foot boat ashore at Charles Daley Park ; search continues today with police divers .
  12. Thanks for response ; you do not have to go out far to get fish off Weller !
  13. Nice to read you got a fix ! Tks for letting us share your repair .
  14. Thanks for post and update , what was working and where ?
  15. Lost fish on snubbers so stopped using them ; as previously posted the drag is the main issue [ it has to be set right ]. I prefer a lever drag over a star drag reel.
  16. I use a 8hp OMC 2stroke on a 16 ft. StarCraft 70 hp. would not go any smaller.Fuel savings add up plus the added safety of a backup engine. Trolling down a big engine may lead to carbon build up .
  17. As a last resort drop the lower unit and check for blocked exhaust ports from carbon build up , condition called " coking " : Had this problem on my 8 HP OMC. Good luck and let us know how you make out !May be a good time to change the impeller.
  18. Mea copa on the fuel filter but lesson #1 I was told by a fisherman I started with 30 years ago was to always FILTER your gas before putting in the boat's tank ( amazing the amount of debris in that funnel screen ). Started to use a new filter from Hopkins Mfg. Corp. " Removes Water, Dirt and Debris from Fuel " Made in U.S.A. Anyone have an opinion ?
  19. #1 If possible run the engine in the dark checking for sparks [ my lesson the "hard way was a loose bolt holding the power pack and the GROUND ; sparking was clearly seen in the dark ] easy fix to tighten bolt . I cleaned up ALL electrical contacts then put on " dielectric grease " [no further problems ]also ran a separate ground a lesson I learned from having a Chev. Vette !] #2 Does the engine have a thermostat and does it work. #3 Carbs or FI. carbs may have to be rebuilt. #4 check or replace spark plugs. #5 Check compression as a last resort ; if so use a gauge that screws into the block not one with a hose [ will give a low reading ] Let us know if you get a fix !
  20. Ditto also on the SPRO swivels and snaps also a quality product !
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