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  1. DEC does presentations for Trout Unlimited? When there was a newspaper, their meetings were announced, when the newspaper had an outdoors column.
  2. I don't expect the Charter group to do anything. DEC could easily put it in one of their e-newsletters. That is how the SOL meetings were communicated, as well as through the Fisheries Advisory Board and the other groups.
  3. So it is publicized for the Charter group. It is NOT publicized for the general public.
  4. Yes, the local charter group hosts the State here, too. But publicity is non-existent, I would have missed the one a couple of weeks ago if I had not seen it on here. Attendance was much lower than when it was held at RIT as a stand alone meeting, also likely because few knew about it.
  5. You can opt for a reduced payout while you are alive and the pension continues for your spouse until his or her death. The NYS Pension fund is one of the healthiest out there. Mr. DiNapoli is doing a fine job of managing the fund.
  6. We used (80's) to catch them at night off the Summerville pier while fishing for Kings. My recollection is that they were restricted from harvest because of the sky high contaminant levels. I fail to understand how they could be present in the upper Genesee if they all travel out to spawn in the Sargasso Sea, there are three impassable falls in Rochester, and another set in Letchworth. But I do recall my grandfather having one he caught when I was young (50's) and my recollection was that he had been fishing at Conesus, but he may have just been down on the pier. Here's a lot of information: Species Assessment for American eel (ny.gov)
  7. On ice, you can't use that net that some people think is required unless you drill a 30" hole, hence the gaff! I prayed for the ability to use more than two rods on a boat for a long time when I used to troll for rainbows, landlocks and lakers on Fourth Lake in the Adirondaks. When the regulation changed, I got the extra rod holders, and started playing with it. I found it to be impossible to run three per person with more than one person in the 14 foot Herter with a 10 horse. Alone, I'll run three but it is a short deep, long deep, and a surface rig, or I spend half my time untangling. Or, with the motor, I could use s surface rod (Lake Clear with a minnow is popular up there for LLS chasing baby perch in the sunrise) one lead core, and the downrigger. But I have lost fish to tangles even with all the separation I could plan. Shore fishing in ponds, occasionally you'll find a spot where you can use three, but mainly the vegetation around you and the logs in the water make even two rods a dicey proposition.
  8. I should add that my gaff is piece of 1/2" dowel about 15" long with a 1/0 Siwash hook with the barb removed screwed onto one end, with about 4 feet of braided nylon I can step on in case I lose my grip on the dowel. I carry it for Hemlock or Canadice, where I lost a nice brown once that had rolled in the leader and refused to come into the hole, but have not had opportunity to use it since (or even carry it out the last two winters.)
  9. Use of Gaffs Use or possession of gaffs or gaff hooks is prohibited when fishing in freshwater, including the Hudson River upstream of the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, except when ice fishing or while bowfishing. That is directly copied from the Regulations. I added the bold.
  10. Its always good to try to maximize your potential audience. In terms of the future, you should remember that Easter, and all other feasts dependent on it, like Palm Sunday. Good Friday, Ash Wednesday (and Mardi Gras), are movable feasts, they do not fall on the same calendar date year after year, like Christmas. If I remember well, Easter is the Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox., and I believe Passover is the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox, which is why some years they are approximately a month apart. I know that's a lot to remember, so I generally just try to get a complete calendar (a lot of recent ones don't even include the moon phases, much less Religious Holidays.)
  11. If you reread that definition, you'll note the word "includes", and the absence of the word "requires." The definition allows you to use the net, just as you are allowed to use a gaff if you are icefishing, but it in no way requires you to use a net. As to 7 ice fishing lines, they are stationary, they cover the spot they are in, and that's it. The boat trolling covers hundreds of such spots per hour. I want to see the lake where a small group of icefishers can monopolize the whole lake with tip ups.
  12. Fox has reported on the arrest and the allegations against the long term and trusted FBI informant. Has MSNBC asked why Christopher Steele was not arrested for the Russiagate dossier? Has anyone apologized for the falsehoods thrown at Trump during his tenure? And, please remember that as with OMB, these are allegations until brought to trial. They have reported on some of OMB's supporters advising him on the election, but not in such blatantly biased terminology as you employ. And before you spout the Administration narrative about it all being settled, please remember that many of the suits brought were dismissed for "lack of standing" and for some, there are still questions about 2020, likely always will be. As to guilty pleas, if faced with a choice between a plea and wrist slap, and a trial in an obviously biased jurisdiction with 30 years imprisonment, most attorneys will advise their client to cop the plea. As to Manafort, he was arrested for unrelated tax charges, and I still contend that the conversations used to tar Flynn. are what I would suspect would be appropriate for a National Security Advisor. How is it that Biden, who had no legal right to have classified documents from his term as VP or earlier in 4 separate locations, was not indicted, except that the Special Prosecutor found that he isn't fit to stand trial, but of course he's sharp as a tack as president.? You asked earlier if we watched anything other than FOX, which at least I do, but it is obvious that you never watch FOX, just know like so many other TDS sufferers exactly what FOX is or isn't saying. As to your vote, unless it is democrat or local, it is really moot in NYS, the downstate and urban populations insure that. I supported Dr. Carson in 2016, how much exposure did his well organized and informed campaign website get from MSM? I voted for Gary Johnson, as I found both major party candidates unacceptable. I held my nose and voted for Trump in 2020 because except for the constant sniping from the Democrats and their MSM tools, and the last year when things were upset by the dempanic, I mean pandemic, his administration had produced a strong economy, no new boots on the ground, and solid plans for removing more of them, a reduction in illegal immigration, and at least the appearance of respect from our allies and adversaries. My retirement was strong! It took Latitia "Beria" James three and a half year to find a statute that she could use against Trump, and there are records of multiple meetings between our state AG and a County DA, as well as Jack Smith, at the White House, which I take as indication of a coordinated effort to interfere in Trump's candidacy, aka election interference. No one could put a case together until the last minute, and then on obscure charges. SO, as much as I would like the unity Clueless Joe spoke of when he first took office, I'm not lying down as suggested by SK8Man, to a bunch of leftist activists disguised as democrats, who class me as a deplorable, and continuously ignore half the story to promote their version of the other half as the "truth."
  13. So exactly how much were the "coffers of NYS" underpaid? I have yet to hear anyone anywhere put a dollar value on this " fraud". And why did it take 3 plus years for Letitia "Beria" James to find an obscure statute that has never been employed in this manner before with which to fulfill her campaign promises? In a lot of places, an AG who is involved in the commercial real estate business herself would be expected to recuse themselves from a case involving a potential competitor, but I guess there are different standards of "ethics" operating in a state where the Governor can give 80 million for a stadium where her husband profits from the concessions.
  14. Not all prices went up 30%, but some have gone up more. I've been watching land prices for a while now in hopes of finding something I could afford up on the Tug Hill. 10 acre area plots that sold regularly for less than 3 K per acre prior to the current debacle in DC are now regularly advertised for 5K per acre or more. If it's less than 3 K its 90+ acres, or its all regulated wetland. Are you all in on another of your fearless leader's proposals, taxation of unrealized income? That'd take care of the growth in your 401(K). And the stock market only started to rise in the last 6 months out of the last 3.5 years, imagine how much more your retirement would have grown if it hadn't stalled for much of that time.
  15. Yes, that is Palm Sunday, even the C+E, A+P crowd goes to church that day.
  16. Oh, please, you would vote for Hairspray after seeing the state of California, what he's done about San Fransisco and Los Angeles? Good publicists should be able to make mincemeat from Nancy's nephew.
  17. Pittman Robertson funding is wildlife related. Dingall Johnson is fisheries related, Aid to Sport Fish Restoration. It was amended by Wallop- Breaux, which added items to be excise taxed and required that it be divided between fresh and saltwater programming based on a percentage of anglers using each, among other earmarking. Since we don't require a marine license to use to count heads, it led to creation of the Marine registry requirement. If I read right, it was ~9.2 million in 2023, and it is used for way more than the hatchery program. Also, please do not forget that the 40+ million generated to the conservation fund, by the sale of hunting and fishing licenses.
  18. Back in the middle ages when I was in college, we were protesting the invasion of Cambodia by burning Nixon in effigy. A local news reporter asked one of my friends why we were doing that. He replied "because we don't have a football team. " Not a lot of fishing to do or discuss right now, and no one forces you to read the thread.
  19. Seems there is always an appeals process for local assessments, the State doesn't assess real estate (except for the leftest judge in the OMB trial, assessing Florida real estate). I was employing a literary device, "metaphor." The "sue the state" process I was referring to is for something like "false arrest" which might come into play, depending on the outcome of the appeals. But I'm in no way claiming any authority on this, I'm not an attorney (and I'm glad of that seeing how that profession has been debased recently).
  20. It's chumming the spot with the natural invertebrates like bloodworms scuds, and insect larvae that live in the shallow mud. It likely won't work if you are on smooth rock, but gravel and silt bottoms that can be disturbed are going to have lots of (to a perch) tasty bits in them.
  21. The problem is, we're the ones who are going to pay it, the officials who make the terrible decisions don't pay, the taxpayers do.
  22. Its been illegal to sell Gamefish in NYS as long as I can remember. But when I lived in Binghamton, where many people concentrate on the big brown trout of the Cannonsville and Pepacton Reservoirs, if you were willing to pay the price and had been vetted by the seller, it was possible to buy trout fillets anytime you wanted. When I came back here, I encountered a number of folks who said the reason you needed a snowmobile for Oneida was so you could shuttle the first limit of walleyes back to the car, one guy even had a "secret compartment" under his seat for them, and a stash spot in his truck. So the limit is only as good as the ethics of the "sportsmen" doing the harvesting, and the ability of an underfunded and overworked Law Enforcement Division of DEC to maintain the order. 30 or 40 years ago, the wisdom on small panfish was increase harvest, the reason they were all stunted was because there were too many for the food base, that pasture full of malnourished or dead cows. Maybe that has changed, it would be good to see the research. But back about 10 or so years ago, the tiny perch complaint was common on Irondequoit Bay, until Clayton Massare (Squid's Bait) and a few other pioneers tried the "big fish big bait" theory and went deeper, upsized their jigs and minnows, and started hauling in lots of 14 and 15 inchers. All the embayments are the nursery for the Lake, so there you are always going to have huge schools of dinks, you have to keep moving to get away from them. Some of the more recent arrivals to the USA have different cultural approaches to fish. The Burmese immigrants in the Niagara Falls area fish in the effluent stream from the wastewater treatment plant and keep the Emerald Shiners for eating, along with everything else they catch. The Vietnamese that I have known around here use the little fish to make fish sauce. And it seems pretty obvious that the growing problem with snakeheads is being caused by SE Asian immigrants who want the fish they like in their new home. But I suspect the "Powers that Be" in NYS are going to accuse you of being a bigot or worse if you tell all these people they have to change to conform to your system, even though that is the totally logical thing to tell them if we are basing things on Science. And remember, equity says everyone has the same number of fish in their bucket at the end of the day, even if it is a mostly empty bucket. Don't know what the answer is, but I can see lots of questions.
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