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  1. If you owned a motel in Pulaski that could charge a 30% premium for a room in September and October, and still be booked solid, you would see it as a me me me attitude.
  2. I sent a comment to a friend at DEC to the extent that if the situation is critical enough to close the fly section, it would be logical to additionally require the release of all hens, and reduce the limit on males, and require salmon fishers to stop " fishing" once they had retained a limit, which would also help with the crowding and social distancing, which has to be a joke on some of those pools. Since the second cut was 20% of what remained after the first 20%n , it is actually a 36% cut by my math.
  3. I didn't realize the agency had been renamed the Department of Economic Conservation. I pay the same amount for a license to fish that you do. You also buy a license from the Federal Government to operate a livery service. I know and speak for lots of businesses that rely on the tributary fishery as well, so I am certainly a stakeholder.
  4. I think Dave has had a captains license, I know that his wife has a guides license. I introduced a few people like Francis Betters, the Adirondack fly tying guru, and Tom Rosenbaur, vice president of Orvis, to the Tributaries, but that was back before Fran Verdoliva got his job with the State. I realized that I could either guide or fish, and decided that I would rather fish and keep the day job, and then maybe get my license when I retired, but I don't have the energy to walk someone else all over the place all day, so when I can get away, I just fish. I believe Steve LaPan has explained the various stakeholder groups on numerous occasions at SOL and SOR meetings. He picked people who he, or other staff at DEC, knew from prior involvement with the fishery. I go back to before the first stocking cuts ( you must remember the Jolliff Paper, I still have a copy). As I worked in Environmental Science, I was often a resource to the Fisheries Advisory Board, of which I am now an at large member. Bill Abraham tapped me to facilitate at the Fisheries Congress (and when was there any "election" to the representation for that, Region 8 reps were all from the Charter Industry or government, no tributary anglers, although Regions 7 and 9 sent some). I often suspected to keep me from criticizing it, and I met Jerry Barnhardt and I think Steve Hurst through that function. I have sent written comments on most proposals and management actions for over 30 years. So I guess I have demonstrated a knowledge of the science and the data of the fishery, a willingness to listen to intelligent commentary, I have a track record of concern for the tributaries; in short I walk the walk, instead of just talking the talk. It was my understanding that I was asked to be on the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission Stakeholder panel because of my background in science and involvement in the fishery and the lake from outside the DEC. It is my sense from seeing the makeup of the group that I was the US counterpart to Jon Johnson, a very brilliant Canadian Scientist I met in many other contexts ( Stormwater, Blue Green Algae and Cladophora, type E Botulism, etc) on the panel. The " Secret" hatchery meeting was a one shot. I am not on any group that has met in less than a year, maybe it's two, other than MCFAB. But if you are worried about the GLFC panel, such illustrious Lake Personalities as Bob Songin, Vince Perlioni, and Jerry Ferluca do a great job of representing the "fill the box" crowd, and they were not elected, and I think all three serve on other stakeholder groups, so it is not like I am getting inordinate opportunity to influence decisions. As to the Atlantic Salmon, I stopped lobbying for a major Atlantic program for the lake back when Carl Widmer was still running the show down here and they tried and failed to get them established in Irondequoit Creek, but I didn't argue against it, especially if it is the Feds who are doing it and paying for it. And Jim Johnson was another of the great scientists I was privileged to meet and work alongside during my career.
  5. The League club prosecutes trespassers religiously, and maintains a security staff to patrol their property.
  6. There are really no other tributaries that offer the same morphology, although Oak Orchard and The Sandies up north come close, especially for swinging flies. The Niagara is overwhelming, the Genesee and the Oswego are very large and also urban, the smaller tributaries are smaller. The Salmon is "just right"! I have spots that are closer, but I will still make sure I get up to Pulaski for at least a couple of days this fall, unless the emperor declares everything closed again.
  7. Try the Bungalo's Club waters on Spring Creek in Caledonia, or the Garbutt Club in Wheatland, maybe some of the club water on the Beaverkill. I think you'd get some grief from the Adirondack League Club fishing their section of the Moose.
  8. The only guiding I ever did on the SR or anywhere else has been gratis, before the requirement for a license, and before DSR. And last year was the only year I purchased a season pass, and that didn't work out as economical due to an injury to my hand that precluded salmon fishing, and the loss of the droppie season to Cuomo closure syndrome.
  9. DIsclosure of what? Barclay owns or leases from the property owners all the river bottom under the DSR stretch. He's not the only one running pay for play on the tribs. He is totally within his rights according to his deeds and NYS Courts. You can navigate through his stretch, but if you anchor or fish, you are trespassing..
  10. I have been preoccupied with the COVID so had not checked here in quite some time. This is the best Thread I have seen on this site, so much information on the history, I had no idea the company went back so far. Thank you all for this great work on preserving a significant portion of Finger Lakes History.
  11. https://maine.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEsd-uqqzojUiMyYO9rGYfH_r-z1DojGw
  12. I received this from Jesse LePec at New York Sea Grant today, and some of you may be interested. Sorry about the short notice, I just got myself.. Interested in hearing more about SBA loans to support the fishing industry? What bills are in the pipeline to support small- and community-based fisheries? Join us for a webinar with SBA, the US House on Natural Resources Committee, and Castlemain Group: Amy K. Bassett, District Director, Maine District Office, U.S. Small Business Administration Lora Snyder, Staff Director, Water, Oceans, and Wildlife Subcommittee, House on Natural Resources Committee. Christy Whitmore, Business Development Advisor, Castlemain Group, a liaison between the Department of Fisheries and Oceans' Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative and 24 Commercial Fishery Enterprises in British Columbia When: April 8, 12:00 - 1:30 PM ET Location: Zoom video conference. Registration required: https://maine.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEsd-uqqzojUiMyYO9rGYfH_r-z1DojGw Focus: Understanding resources to support small- and community-based fishing businesses across country during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  13. Tue, Mar 31 at 12:13 PM DEC Delivers - Information to keep you connected and informed from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Share or view as a web page || Update preferences or unsubscribe Response to COVID-19: A Message to Fishing Charters, Guides and Anglers Fishing Safely This Season New York State is open for fishing and DEC encourages anglers to recreate locally at a nearby waterbody. New York's lakes and streams offer great opportunities for fishing in a wide array of settings across the state. Even during the current COVID-19 public health crisis, getting outdoors and connecting with nature while angling in New York's waters is a great way to help maintain mental and physical health. Please continue to follow the CDC/New York State Department of Health guidelines for preventing the spread of colds, flu, and COVID-19: Try to keep at least six feet of distance between you and others. Avoid close contact, such as shaking hands. Wash hands often or use a hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available. Avoid surfaces that are touched often, such as doorknobs, handrails, and playground equipment. When fishing, DEC recommends avoiding busy waters and following the guidelines on DEC's website about fishing responsibly in New York State. If an angler arrives at a parking lot and there are several cars, they should consider going to another parking lot. If an angler is fishing upstream, they should fish downstream of the other angler or consider fishing another day. Anglers fishing from boats should always be able to maintain at least six feet of distance between one another. For more information about the benefits of being outdoors safely and responsibly, go to DEC's website. Charters and Guides The "New York State on PAUSE" Executive Order, a 10-point policy to assure uniform safety for everyone during the COVID-19 response, includes a directive that all non-essential businesses statewide must close effective at 8 p.m. on Sunday, March 22, and temporarily bans all non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason. At this time, fishing guides or charters of any size have been determined to be not essential and are subject to workforce reduction requirements of the Executive Order. The full and updated guidance on which types of businesses are determined essential and other designations associated with the order can be found online.
  14. Is there some kind of official announcement that has escaped many of us on suspension of the trawls? I know it was announced that charter fishing is verboten yesterday, but I've seen nothing on the science end.
  15. While you are asked to stay at home, it is the elderly (70+) that are required to remain at home and indoors except for essential services like visits to the grocery store or pharmacy or to get gas, under Matilda's Law. All NYS residents when out are required to maintain a 6 foot social distance at this point. All should follow scrupulously the advise on hand washing, especially after being out in public, and to not touch their face except after hand washing. And if you are sick or suspect you may have been exposed, like maybe someone you were with in the last 14 days has become symptomatic, you should act as if you were exposed, and self isolate. We have not gone to Wegman's in 9 days and hope to postpone the next ional trip until next week, and then try to stay on a once every other week schedule. Drive thru restaurants had to maintain an extremely sanitary procedure when they were sit-down. The food is cooked and transferred to a container without any manual contact, gloves are used for any process that does not get cooked, like a salad, and the tools (spatulas, etc.) are cleaned frequently. Our upstate Public Health Departments are pretty aggressive in pushing food safety, and the owners cooperate for the most part because they know that nothing kills a business faster than a food borne illness outbreak. It has been a violation of health code for a sick employee to go to work and for an owner to let a sick employee work for a long time, so that is nothing new.. .
  16. I remember the days when I was young and knew much more than my father about everything. I was amazed by how much he learned over the next 10 or so years. And now I know the whole truth about that one, I wish he was still around so I could apologize some more. The youth live in Id, and that often makes them idiots (credit to Johnny Hart)..
  17. From The NYSDEC Website, in terms of what is announced as cancelled: DEC Announces Rainbow Trout Sampling for Finger Lakes Tributaries Cancelled New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Regional Director Paul D'Amato today announced the cancellation of this year's rainbow trout sampling in Finger Lakes tributaries to reduce the community spread of COVID-19. Sampling was scheduled for Thursday, March 19, at Naples Creek in Ontario County, and Friday, March 20, at Cold Brook (Keuka Inlet) in the hamlet of Pleasant Valley, Steuben County. . Nothing there about cancelling April 1, but it would be logical to help maintain the 6 feet, and keeping us "old farts" at home, where we are recommended (and will likely be mandated) to stay. Someone who is over 60 and continues to travel freely, and gets the bug, is just as irresponsible as the kids on the beaches of Florida. So as nice as the weather has been, and as much as I know where there are oodles of fresh and not so fresh chromers, I have hung up the rods as the stream does not flow through my back yard, which is where I am hearing the authorities say I ought to be limiting myself to. If I have to go out to get a prescription on Tuesday, I'll be out early, same if I decide I have to have dairy and fresh vegetables, but otherwise these old walls are going to get very tiresome before I get to travel again. The parks are open for the younger set, especially the caregivers tending kids. Be aware that a lot of them are open but the bathrooms and facilities are locked, so bring your trowel and TP (if you managed to get some before the crowns descended) so you can dig a cat hole if Nature beckons. I am going to try to get clarification on whether hiking a stream might be allowed even for "the olds," but I may not hear back as all my old friends at MCDPH are up to their earlobes in interviewing possible vectors. AND A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE FOLKS PUTTING IN ALL THAT ADDITIONAL TIME TO PROTECT THE COMMUNITY.
  18. Thank you very much. Yes, I've used Ugly sticks for other things , and you can practically run them over with a truck and keep using them. I prefer something longer for flatlining rods with the 14 foot boat I use in the mountains, to increase the spread, but I have been using a light action Gander Guide series 7 footer for my Canon mini-troll downrigger (all state of the art equipment…. in 1975!) with reasonable success.
  19. It is interesting that the people who are most rational in their reaction to all this are medical professionals.
  20. Yes, Monroe County still has viable industries, businesses, educational institutions, and tourist attractions that draw visitors, so of course we will get vector borne diseases sooner than some of the surrounding areas that may only have to worry about inbred maladies!
  21. I can just see Cuomo cancelling opening day of the trout season to eliminate the shoulder to shoulder crowd around the big digger in Naples, or the throng at Powdermill, even after sending hundreds of thousands of college age potential vectors back to their aging parents from SUNY schools But as Gator says, there is a LOT we don't know yet. I'm not sure how much more quickly the Feds could have initiated the China travel ban, they got lambasted as xenophobes when they did start. And I don't know how much information the Chinese actually shared that would facilitate further action. I know my wife is under a partial travel ban, if she leaves town on any business, her workplace requires her to self quarantine for 14 days on return, that will put the kibosh on any distance camping or fishing trips. I'm still with Dr. Mendoza, keep washing those hands. Personally, I think there is a huge amount of over reacting going on, and I'm in the high risk group. But I remember West Nile, we were all going to die then, too.
  22. To the same extent that our native Atlantic Salmon were Landlocked Salmon. Although they could theoretically migrate to the ocean, and some did, the vast majority stayed in the Lake, and , in terms of the classic definition of an anadromous fish as one spawned in freshwater that migrates from freshwater into salt water to feed and grow and then back to freshwater to spawn, our "steelhead" are landlocked rainbows, but other than the lack of salt, they are virtually identical fish. More important with our fish are the two strains, the longer, more silvery Chambers Creek fish raised at Altmar, and the stockier "domestic" strain descended from the Seth Green imported McCloud River strain rainbows raised at Randolph.
  23. Sounds like a interesting rig, do you just run them on downriggers, or as cheaters? More specs on the rod? I have caught quite a few trolling in the Adirondacks, and the largest I got, 26" and about 6 lbs, was a total dog. But the majority are insane fighters even on lead core. I'm looking at rods and reels to set up some shorter cores, and need a rod lighter than the Kunan 9 weight flyrod I have been using. As to the weather, it has been a very November-like late winter, and it was a very winter-like November, so I can understand if the fish are a little confused. Steelhead have been cutting heavily in a lot of gravel, and that is nearly a month early, too, in the places I frequent..
  24. I wonder if the quality of the fight in the lake has to do with catching them on relatively short rods built to handle from 2 to 6 ounces of weight. They fight (the couple I've caught)at least as well as steelhead in the streams when the water is warmer, and steelhead in warmer river water swim rings around kings, just don't get as big.
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