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  1. A78 in good condition comes with CP100 transducer and a navionics gold chart card. Transducer cable has slight wear area right near the cable, I used liquid electrical tape to cover it and it worked flawlessly last season. This unit is touch screen. Asking $320 USD shipped to your door. Includes sonar, power cable and transducer. It’s been a great unit but I’ve just upgraded to a pair of 9 inch screens. Thanks
  2. This is "the reel" for leadcore. I run my 10, 7, and 5's off saltists. It's night and day between them and okumas or the like. Way easier when running multiple lines and resetting.
  3. Water and pickling salt. I sometimes put a little pautzke fire cure natural in the mix as well if I have some left over from steelhead season. I just soak em in a mason jar in my fridge.
  4. I wrap my release twice, and no more slipping. I also don't release my boards with a fish on, just remove at boat.
  5. I have one rocket that has withstood nearly 30 kings. It's in pretty rough shape but they are worth the $7 as far as I'm concerned. As for cut bait try your local Chinese grocery store. I make my own cut bait from fish found in the freezer of the local Chinese grocery for $4 a bag. It's cheap and once brined up, very [email protected]
  6. A 55lb thrust will do everything you need it to do and then some.
  7. That huge chip is killing you. See if you can get replacement parts and you'll probably sell it easier.
  8. I'll take them if you'll ship to Ontario Canada.
  9. Unfortunate. I've only had a couple of dealings off the classified section here, both by mail, and they where excellent transactions!
  10. I made 2 smaller boxes up with these grates inside. One for smaller spoons and one for my larger ones. I'm limited on space with a 16 foot boat so this will make storage easier. It's the best idea in spoon storage that I've seen, thank you for the tip!
  11. Sent payment for lots 1 and 3.
  12. I've sent you a PM. Tried to call but the number isn't working. Thanks, Brad
  13. I used 40lb big game last year as well. Just a rod length. It worked great.
  14. Where located, what year are boat and motor? Thanks
  15. My findings conflict with that, I've found it to be pretty durable stuff over many many years. I've also found Abrazax to have poor breaking strength in comparison. Your mileage may vary.
  16. I use the saeguar main line as leader for steelhead and walleye and have been doing so for years. It does the job very well and is cheap in comparison to the stuff they sell for leader material.
  17. I joined this site just for the classifieds. It's doubtful I will sell much here, but I sure would buy stuff, and I don't care if the dude is a "professional" or not!
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