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  1. I would consider buying some Offshore Tackle Tadpole divers. Very simple to use, run them out the back of the boat. They will get your stick baits and spoons and harnesses down deep enough. I run them with 10 lb mono. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. I would just go try it vs. sitting behind a keyboard
  3. Doesn't stop them from biting in cooler water
  4. They are stickbaits. Of course they can be trolled or casted.
  5. I'd try some F9 and F11 Raps, or Bay Rats, S3 and/or Short Shallows
  6. Can you walk out onto the rock jetty and fish? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Try Brunswick Corp directly. I have a 1996 Fisher 160SC, which is basically a Lowe, which is part of Brunswick Brunswick Corporation 26125 N. Riverwoods Blvd Suite 500 Mettawa, IL 60045 P 847.735.4700 F 847.735.4765 E-mail: [email protected]
  8. I m only 31, but when I started hunting at age 12, nobody talked about coyotes, fishers and bobcats. I have seen all 3 species in Clarion County since. Course back when I was 12, PA still had county doe tag system, 3 day doe season and no antler restrictions. Tons of deer too. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Please Read pages 14-18 http://www.pgc.pa.gov/HuntTrap/TrappingandFurbearers/Documents/Fisher Management Plan.pdf
  10. How did you attach the board for the riggers.
  11. Very Interested in the whole lot or just the tadpoles if they are still for sale.
  12. Pymy has fished slow all year. Its the new dead sea...taking over for Lake Wilhelm. As for the carp tested positive for the Koi Herpes Virus. This lake is WAY over carry capacity of carp, so other than the stench, it might not be a bad thing
  13. Lots of options at that price point with the big 3...Humminbird, Lowrance and Garmin I hear a lot of good things about Lowrance Elite-9 TI, and its about $850
  14. Tadpole diver from offshore tackle. Works on lighters lines. Can pull small cranks, spoons, inline spinners n worm harnesses
  15. Thanks for sharing. Ive considered doing some type of board across the back
  16. Your boat looks almost identical to mine with the rod holder compartment. I have a Fisher 160SC and want to mount down riggers like you did. So how exactly did you mount and bolt them down? Any tips/info or pics would be greatly appreciated!!
  17. The gunwales are 6 inches wide. But only 1/4 thick. Its aluminum wrapped in carpet. I think I would have access on port side to drill and then bolt down a deck plate. But I like the idea LakerTaker did on his boat
  18. Downrigger for smaller boat Please forgive me if topic has been covered before. I have a mid 90's Fisher 160 SC. I want to install one downrigger on the boat, as I think it will be too crowded with two. Plus, I like to also use jet divers, and mini-dipseys and lead core. I wont be going out on the Great Lakes, but do want to try the Finger Lakes when the fish are in closer in the spring. Plus I fish several PA lakes and reservoirs where a rigger would be helpful. I'm not entirely sure if I want to go with a clamp on downrigger or a smaller manual one like a Cannon Lake Troll. I have attached a picture of my rig. The gunwale are about 6 inches wide, but I wouldn't have access to the underside. The port side gunwale is a compartment for rods. Starboard side is the channel for cables from the motor to wheel. So any advice on which model to buy or mounting tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  19. I plan on getting a list of phone #s and calling each captain...and go from there
  20. Thanks everybody for pointing me in a good starting direction. Capt. Nick....I'll be in touch once we get everything finalized for our accommodations at the lakes.
  21. Hello all; I wanted to create this post to get some ideas/recommendations for a charter boat in the Finger Lakes. I do have a boat, but its a little 14' footer that I will not be towing it from NWPA. My wife and I are planning on spending 3-4 days around the Finger Lakes in early to Mid June 2017, and we are looking to do some fishing while we are here. I have done a good bit of looking around the web, and see that Lakers are the primary species. Is early/mid June too late for some good land lock salmon fishing? Would ideally like to do a charter focusing on landlocks and then lakers...but def. enjoy catching fish in general. So I'm looking for some good references for a charter boat captain on these two lakes....and even Keuka. Also, having done some research, the shore areas are pretty limited for public use, but if possible if anyone can point me in a general direction for shore fishing it would be appreciated. I primarily plan on brining my bass gear to fish from shore, and focus on weed lines. Thanks in advance!!
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