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  1. Hey Brian do have a phone number or address thanks Mike
  2. Eli your young first mate looks like hes turning into one heck of a salmon fishermen, NICE JOB !!!!
  3. That is a great day Eli. Pics of the kids are great. They are getting big.That is what it is all about getting kids into the outdoors. Nice job!!!
  4. Last year tried new cut bait The Big One worked very well.Talking with the owner he is located in Canada. To find out more go to TheBigOne.com. So far best cut bait I have used.
  5. Hey Kevin looks like a real great time. Those pics were awsome! Enjoy bud.
  6. I can understand your how you feel. I started out fishing in a 14ft row boat for trout and salmon, some 38yrs ago. Now i run a 26ft thompson. And yes I am a charter captain. I have had guys cut me off when I was on a charter, running two or four rods while I had out 13 or 14 rods. My question is this who do think has a better chance at making a sharper turn. Look i give way as much as i can, also try to help anyone who is out there fishing. COURTESY GOES A LONG WAY OUT THERE. Good luck tight lines. Captain Mike Bonaffine
  7. Put in at the Wilson launch yesterday. You have to move the sign, if you drive off your trailer you will be fine. I put my 26ft. in with no problem. Just do not plan on going anywhere fast take your time and good luck.
  8. I think BEtackle in Ontario has replacement pads.
  9. Mike that is a great boat it will go quick. She fishes very well good luck with sale
  10. High School was a very hot last year for browns
  11. could you tell me where you are located
  12. I never reply much on this site like to just read. But reading your post I have a few things to say. First I have been fishing the lake since 1976 I also have been a charter capt. for awhile now. I have towed a number of people in from motors that died to boats taking on water. If I am on a trip and someone needs help I will break down to help. My clients will get extra time on the water because of it. One day you may need to be towed in quick and sea tow might to far out. My point is this we are all sportsmen and should lend a hand if we can.
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