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  1. I use a pair of Cannon uni-troll 10 STX manuals. They work ok but they have had some issues I am not too crazy about. If you store them on their sides the cables will slide off the spools which makes the cable difficult to get back on without taking the hook and rubber stop off the cable and re-threading the cable, PITA. I now use a piece of tape to hold the cable to the spool when in storage. Also have had the rubber grips on the handles fall off as they are only held on with a clip inside the handle, kind of a cheap design in my opinion. These units can not take a dual rod holder either which was disappointing as I assumed they would, shame on me for not checking first. All in all not bad but if I was to do again I would probably invest in electrics, either Cannon's, BJ's, or Scotties especially since I tend to fish with my driver (wife) most of the time and having the auto up feature would be nice to have when I have a fish on. I wished I still had my Lake Systems electric down riggers I ran back in the late 80's early 90's, I loved those units. Probably most here have never heard of them but they were good performers but unfortunately not made anymore..
  2. Just want to mention slow rollin as I recently had some work done with Bill, all good! Thanks Bill! John
  3. I have thought the same.. Wonder why they would turn against one of their own, seems very odd...Yes, upstate has no representation if you are not on the left...
  4. It seems the words political and corruption are synonymous.
  5. Which ever way you choose don't assume because its a fresh water boat it must be good. You could find a salt water used boat in far better shape than a fresh water boat as taking care of a boat is work, and some people either don't know how or don't want to do what it takes to take care of a boat. Many boats I looked at locally were flower pots. If it appears to be in rough shape, it probably is worse than you might imagine.. The boat we have now is our 9th so I have seen quite a few over the years, not my first rodeo :-)
  6. We bought a boat from North Carolina and had it delivered, the boat only had 88 hours on it when we bought it (Yamaha 150 OB). I hired a surveyor to go through the boat (about 316.00 dollars). The boat had very little sign of salt water use however some of the wiring compartment under the dash did have some salt crystals present. The speaker wiring which is pretty thin and the speakers themselves for some reason also showed signs of damage. Inside the motor, some of the fittings steel also showed signs of salt water. I used the boat for three years and put a 150 hours on it, and got rid of it on a trade for more than we paid for it. If you go this route, be sure to get a survey from an accredited marine surveyor, it's worth every penny. If I had to do it over again, I would. I have seen other examples where salt water damage was much more noticeable as not everyone takes care of their boat and equipment. The trailer had more signs of use than the boat, brake lines rusted, brake pads and rotors shot, etc...the marina we bought the boat from paid for those repairs as part of the deal. I was skeptical about buying a salt water boat, but because the boat we purchased had low hours and was taken care of, there were no issues. It can work out.
  7. I remember growing up on Lake Ontario in the 60's and 70's and every year there was a huge die off, from Sodus to Henderson where we cruised and fished, they were everywhere, dying and stinking. I have wondered since then what happened as I haven't seen this in years. Now this year, it seems just like it was way back then.
  8. I know Honda makes great motors, but my 2012 Nissan (Tohatsu) 9.8 has been perfect.
  9. Love Hemlock and usually see an Eagle or two. I have seen some "plain wrapper" outboard motors with all decals stripped off and they look to be very large. I have been there too many times to count and not once have been stopped. Fishing seemed to be better some years ago, but that's just me...
  10. On my Lund Fury I mounted the mast in the front seat post (raised floor casting deck). For reinforcement I took a split ring backer plate and screwed it to the front compartment anchor locker, then attached a piece of 3/8" threaded rod to the seat post using a split ring. Comes off and on very easy and is very sturdy.
  11. I use a Lund tiller 16' (2012) with 25HP merc and 9.8 Nissan for Hemlock and Canadice and for early and late in the season on Lake O for trolling near shore. I use a Robalo R227 for the big lake and am able to multi species fish it and can still cruise with the wife or guests. The 250 Yamaha gets it to about 45 or so but goes from 1/2 a gallon an hour at trolling speed to 27 gallons per hour wide open. Rides good and is heavy enough where it doesn't' roll and bob too much. This is my second Lund and both have been trouble free. I have friends that have Starcraft aluminum boats and they love them too...
  12. I have had two Lunds since the early 90's (current Lund is 2012) and can't say anything bad about them. I have friends that have had good luck with Crestliner too.
  13. I can vouch for the hull cleaning they do. I took my all white 2014 21' DC to them last year and they did a great job, it came out spotless, like new. This year I applied Aurora 721 to the bottom (2 coats) of the new boat we purchased form them in June, and the scum on the bottom melted away with just a spray bottle of slimy grimy. Either way there is an option to return your hull to like new with out painting, and yes, my boat sits Hugh's for the entire year.
  14. I hope it puts a dent in their population.. They eat the fish and crap all over our boats.....
  15. I recently contacted Bill (Slow rollin) on behalf of my neighbor that was stuck at their dock with an I/O that wouldn’t start. His experience was positive as he said Bill knew his business and was dependable, reasonable, and honest. Highly recommended! Thank you!
  16. I use a fish whistle.. Works every time....
  17. What style of boat did you install the AP in, inboard, outboard etc. Did you do the work yourself?
  18. Appreciate all the information you guy's have provided, very helpful and now I have a good understanding of the different gps units and the maps they can use. I met with Rick at Sodus pt last Friday and he was extremely knowledgeable.. Only now after talking with him I think I want autopilot too, LOL!
  19. It is somewhat confusing understanding which unit has which map for Ontario, which unit is a true gps unit with the ability to use a map card. I see the "x" is listed as a non mapping unit on the Lowrance website but it isn't explained very well. So the Garmin base lakevu map does cover all of Lake Ontario? Walleyeandre-The link to the navionics is exactly what I am after. I have used it on my cell phone and really appreciate the detail. It looks like for a decent unit with the Navionics map are all running in the 1K range. Even buying a cheaper unit (less features) and adding the map will bring the cost up close to 1K. The boat I just traded in has a Garmin and I have been happy with it, just didn't have mapping capabilities. Thanks again everyone for all your input, much appreciated!!
  20. What did you end up doing, were you able to return the card, or switch to a different unit? Thanks for the reply!
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