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  1. Yep before I started fishing, I went on a charter with a friend out of oz and he recommended putting a small piece of herring on the fly. Doesn’t effect spin and is hidden by the skirt. I’ve never not used meat on my flies
  2. Yes I agree. I was shocked to see the water temp at the surface up at 68. For reference, here was the depth finder when I was pulling in. Also forgot to mention one of the ones I lost was a screamer.
  3. Gf and I went out around 4, almost no one else out. Started at 80 but didn’t get any marks. Set rods out at 100 and at 115 good marks showed up. Headed all the way out to 250’ before turning and heading in via trolling. Once we got to 65’ the screen lit up in all areas. Of course by then it was 9:30 and I was reeling up. We went 4/6, all small. One legal fish. White meat rig with white flasher took 3. Rest on green flasher fly combos with meat on them. 90’ and 65’ rigger dominated the spread. Very typical early salmon season outing for me. It was a beautiful night and the sunset was perfect. The biting flies have returned unfortunately. There were some jokers jetskiing way out in the 200’ water lol good luck hope this helps
  4. I think he’s asked very reasonable questions.
  5. Spro or addy. Zero issues. Eagle claw gave me three lost fish.
  6. 15lb is pretty light for my preference but it’s all personal. For me, I go from my mono, to a barrel swivel, then a 10’ flouro lead to a snap, then snap the spoon. Same for flys or meat rigs except the flouro would be attached directly to the flasher since it has its own barrel swivel. When you buy flies, do yourself a favor and attach a swivel to the fly, don’t tie it directly to your flasher. You may want to use that flasher with a different fly, and before long your lead between your flasher and fly is 6” lol this way each swap is quick and easy.
  7. I have tried to use only one set for Browns and salmon combined. If I had to, I’d do 20lb big game with 30# flouro leader. It is not optimal, though will work. so I use two sets, same reels, different line. Brown sets are 12lb big game with 20lb flouro, then (actually just today I swapped) I use 30lb big game and 30# seagar flouro in prep for salmon. one thing to be aware of is UV degradation. If you store your reels/rods covered or indoors, disregard. But if not, your line will degrade over time. Learned this the hard way. Which is part of the reason why I swap this time of year. Any degradation I experience during brown season, will not be a concern anymore. also use expensive swivels. Some of my reports last year shows what happens when you buy off brand swivels. My biggest fish is 31lb. Setting your drag properly is more important than line weight.
  8. Yea I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a shallow 16’ way out there. Quite frankly I think if you get caught in such a violent storm or wave situation, you didn’t prepare properly. There’s too many very useful tools online or otherwise that will give a good forecast. But I know things can change fast. It’s one of the advantages to fishing on the eastern end- I can see a storm wayyyy before it reaches me. I do hear the kicker desire too. I will likely start carrying my old trusty 5hp two stroke in case something happens. But if the fishing is good, you won’t be alone out there. I know it’s only a matter of time before I have to pull someone off the water, and perhaps someone pulls me off the water.
  9. Thank you. I still run those two combos to this day. I have had zero luck running spin doctors, so I don’t even use them. Some guys exclusively use them tho. Just my preference. Btw, everything I outlined above is based off of personal experience. If someone woulda told me what I typed out a few years ago, it would have saved me from a lot of trial and error. Do what works for you, and know that it’s called fishing, not catching. You’ll get frustrated when boats around you are netting fish left and right, and you can’t get a single strike. Remember that there will be days when the opposite happens. Have a good time, be safe, and know that there sometimes is a DEC officer or coast guard rep at the launch to inspect your catch/safety gear. I’ve been stopped twice. Both times were good experiences, and while I had ticketable offenses, I came away with warnings. (My throwable blew out of my boat unbenounced to me, and my flares didn’t have a date on them)
  10. Yes I use a 11” all white flasher with a reflective back and then I use an all white meat rig. On my boat, I use exclusively atomic for anything that’s not a spoon, for spoons I use Michigan stingers. Reason being- the idea is that the all white is very visible and so will draw fish into the spread. If it doesn’t like the meat rig, it will peel off and be met by the dipsey rods and perhaps strike there. Idk if it actually works but it’s a good theory lol
  11. You’ll be fine with a basic one, upgrade when you can. As long as you can measure your speed. When I first started a few years ago, all I had were two downriggers and that’s all I ran and had success because my friend is a charter capt, pointed out two flashers and flies, and said if you can go 2.5-2.7mpg, and drop those baits down at 55-65’ in any 80+ foot of water, you’ll catch fish. And he wasn’t wrong. Many will suggest a fishawk. And I’m not downplaying the FH, it’s just not worth the $800 to me. I use cutbait on my flies, and use liquid krill scent on my spoons. In my spread, which is two riggers, two dipsey wire rods, and two (up to six) in line planers. Here’s what my typical game plan is, starting around 100’ of water and heading out deeper during the troll: board rods- I use a #2 or #3 tadpole or mini diver with my walleye church boards. I let out about 80-100’ of line, which covers somewhere between 20-30’. These are targeting Steelies and rainbows. I run spoons on these. Typically a wonder bread and sodus point buckeye. These are key rods to have in the water this time of year. Wire dipsey rods- one usually set at 150’, one set at 210’. I use the 3” dipsey, not the mags. They cover anywhere from 50-80’ and target salmon. Make sure your rod holders are up to the task of holding these setups. riggers- these are down at 90’ and 60’. One will have a white meat rig, the other a green flasher fly combo. Im going to start running copper this year. I’ll have three sets- 150, 200 and 300. I will run these on my walleye boards as well. Also I use 30# seagar flouro. Lots of guys run 20 but I run 30. 25# big game mono for main line. I’m not an expert. But this has worked well for me. I don’t typically limit out but I do usually get 2 or 3 each time I go out which makes me happy. I will upgrade my garmin striker FF at some point as well as add a fish hawk maybe. Good luck! Always be cognizant of boats around you and remember that some guys run extremely long coppers. Stay clear and respect the distance. You’ll find some do not tho.
  12. Use my 18’ all year round, been out 15+ miles. I check the radar every half hour or so. As said above, pick and choose your days. If the wave forecast says 1-3 footers, it’s typically too rough for my liking, although very safe. You will see many folks with small boats out that far. One piece of advice i live by: if I’m reconsidering going out for any reason, it’s best to stay home. The fish will be there next time when it’s less rough.
  13. Just a couple weeks ago when coming back from a night of brown trout fishing, there was two guys launching around 8:30pm with what looked exactly like a purposefully built walleye rig. 16-18’ side console Lund type, Honda 50 with trolling plate, lots of lights. I shoulda asked them lol I think most go up north to get walleye though
  14. Ok this isn’t a bash on Mercury, but I bought a brand new 90 in 2017 which now had 361 flawless hours, as I would have come to expect. However, this past Tuesday, I decided to launch from Mexico and take the gf and my dog up to sandy pond to the beach by the inlet. It’s about a 9-10 mile trip +/-. Got there fine. After leaving the beach, around 7, I made it about 100 yards and the engine started sputtering. (Now keep in mind I personally rebuilt everything on my 1969 offshore. Floors, transom, fuel tank, lines, water separator, everything leading up to the engine.) once I heard it sputter it appeared to self correct and reassured gf that some water somehow got into the gas. Then it did it again for about 15 seconds. I look back at the engine and the fuel line inlet to the engine has completely broken off. (Similar to how you’d use to run the old two stroke carb engines out of gas) and I knew we were running on a very limited supply of fuel and that it would die momentarily. I turned it it off in anticipation. Head back to the engine to see what can be done, since we are a long ways from home. There’s a two piece connector system that has a necked down tit that leads into the internal fuel line on the engine. It completely snapped in two. *serious design flaw* Fortunately, my 3/8” fuel line ID was larger than that tits OD and I managed to force press the 3/8” line with constant pressure into the engine inlet. Gf drove home while I force pressed the line to the inlet. It somehow worked. Fuel spilled everywhere en route as I know the line was sucking air too. I have never been so happy to get back to the launch. I’d have been screwed if I was by myself. I do carry extensive spare parts on board. Had extra hose. Nothing would have worked because I couldn’t pull the inlet out to work with it. Below is a pic of the part. Took it to Ralph in salmon country and he did exactly what my plan b was on the water. Simply run the line directly to the fuel pump and bypass the connector. This is a serious design flaw. I do not beat my motor. Rarely go over 20. And the hours on it are mostly trolling. Wanted to post since if I didn’t understand the issue, and understand how the fuel delivery system worked, I’d have been left stranded. In my 1969 rebuilt boat, by a 2017 engine with less than 400 hours on it. Lol I know most on here understand their operation well, but I know a lot of guys run these engines and besides this flaw they are wonderful. Figured I’d post my story in case you have the same engine. If you guys want more pics or details let me know. Mercury honored the warrantee, but I will likely contact them myself.
  15. Apologize for the length of this post* Ironically enough I just got my 19’ offshore hardtop shell built Memorial Day weekend for the exact reasons as you, with the idea that rod holders for copper setups on boards was going to cost about as much. Added bonus for me was side and front weather protection via clear plastic. My concern with a T top was not trolling. It was towing. My design requirements were simple- top had to be removable, the frame had to be removable (albeit only a couple times a year) and it needed to accommodate three vertical functional rod holders per side, plus 12 per front and/or back. When you combine my engineering background with my hillbilly “I don’t care what it looks like, only that it’s functional” attitude, this is what you get. Contemplated piping. And I think it could have worked. Thought it would be cheaper than super strut but it added up quick. Plus the strut can be welded. My original idea was this frame, and 1/2” marine ply that I could slide in the channels of the strut on both sides and the front for the top. But then my gf suggested to use my current soft Bimini top. It can be rolled up and provides the same protection. Let me know now if this cobjob inspires questions lol it has certainly inspired interesting looks. My boat was the only of its kind on lake O. But now it’s truly in a league of its own. Lol I don’t have the rod holders on yet. Likely this weekend.
  16. Oh gotcha. Yes a west wind for Mexico tends to bring more rough waters. Which makes sense. Good luck out of your port! Nice!!! Looks beautiful out there!
  17. I’ve actually had better luck out of Mexico with an E/NE wind than west. Matter a fact my best days were E days, worst were W days. I know the saying but apparently I defy it haha
  18. I’ll go out Sunday evening. Camping on the Redfield reservoir all weekend
  19. Made it out around noon to 4. Lake was just calming before we headed in. Beautiful day. 2/3 with the 12# laker. Kiddo reeled it in until his back started hurting. Also caught a fat 15” brown, and the miss was likely a similar size brown. Laker caught on a black UV with green dots stinger, brown caught on Sodus point buckeye, miss was on a carbon 14. All mags. As others noted, at 40-50’, between the point and the plant, my screen was loaded with fish. They just didn’t like what I offered. Fished at 2.7 gps speed. Laker was caught flatlined outside board 125’. Brown caught on a mini diver on inside board 30’ back from board. Miss was on a rigged down 20. Was a blast. Launch parking lot was packed. Nice to see so many boats out too. I’m sure some of you saw me. I tried to be kind to everyone and not force anyone in or our.
  20. Frankly you haven’t missed much. Min 5’ chop for pretty much two weeks straight 😡
  21. I have not noticed any backlog, however keep in mind the most traffic time (weekends) has not been fishable (lake too rough) for the small boat guy. I anticipate Saturday to be extremely busy. People have been kind and patient 100% in my experience. I’ll be out Saturday too!
  22. Lol what the heck. I’ve got ice buildup too. I thought it was middle of May 🤷‍♂️🤔
  23. I doubt many people have been out of Mexico lately. Wave forecast is not friendly lately. If you do get out, Ray Charles can see the mudline.
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