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  1. 3 Diawa 27s are pending sale and the Dipsy Divers are SOLD TKS
  2. Please call or text John at 607-227-3609
  3. Lowrance Elite FS 9, complete unit, used 1 summer see pics, $600.00
  4. Thanks but to far for me and shipping would be to much to upstate ny, good luck they will sell. JB
  5. Interested but would like to see what it looks like? THANKS
  6. Thanks I haven’t seen him for a couple of years but have his number and will give him a call
  7. Looking to buy a couple of 12lb topedo style weights?? Is Harvey still making them ?? TKS
  8. I will take them for 115 shipped to 14541 thanks Pm me TKS John
  9. Fished from 7-12:30 started in 120 and went to 550 kept 5/8 lost a couple and put 2 back . More juveniles in deep water biggest 3 15-20 but on way out, fished back into 200 with 1 fish and quite at 12:30 Mostly a spoon bite carbon 14 and black/purple 2 on meat on Dipsy out 200 on a 2 setting most of big fish down 90-110 temp was 47-49 there, plus a steely on slider 40-60? Good luck!!
  10. 50 plus shipping? Or location for pick up? Thanks JBG
  11. When is a good time to call? I would take 2-3 pkgs thanks John down in Romulus
  12. Think I have a few will look tomorrow if still interested? John
  13. Sent text. Interested, live in Romulus 14541 TKS
  14. Thanks , got my releases today and they were just like the listing, no problem’s good seller JB
  15. Any idea of when to expect or a tracking number? TKS.
  16. Could you let me know when you ship out my releases, hopefully going to Ontario next week, thanks JB
  17. Wondering if I should cancel my check for releases? Any imput
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