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Found 286 results

  1. Hit water today about 830 am started day off alot like last Thursday got to open water and motor craped out ring to climb up on a plane. Anyway started fishing right out of the shut. Set riggers and divers in 60 to 80 foot range and had 1st fish in the boat before all 6 rigs were set. Best rig today was a dipsy set at 1 out 240 with just a plane silver spoon with a yellow stripe on it. But all spoons moved today. Mostly colors in blue and silver. Screens were.best in front of T. Falls and out at the plant. Had alot for short strikes and dropped 5 fish behind the boat. Took 2 new people to the trolling scene and they had a blast. Fished north to kidders and then back to myers. My brothers wife caught the biggest fish of her life had only caught sun fish before today. Kept 5 fish today and hooked well in to the teens. Good luck out there. Fish seemed scattered to day. Marked fish at depths from 30 ft to 140 ft.
  2. Solo trip. Everyone busy. Caught 4 over 28" and 1 -23". All went back except this 31". This one inhaled a hermit 1.25oz sharp jig. Hooked though back mouth twice and had to remove from back of gill. Tough to do by myself. Was hoping to save it. Big female. All off ledges around rocky dock area. Lost couple north of myers when I was more concerned about being run over and not paying attention. It was time to get off the lake. Sent from my SM-S920L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. We left long point around 5 am stuck tight in to 50 ft of water early a good steady pic of silver's mix of browns salmon and bows and a few stray lakers slid out deep looking for lakers just could not get them dialed in back to the dock around 11:30
  4. Overall not bad day. 9/16 with couple lakers in mid 20". Landlocks all short an a 9 1/2" brown that some how tripped the release 50' down over 350'. Spin doctor an Iron Duke flys took lakers. Pink/ orange honeybee took most landlocks with black an silver to follow. Releases in 30'-65' over 170-350 fow. Fish were out of temp with fish getting caught in 62*-66* water. Had 51* down 65'. Weed mats bad on east shore. Sent from my SCH-I435 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Holly and I launched at Meyers 7 a.m. and ran South to set-up two downriggers 65 and 75 feet with cheaters/sliders and two wire dipseys to troll North. Cheaters were the first to go off at 30 to 40 feet, green was the only color getting hits. Switched to all green or blue/green, consistent action from cheaters only initially. Started marking fish around 100 ft, dropped to 85 and 95 ft. Dipseys were not producing, pulled them. Around 9 a.m. or so fish were hitting off the balls and no more cheater action. Several times could see the fish rise up to the spoons on the sonar. Down speed 2.2 - 2.9 on the Fishhawk was the sweet spot. Wasn't expecting the action, probably released a dozen more fish today with a handful on knock-offs also. Today was my first time running Chamberlain magnetic releases, throwing the others away, they work great. Oh, and many thanks to Holly for spending a whole day and a half getting the boat cleaner than its ever been.
  6. Launched late out of long point 8:30 a.m. Friday and man did we find some Lakers, trolled the 50-65 fow with cowbells and spin n glo on rigger, copper , a high dipsy with alewive spoon, and a bottem dipsy with spin doctor and spin n glo . High dipsy in 20-30 took 2 rainbows and 1 LL. Copper kept us busy with the Lakers all within the 4-7 lb range. Cowbell brought a giant to the boat which was unfortunately lost at the net, and another hard hit on dipsy that snapped a 12 lb leader !!! Great time spent with some old friends on Friday. Sunday I took the girlfriend out for her first lake trout excursion and she had a blast . Same set up but most on copper.
  7. Started east side troll right out of Treman. Dipseys at 100' out , riggers at 30'- 35'. Couple short landlocks until we hit Myers. Then every pass in front of creek produced fish. Biggest was an acrobatic 22" Rainbow that probably went 6-7#. Sorry no pics was a quick release to fight another day. Purple / pink honeybee and purple / orange took most fish. Ended 16/25. Lost 3 different spoons due to break offs. Worked 60 -180 fow with 70-90 being best screen. Sent from my SCH-I435 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Launched out of Taughannock with two volunteers from a Christian group that had been volunteering at our camp for kids with special needs. Asked them north or south they chose south. The wind wasn't bad to start but ended up being a bit blustery! Trolled across to Myers and didn't touch a fish. Headed to the west side and popped two salmon just under legal size. The ten color with a purple alpha alewife took a really nice shot and Pastor Jay was up to reeling in a 6.5lb Brown in some serious waves. All in all a great morning for the conditions. I have no idea how deep we were cause my new fish finder is being shipped, Overtons had the Lowrance Elite5 HDI on sale so I grabbed one, hope I'm not disappointed. Picture doesn't do this fish much justice I thought it was only 4-5lbs but the scale said 6.5 we went back to the camp and ate it for lunch, yum! We were blessed to have this group of young and older men this week, thanks Pastor Jay, Ben and company!! Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Hoping to find the bait shop at Myers open later tonight and not sure of their hours...thanks in advance - appreciated!
  10. Launched from long point a little before 7. Marked quite a few south of point in 30-50 fow. Didn't pick any up. Went north in front of college and covered from 80-140 fow with few marks. Moved into 60 fow on troll back to point and picked up a landlock and laker on a double. Landlock 30 down on rigger purple/silver. Laker 40 down on dipsy silver/white/yellow spoon. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Barney has passed away, arrangements are incomplete at this time. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Fished the second half of the B&B Derby yesterday with Mrs. B. We launched out of Long Point around 9:00, and headed north. Had decent marks from 80-100 FOW, around Ellis point. While we were setting up, had a nice 28" 7.75 lbs take a Mt. Dew Spinny/Fly off the dipsy. From there, we picked away til 1:00 or so: 26" (NK28 Glow Green Frog, rigger), 24" (NK28 black/raspberry, rigger) and a 18" (NK28 silver/chart, dipsy). Had something take a rip on the 6 color core with a hot pink/orange Honeybee, but came unbuttoned. Heard rumors of lots of bait south, only marked one significant pod where we were. Congrats to this years winners! -Chris
  13. Started 6:45 right out of Treman with 2 inlines, 2 flats, 2 riggers. Went up east side north troll 15-30 fow . Picked up 2 short landlocks. Temp 51*-53*. Tried west side a little more productive but all shorts. Temp 53*-55*. All rigger bite 20-25 down, did not matter FOW. Even tried wire and lead with nothing. Ended 2 o'clock. 10/15 Sent from my SCH-I435 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Launched solo out of Treman early Sat am. Set up running bright sticks and a purple alpha alewife in 13'. The spoon fired twice off a shallow rigger before a stick even moved so I pulled the sticks and ran three FLT aa purples, that proved to be a good choice. Lots of small salmon with one that broke 19". Lost a really nice salmon and got a 4.5 lb Brown to the net. That was all before 8am. Pulled lines and headed to Laker land in front of salt plant, not even one pass and had three in the boat, while reeling in the last fish my rigger fired and had my fourth ( released to fight another day). Hot ticket was a iron duke fly not sure of the name with some green and yellow glow, and the gold n purple " dressed to kill" I've shortened my fly leads down to 22" and that seems to be the ticket. Then again maybe the bite is just picking up, lol. The Lakers were full of sculpin or gobies, hard to tell so digested. The meat is dark orange and very tasty! See you FLTA guys Sunday at Keuka... Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Might try Cayuga tomorrow for perch from a canoe. Anyone have any luck? Don't wanna post? Pm me details. Thanks a ton! Mike Sent from my XT1528 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. Blue bomber took the first hit with 10 color lead. Lost the swivel and lure with 1 color to go....over 120'
  17. Caught mixed bag. One 10 to 15lbs carp. 29" Bowfin and half dozen eating size bullhead! Lots grass already.
  18. Made it down to the lake before work this morning. Fished from 6-730 - fooled one BT at sunrise with a silver/orange belly X-Rap. Also threw Kastmasters (chrome/blue, gold) and J-9 (gold) without any takers. Tight lines, Chris
  19. Planning on taking a trip down to Myers from the Auburn area this Thursday. Anyone know the conditions of the launch? Ice/shallow/etc. I have a Lund Deep V 17.5'.
  20. Headed North out Dean's. Setup over 100fow. Started off slow until about 1. Picked up one from there with 4 Lakers, a Rainbow, and a small salmon. Caught one of the Lakers on 3 colors out on a board... thought I had a big pike or maybe a big rainbow... boy was I surprised getting a laker in 25fow. Probably one of the last times out. Temperature going to drop sooner or later.
  21. Second time snagged a big goby today in 110 FOW off bottom jigging lakers. Got one last Friday too while waiting for wife to meet us at Myers, other mile up lake on east side.. Hope not a sign to come. Talked with DEC fisheries and they seem to think Gobies at peak of cycle so probably what we see now is all we will see. I know pros and cons with them, but interested to see impact in another 5 years. Still doing well jigging though anywhere from 60' to 130'.
  22. Attached are two PDF documents for the Perch Tournament and B & B Fall Fishing Tournament on Cayuga Lake. The Perch derby is August 8th and 9th and the B & B Fall Fishing Tournament dates are September 12th and 13th. Please direct any questions or concerns to B & B bait shop located at Myers Point. Thank you for your support. Perch Derby Entry Form.pdf B & B Fall Trout and Bass Derby Entry Form.pdf
  23. Fished Cayuga this weekend. Out of Meyers - headed north. Next day out of Long Point - headed south. Fished temp and above. Morning bite was light the first day and non-existent today. Sunday brought a fantastic bow out over the deep water. Over 5 pounder. Great fight with jumps. On a rigger with a small Stinger in purple. Released at boat. Today I fished just north of same deep water as Sunday. I ended up having to adjust my troll to avoid the weeds. Stayed over the deep water. It paid off with a great LL Salmon about the same size as the Bow from Sunday. It jumped once and came to the net tangled in the line. I netted it with the rubber net. Untangled it and put it back in the water with the net. She was really lively in the net so I dumped her out. She floated so I did a quick circle to see if I could get her revived. Got right to her and took my eyes off for a second and she was gone. I hope she makes it. That was a beautiful fish. That fish came on the same purple small stinger. Great to see some Salmon growing up and becoming such great fish. I have spent years clearing lines with the little ones that are so crazy aggressive. Sorry no pics..had to get these fish back in quick.
  24. Jigged Long Point, front of college. 100 to 105 FOW best. Hermits 1.25 oz painted white glow with lunker city alwife shaker best. 16 netted fish total, A number of shake offs and lots of nibbles. Son out did me as usual. 11 pound 32". Most in 25" to 27". Kept 3 for smoker, rest went back. Bit of a chop but no one else around other than pleasure boaters buzzing within 30 yards and waving!!!! Probably get worse next 2 days.
  25. Good day on Cayuga 30 fish in the boat on a 6 hour trip fish came on 300 400 coppers 180 and 210 on the wire 2.5 setting 50 50 70 on the riggers. I don't think color mattered much. We did run fast 2.5 to 2.7 at the ball down 70 in 47 degree water. Mostly Lakers and about 10 small land locks. My clients ended up with 13 good fish to take home with them.
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