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With my trailerable boat my son and I got in and went to Wilson , like, seemingly ,everyone else . 


Opening day we got out early to see an Armada . We started in 60 ft. Nets were flying everywhere . Ours started to also . We wound up that day with 11 salmon , for about 16 hits . Biggest was maybe 16#  no skippers 

Best was a Stinger Stingray NBK parked at 52 ft . 11 o'clock it shut down . 


Went back Sun and did 4 salmon for about 6 hits . It was a tough bite . Never saw a net fly in another boat . East wind /rain finally drove us in . No one spoon did it . 


Following Fri went back .Did 12 salmon I think for about 15 hits . Stingray glo green alwive off rigger was hot till a nice king wrapped the line around the hook and broke off , glo frog mag and 28 were best . Slide divers were  the man after Sun came up . 


Sat we decided to try our old stomping grounds in front of Johnsons Creek from the Oak  .We drove right up there to see one other boat . Then I thought I was back at Wilson with the traffic .  We did 15 I think for about 18 hits , Salmon and some hog Lakers . That green alwive I replaced at rt 18 tackle and   black Lazer glo were best . Around 1130 they turned on and the slide divers took most of the hits . 


In 4 days fishing we did about 4O fish which I am satisfied with . If you are hitting your target species , it's just a matter of getting a big one . My down speed crapped the bed the first day so I only had surface speed the entire derby  . I made it work . Love my slide divers . 


Congratulations to the winners . 

Here are the spoons that did it . 



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When you are having that kind of fun with family it is better than winning the grand prize in any tournament.:smile:

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