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for sale : usa stick steering and swim platform kicker mount

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EZ-Glide stick steering with 23 foot cable and Adventure Marine heavy duty swim platform motor mount.  I used this system for one season as follows:

my charter boat had auto pilot but it did not work so well with a Honda 9.9 kicker.  I discovered that the prop wash from the 350 V8 was needed to push against the rudder for auto pilot to work most effectively.  My solution was to steer the 9.9 independently with stick steering to help the auto pilot, especially into the wind and the 350 was not running. 


$500 for the whole setup (plus shipping).  The EZ-Glide includes an extra long and adjustable steering handle. $500 is is just about half of current retail and PayPal is preferred.  AdventureMarine.com and EZ-glide both have web sites.


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