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7/6 - 7/7 Mexico report.

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Fished 7/6 in afternoon, went 4-6 on kings . By plant 180-300 fow . Riggers 70-95 FF and meat  on deep rigger . Fleas are bad , had to clean lines every 30 minutes. 
7/7 fished in morning, same area and depth. Went 2-4 . One steely and one king .







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Fleas are definitely terrible. I was out by the plant this past Monday and couldn't believe how bad they were. I had one line that was left in an hour and when I brought it in I had 8 to 10 feet of solid thick fleas in one spot on my line.

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Hey guys! Just got here last night from Maine, staying for a week. Pulled down our own boat and giving it a go. This morning the salmon had our number… ended up 2/6 with one heartbreaker that broke the line. It hit a dipsey out 240 in 200’ of water out in front of the steam plant. Green jeans paddle and hammer fly. The two fish we boated were little guys around 10lb.. one caught on mt dew/white glow 11” paddle in front of a mt dew diabolical meat rig on a downrigger down 75’. The other on a 250’ copper with a UV purple gator spoon 🤷🏼‍♂️


Didn’t go out in the stormy weather this afternoon, but weather looks favorable tomorrow am and we’ll be out there. If anyone wants to collaborate we’ll be on 68!

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Fished out of Oswego on Saturday up to the plant and back and out to 300 and back. Zero flea issues.  I spooled up blood run sea flee on the riggers and 85lb braid on my dipseys this year.  All day on 5 rods, I probably picked up a grand total of 1 foot of flea build up.  No more than 1/2 inch on any line whenever I checked.

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Fished Monday afternoon by plant 150-250 fow . First skunk this year . Went out this morning in 80-100 ft for browns. Pick up 1 king and 2 browns. 




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