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overflow hose

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Hello all, in the slow process of putting down a new floor in my 18ft smokercraft, My problem is while i'm at it i am replacing any thing that was under the floor. the live well's overflow hoses are about 10 inches long going out each side , they have an 1 1/2 in inside diameter but they have a 3 inch offset, i need some flex hose that is soft enough to get the offset needed, guess it would of made too much sense to line the overflows straight when they built it. I found what the local marine shop calls flex hose but you need a gorrilla to bend it, and i need to offset it 3-4 inches in a 10 inch run. any help would be welcomed. Thanks Bud

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There is  something called pex hose. If you go to Lowes or Home Depot to the plumbing department you can find it.  It often has spiral like material build into it so it will not buckle in tight turns. Or maybe you can use bilge hose which is also quite flexible.

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