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Canandaigua First time out

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Had to use a few days for work before losing them. Finally took the maiden voyage of the season. Better late than never. Fished East side. All fish came on spoons 30-50' down. Caught two 18" bows, a 19" unicorn brown (#4), and a 28" #7.5 laker.  Can't say the last time I caught a brown here. What a fatty it was. Most likely my first canandaigua trout slam with 3 species. Turned out to be nice day. Tight lines!




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Nice going:yes: I have yet to get out....but soon

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8 hours ago, Fbog12 said:

Sounds like a good start. Were you up north on the east side?

haven’t been out yet myself 

Yes, north end-east side. Gotta try the south end a little more at some point though. 

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