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N-O-W Rec. Weekend Fishing Info Share!

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 We are a REC group trailering to Olcott from eastern Michigan.


We are 100% rec, no tournament entries.... trying to find some matures for the grill or just some good fishing.


We'll be fishing Friday the 17th thru Sunday noon. We fish Olcott/Wilson and the Oak half a dozen times a year. If you are interested in sharing info on the water  "Drop me a line"  PMs  welcome of course.


We are in a 23 sea-ray full equipped. looking to increase my fishing network.


Willing to share info on other fishing locations.


Mike 810-858-7712



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Buddy if i had info on that end of the lake I would share. 

I fish the far east end. My understanding is the fishing out there has been hot in deeper water out to 200'.

Wish I had More. Good Luck!

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Lots of good info from this spring already, search the threads and check it out. Yesterdays news for sure, but some good starting intel. Good luck and have a fun safe trip!

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I have poured over all available reports and info.  Hoping to share real time details on the water,......share.  We have plenty of experience fishing the western basin. 

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Good luck Songdog!


Was in Wilson 2 weeks ago during the dumb fishing time but it was a blast when it was dumb!  We had a few boats connected so I hope you got a few to link with this weekend.  It is a big lake with lots of fish and lots of water to fish so room for everyone!


Share pics of the fun so some of us can live Vicariously as we are remodeling the master bathroom for the boss! 

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FIshed Wilson to the Bar Friday150-325FOW marked little. Best water was 150 to 220'. finished 2 for 2 plus a couple  throw backs. Saw few nets moving anywhere. All bites came between 20 and 60 down.


Saturday fished in front of the plant east of Olcott, finished 4 for 4 plus 1 dink we drowned and kept. ALso 2 healthy throw backs. all bites came between 20 and 70 down. Five  and 7 color lead plus 70 rigger caught fish. Fog was definitley a limiting factor in our range from port. Best water was 125 to 175'.


Sunday AM, returned to the plant East of Olcott, same water fished for a few hrs to produce a steelhead and a drive by on a rigger at 60 down. Foggy.


Best summary I could give was the weekend was a grinder most boats we talked to at the dock did similar or worse. Did get a Coast Guard safety inspection in Olcott tho maybe the weekend trophy was the sticker!

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